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    D&D 4E 4e Initiative and Effects Tracker

    Broken Link Any word if this link is being moved or fixed? Looks pretty cool and I'd like to check it out when its back up and working right.
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    PC Combat Cards

    Was wondering if anyone knows where a pdf or other printable version of these cards are offered? Also, has anyone used these yet? I'm sure all of us DM's have used something similar or homemade fashion, but I actually wanted to try these out. Wanted to save myself the trouble of actually...
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    Stalker0's Alternate Core Skill Challenge System: FINAL VERSION 1.8!

    Bold Recovery Stalker, I've been reading since the inception of version 1.0. I have to say, its deffinately come along way and it appears to me that it is complex (in a good way for those of us who enjoy it) yet simple enough to understand, very streamlined. Its adds a level of excitement...