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  1. MarkB

    Critical Role Critical Role's New Show - Exandria Unlimited!

    Critical Role is launching a new 8-week D&D 5E campaign on June 24th called Exandria Unlimited. "Exandria Unlimited is the newest eight episode mini-campaign brought to you by, and existing within, the same world as Critical Role. Following a fresh-faced and freshly formed crew of characters...
  2. MarkB

    Star Wars The Bad Batch - SPOILERS

    An enjoyable first episode. I don't have much attachment to this squad from The Clone Wars or other EU material, but they're likeable enough so far, and the couple of kid characters managed not to be annoying. It is yet another "What I did during Order 66", which has been done a lot, but we're...
  3. MarkB

    D&D 5E Lycanthropy and Player Characters - homebrew progression rules

    I'm currently running Rime of the Frostmaiden (currently near the end of chapter 2), and after an encounter at the end of last session, a few party members have voluntarily contracted lycanthropy and become werebears. I'm fine with having a party of lycanthropes, but the immunity to regular...
  4. MarkB

    D&D General Another D&D pronunciation question - this one's for Grognards

    And when I say "for" Grognards, I actually mean "about". How do you pronounce "grognard"? I've always mentally 'heard' it as being a very British English pronunciation, Grog-Nard. But when listening to a podcast recently, one of the presenters spoke it with a more continental pronunciation...
  5. MarkB

    Anyone having internet problems (10:15pm, UK time)?

    Is anyone else experiencing cut-outs to Discord, Roll20, D&D Beyond? We have several games running online on Friday nights in our local area, and we all seem to have lost Discord connectivity at once, with other services also failing. Wondering if it's local or more widespread.
  6. MarkB

    D&D 5E Banishment and swallowed creatures

    So, a couple of weeks ago were playing a one-shot where we were investigating a bunch of insectoid arcane creatures who'd invaded from another plane, and as we were approaching their lair we came up against the guard dog - a huge chitinous worm-thing that was basically a toned-down Purple Worm...
  7. MarkB

    Pop-up notification

    Okay, what's with this nonsense? And how do I make it stop, preferably permanently? I can't see anything in my account preferences that even relates to this. I find this way more intrusive and annoying than this site's normal adverts, since it occupies the same space, both physically and...
  8. MarkB

    Star Trek Picard SPOILERS thread

    The series is off to a promising start with episode 1. It feels far more like a true continuation of the story of the Star Trek universe than I'd somehow been expecting. Above all, this story feels integrated into the shows and movies in fundamental fashion, with references both large and small...
  9. MarkB

    OOTS 1181: Hold Up a Minute

    http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots1181.html I'm getting choked up about stick figures.
  10. MarkB

    Star Trek Picard extended Comic-Con trailer

    Oh wow. This looks so much bigger, more far-reaching than I had expected from the first teaser trailer. EDIT: Updated to working link.
  11. MarkB

    Elven Accuracy wording vs maths - sanity check

    I'm building a character who has Elven Accuracy, and this will be the first time I've used it. I understand how it's supposed to work - if you have advantage on an attack based on one of the specified abilities, you roll the attack normally but can then re-roll one of the dice and take the...
  12. MarkB

    Building a ranged fighter - Arcane Archer vs. Battlemaster

    I'm sure I'm late to this discussion, but I didn't really look at the subclass when it first became available, so I'd like to get a general feel for peoples' opinions of it. I've been looking at building a ranged combat specialist for a forthcoming game, and on first glance the Arcane Archer...
  13. MarkB

    Cancelling my TV licence

    This is something I'd never have considered in any previous year, but it's occurred to me that my viewing habits have now shifted so far towards online streaming services such as Netflix, and to content on Youtube and Twitch, that I now have very little use for a TV licence. Last October I...
  14. MarkB

    D&D 5E [Eberron] Pimping out an elemental airship, 007-style

    I'm currently running an Eberron campaign focusing on investigation and pursuit of a mad-scientist type villain, a rogue House Cannith industrialist who unexpectedly stole the brand new airship he'd just built for House Lyrandar during its christening ceremony, absconding with it to pursue his...
  15. MarkB

    Email notifications?

    I've made no recent changes to my user settings, but as of yesterday afternoon I'm suddenly receiving email notifications of Laughs / XP Awards and Quotes. Is there some change that's been made server-side to enable this, and what do I need to amend in my settings to disable it?
  16. MarkB

    Newbie questions - Aim and Feint

    I've just purchased N.E.W. and am familiarising myself with it in advance of planning a campaign. I'm still getting to grips with it, and will probably have more questions, but for now, one thing I found myself wondering about is the Aim and Feint exploits. 1. How often do these come up in...
  17. MarkB

    Recommend me a futuristic science fiction RPG system

    I'm looking to run a space-based campaign soon - something along the lines of Star Wars with maybe some Firefly elements thrown in. However, I'm having trouble finding a system I'm comfortable with to run it in. Systems I'm currently aware of include: Star Wars Edge of the Empire Seems like an...
  18. MarkB

    Top level forum links broken?

    For some reason, I can't access the link to the full list of forums - the one accessible by clicking the "Forum" link at the top of this page, or the "Forum List" option from the Community drop-down. I can load up individual forums just fine, and the general forum categories are accessible, but...
  19. MarkB

    Notification I can't get rid of

    I currently have a notification showing of "1 reputation comment". When I click on it, I get taken to my general account settings. How do I view the reputation comment and/or remove the notification?
  20. MarkB

    Site slowdown?

    The forum is running very slowly for me today, with pages taking 20-30 seconds to load, and I've had a couple of 502 Bad Gateway messages when attempting to post messages. I'm having no issues with other websites or internet connectivity, so I don't think the issue is at my end. Is it a...