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    Weapons w/ Special Abilities

    Just a few questions about Weapons Special Abilities, their cost (DMG vs. CG v1.2) and their effectiveness. Q#1: Is a "Dagger, Flaming" ($8,302 as per Character Generator v1.2) considered a +1 weapon for Att./Dmg. purposes vs. Damage Reduction when fighting a Fire Elemental (Fire immunity, DR...
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    DMG Magic $ - VS. - CG v1.2 Magic $

    How do you calculate the value of a magic item in the DMG to equal the cost of that item in the Character Generator. (Sorry if this question has been asked before ... but I couldn't find it.) I'd like to know how much is a "+2 Dagger, Keen, Flaming Burst" cost and what is the point/value...