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  1. Ferret

    I'm an unreliable player, HELP!

    I'm often unreliable, in the sense that something always seems to turn up at the last minute that draws me away from our current regular game. (It's happened before as well.) Given that the reasons for this unreliability are unlikely to go away, and I want to keep roleplaying when I can, how...
  2. Ferret

    Hiring the PCs?

    How do people get this to work in their games? I mean when the plot begins with official summons by a lord or king, to begin a quest. I tried asking this here, but it suits a discussion much better.
  3. Ferret

    Secret History of the NWoD?

    An excellent question popped up on the Roleplaying Games Stack Exchange site the other day, that left me stumped: How does nWoD's Secret History chapter relate to the other core books? Does anyone know if the secret history is linked in *any* way in any of the other World of Darkness books? If...
  4. Ferret

    Hybrid mixes?

    Obviously, some hybrid classes work, and some don't...either mechanically or roleplay wise. The ones I picked out that 'might work' are Paladin/Warden and Invoker/Shaman. What have people tried?
  5. Ferret

    Discworld Characters - GURPS

    Has anyone set about 'stating' up any of the more recent Discworld Characters? People like Tolliver Groat, supposedly unkillable. Anyone?
  6. Ferret

    Setting with no humans (or other fantasy races)

    How do people think would react/use a setting with no standard fantasy races, are there any other settings out there with this theme? The setting I'm planning features two humanoid/human like races, and a fairly alien one. The reason is I want a fresh start, sort of how Elves and Eldarin were...
  7. Ferret

    New system Idea

    New system: 6 Stats; Body - Brute and Agility Soul - Charm and Heart Mind - Wits and Weave 'Several' skills designed to be general and have certain uses when coupled with certain stats. I.e, Art + Weave can produce various illusions, Talk + Charm is the same as bluff, Talk + Heart is more like...
  8. Ferret

    Homebrew Forum.

    I remember waaaaay back when I posted here more regularly there was a forums for homebrew ideas. But now it's vanished. It's fair enough that the D&D rules forums could be used for D&D related homebrew, but what about homebrew systems, or other homebrew ideas? Or have I missed something?
  9. Ferret

    Any RPG group in or near Portsmouth, UK

    Does anyone know of or is part of any roleplay groups in the Portsmouth area?
  10. Ferret

    How do you like your coffee?

    How do you like your brew? I worked in a coffee shop over the summer and sold all sorts of coffee, my preference is a strong Americano with milk and 3-4 sugars. Anyone else?
  11. Ferret

    May yer Bilges Never be flooded!

    Tis that time again me salty sea dogs. Yer time o' reckoning approaches. Do ye be Pirate enough to talk like one?
  12. Ferret


    Could someone help me find a post on here ages ago where someone glazed some pots a brilliant blue colour? They ended up with crystalline patterns on them. Or any of your pottery stuff? Thanks :D (I'm asking as I can't search the forums)
  13. Ferret


    I bought a Silvercrest webcam a while back (early june?) and had it running smoothly on my old XP laptop, since then I've switched to a laptop which has Vista, and an integrated webcam. Now to start off I installed the driver (and the 'cams other software), I disabled the integrated version...
  14. Ferret

    UK A level Results

    For anyone (I'm not sure how many) who has just gotten their results, how did it go? I'm into my firm choice, Bath, who wanted three As, with only an A and three Bs! *Does a dance* Anyone else?
  15. Ferret

    My Facebook Exploded. Edit: False alarm.

    Edit: False Alarm, I'm leaving this up unless someone wants to a) muse about what happened or b) see why this thread is locked (if it is) My facebook has thrown a wobbly. It started off by asking for my age and telling me I didn't have any newsfeed for me. I logged out hoping a refresh like...
  16. Ferret

    Vista Gadgets

    Does anyone have some good ones they found? I've only just gotten Vista and I have Presto's Clock and the shut down gadget (although I can't find anything more specific about it). Add to that the weather, and the calender. What do you guys use?
  17. Ferret

    Protecting folders?

    I'm using windows vista and I like to protect folders, after looking on the help it looks like I can't use passwords on folders, which seems unusual. It was suggested that I use permissions but it looks like I can only alter permissions for 'Public' and 'User Name' folders. Is there any way to...
  18. Ferret

    I-35W bridge

    I heard on the news today (wiki) that the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota had collapsed. I'm just posting this to check up on any of our Minnesotan ENworlders and make sure they and their family are ok, and unhurt. Roll call?
  19. Ferret

    Instant ice? Anyone know how this works? It looks really intriguing...I'm guessing its a chemical reaction?
  20. Ferret

    Diablo Movie "Hocus Pocus. Diablo was unlisted magically from the "In Development" section. I tell you. It is the lesser evils playing tricks with our minds. Where is Deckard Cain when you need him to reveal the undecipherable." So what does everyone think? I thought...