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  1. Renaissance Man

    Two-Handed Sword Lessons?

    Is there any place in central to southern Maine, or possibly New Hampshire, where a lady friend of mine could take lessons in fighting with a two-handed sword?
  2. Renaissance Man

    Recent Scoop on Flying

    Hullo. Wasn't sure where to post this, so I'm taking a gamble on the meta threads. I seem to recall a news piece posted a month or so back that discussed tactical flying rules. The scoop cited not only the rules that were to appear in the as-yet unpublished 3.5 DMG, but also rules that were...
  3. Renaissance Man

    Material Components and Casting Time

    Okay, here's an easy one - so easy, in fact, I'm almost too embarrassed to post it. :D Retrieving material components from your spell component pouch: factored into the spell's casting time? Or a seperate move action (like drawing a weapon)?
  4. Renaissance Man

    Angels ascendant

    Let's not mince words... It's official! Celestials - devas specifically, and archons I presume - are categorized in 3.5 as angels !
  5. Renaissance Man

    Converting your campaign to 3.5?

    For those of you who are compulsively purchasing the 3.5 rules (you know who you are) - how are you planning to implement the changes in your campaign? I play with a crew of three other guys, one of whom takes turns with me DMing. (Seperate campaign worlds.) I've already ordered the new books...
  6. Renaissance Man

    New Nymph Illo

    Check out the new nymph illo on the WotC Revision Spotlight page. A huge improvement over Elmore's version, which IMNSHO resembled nothing so much as a groupie for a hair-metal band. :p Huzzah!
  7. Renaissance Man

    True Seeing

    What price tag would you assign to an item that bestowed a persistent true seeing effect?
  8. Renaissance Man

    Ability Focus

    Is the Ability Focus feat meant to be analogous to the Spell Focus and Psionic Focus feats, but for spell-like abilities? I find the feat's description to be very vague. How many "special attacks" does the bonus apply to? For instance, if a mind flayer takes this feat, does it apply to his...
  9. Renaissance Man

    Quicken Spell-like Ability

    Is the version that appears in Savage Species now considered the definitive version? It's very different from the Quicken Spell-like Ability feat that appears in other sources... including the very recent Fiend Folio.
  10. Renaissance Man

    When worlds collide...

    There are five people in my gaming group; two of us take turns DMing. Historically, we've used different sets of characters in different campaign settings. But my fellow DM in the group is eager to merge our settings, or even abandon them in favor of one, shared setting. I worry that by being...
  11. Renaissance Man

    Poisoned, Strength drained to zero, helpless...

    Can I speak? Use command words? Cast spells with verbal components?
  12. Renaissance Man

    3.5 Yet another 3.5 thread

    The players in my gaming group are somewhat casual hobbyists, and they have only recently learned about 3.5. I'm sensing some bitterness amongst them already - I think on some level, one or two of them still resents being "made to" convert to 3E. Are any of you experiencing similar division...
  13. Renaissance Man

    [Rant] Robbed of right to gloat at PC's death!

    First of all, I am not a killer DM. Last night, one of the PC's unwisely tread into a room trapped with sliding, crushing walls... a trap he had just witnessed in action at that! After the game, the player remarked matter-of-factly that he had intended for his character to die... ZUH??? On...
  14. Renaissance Man

    Intimidate - broken?

    Surely this has been brought up before. (Actually, I think I brought it up before...) How do other DM's adjudicate attempts by monsters and NPC's to Intimidate the player characters? Do the players feel usurped of the right to dictate their characters' actions? Conversely, what level of...
  15. Renaissance Man

    Monster Immunities

    Lernaean hydra - am I reading this right? Vulnerable only to slashing attacks and specific spells? (Disintegrate, finger of death, slay living. ) Do they take damage from environmental dangers, i.e., extreme cold, falling damage, etc.? If so, does that damage result in the loss of one or...
  16. Renaissance Man

    Haste + Persistent Spell (feat)?

    Am I interpreting the Persistent Spell feat correctly? Can it be used to extend the duration of the (arguably overpowered) Haste spell?
  17. Renaissance Man

    Knowledge (monster) skill - how would you do it?

    Forgive me if this subject has been covered before. One of my players, thinking himself clever, has made the study of monsters an integral part of his character's background. He is clearly bent on metagaming - a nasty habit, but one which I think can be regulated. To that end, I have drafted...
  18. Renaissance Man


    Being a long-time lurker, but infrequent poster (oh boy, am I opening myself up to shame and ridicule), what are the rules of etiquette for bumping one's post?
  19. Renaissance Man

    Balanced Gaming through Rule-Lawyering?

    Curious to know - how frequently do you refer to the rulebooks in-game? Does your group have a policy around this? Which books, if any, are your players prohibited from consulting? How do you resolve technical fouls? (Two rounds later: "Uh, DM, according to the spell desciption, I believe I...
  20. Renaissance Man

    Zerth Cenobite PrC

    Does anyone else use the Zerth Cenobite PrC from Dragon #281? (I'm running a Planescape campaign, and thought it sounded like a fun option for githzerai characters.) I find it odd that one of the requirements is Knowledge (outer planes), 8 ranks. For a PrC that is obviously intended for monk...