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  1. Quartz

    D&D 5E A reptilian world?

    If you had a reptilian world, what would the analogues be? Lizardman = human, obviously. Dragonborn = elf or aasimar? Saurial = elf or human? Grippli = gnome or halfling? Kobold = halfling or goblin? Troglodytes = orc. Grung = goblin. Yuan ti = drow? What else? What do you think?
  2. Quartz

    Incessant You control your privacy popups

    I’m getting them on almost every page on my iPad Pro running Chrome. Not on my PC, also running Chrome. No extensions installed on iPad.
  3. Quartz

    Forged in Fire: Medieval weapons tested

    I found this video on YouTube and thought that people here might find it of interest. Various recreations of medieval weapons are tested.
  4. Quartz

    D&D 5E The gastraphetes or belly bow in 5E and using movement to reload

    How would you model the gastraphetes or belly bow in 5e? It's far quicker to reload than a standard crossbow but has a far lower accuracy. No goat's foot or cranequin needed. So rather than give it the Loading property, how about making reloads use movement? Say 10' of movement per reload...
  5. Quartz

    D&D 5E The Warlock's Book of Ancient Secrets

    Am I reading the second paragraph correctly that it allows the Warlock to have all rituals from all classes?
  6. Quartz

    Medieval Toilets: The awful truth!

    A naughty word subject but someone's got to cover it!
  7. Quartz

    D&D 5E What if a curse isn't a curse?

    The setup: the PCs drink from a magic fountain and something happens to one of them. Maybe they change race, maybe a huge disfigurement - something like a port wine stain - appears, maybe something else significant changes. So they go to someone who can remove the curse only to find that the...
  8. Quartz

    The alignment chart re-imagined.

    Serious stuff here, folks! :D
  9. Quartz

    D&D 5E Spicing up the Corpse Flower (MTOF)

    I was reading Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes last night and came across the Corpse Flower. It has the power that as a Bonus Action it can absorb a corpse and heal some damage. That's a decent enough power but what if we could inject a little more fun? What if it it could use a victim-related...
  10. Quartz

    D&D 5E A subtle curse: the attunement slot?

    What would you say to an item that permanently - until destruction - consumes an attunement slot? Plot bunny: a previous owner of the item is a minion of the BBEG and she approaches the PCs about destroying the item. She knows how; she just can't do it without their help.
  11. Quartz

    D&D 5E Extra Reaction or extra Bonus Action?

    Purely theorycrafting here. Which would be more useful to a PC? Would it vary by class?
  12. Quartz

    D&D General A collection of alignment pictures from assorted series

    Extracted shamelessly from this Quora post.
  13. Quartz

    D&D 5E 3E Collision weapon property in 5E

    I was re-reading the Order of the Stick and got to wondering about how to model the Collision weapon property in 5E. I came up with rolling the base damage dice with Advantage. E.g. for a greataxe you roll 2d12 and take the better. What do you think? How have you done it?
  14. Quartz

    D&D 5E Paladins smiting with multiple damage types?

    I trust no one has a problem with changing the base type of damage of a paladin's Smite? It makes sense for a paladin of Nerull to Smite with necrotic damage and for a paladin of Thor to Smite with thunder damage, But would you allow a paladin to mix and match? Would you allow the paladin of...
  15. Quartz

    Level Up (A5E) Knack: Amphibious Combatant

    Here's the knack: Notice that the knack doesn't actually address combat. When I think of amphibious combat, I think about being wholly underwater, or being partially underwater - fording a river etc. Think of Robin Hood's fight against Little John in RH: Prince of Thieves or any beach...
  16. Quartz

    D&D 5E Using shields with two-handed weapons

    Apparently it was a historical thing That video makes it look much more useful to a spear-wielder than a sword-wielder. How would you do this in D&D? Would you add it to the Shield Master feat or make it a Fighting Style or perhaps tweak the Great Weapon Master or Polearm Master feats? A new...
  17. Quartz

    Level Up (A5E) Holywood Heroics: substituting for Dex

    Dex is pretty much the uber-stat at the moment. So how about reducing MAD and letting the fighting classes allow substitution? Thematically this is to fit the filmic travelling troupe of adventurers. They're not all Dex-machines. And see Your Highness for why you don't adventure in full plate...
  18. Quartz

    Level Up (A5E) Simplifying Guidance, Inspiration, and the like through orthogonalisation

    I'm theorycrafting here... Players can achieve impressive numbers by stacking effects, breaking Bounded Accuracy, so how about orthogonalising them by keying off Proficiency So, under Guidance, Inspiration, or whatever, if you are not Proficient, you roll as if you were Proficient; if you are...
  19. Quartz

    Level Up (A5E) End the 5 minute work-day by making all classes work off short rests.

    Above and beyond all else I would like to see the end of the 5 minute work-day by making all classes based around short rests. Every class should regain class features on a short rest. This post from this thread seems like a good start for spellcasters.
  20. Quartz

    D&D 5E Reliable Talent and Disadvantage - order of precedence?

    I'm having a momentary brain fade here. Is Disadvantage applied before or after Reliable Talent? That is, if you have Reliable Talent and roll with Disadvantage you roll both skill and Disadvantage dice and have an absolute minimum of 10? Or do you roll your skill die, take a minimum of 10, then...