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  1. Davies

    D&D 5E Ravenloft Variants

    This thread is designed to show off the various ways that you might change the published domains of Ravenloft to suit the campaigns that you want to have, plan to have, or are going to have. Let me lead off with Variant Falkovnia. Vladeska Drakov is acknowledged to be an odd duck among the...
  2. Davies

    Problem With My Character Build Thread.

    Recently I've noticed that my Character Build Thread has been given the prefix D&D General. I think I just gave it the "General" prefix when I created, as is not any sort of D&D related thread. I don't know how to correct this; none of the options on the "Select Prefix" menu are correct, and it...
  3. Davies

    WOIN Advice on converting from M&M to WOIN

    I'm considering converting some of the superheroic characters from my build thread to WOIN, but I don't really get the other system as well as I'd like. I'd welcome any advice that anyone could give me on the subject.
  4. Davies

    [Mutants & Masterminds] A World Less Magical But No Less Fantastic

    I hope this will be of interest to someone; I've been posting a fairly large collection of M&M builds on my Google Drive.