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    Ursula Le Guin dies at 88

    My favorite author of all time just passed away earlier this week: https://www.bustle.com/p/these-twitter-reactions-to-ursula-k-le-guins-death-will-absolutely-break-your-heart-7997035 My favorite work of hers is the "Lathe of Heaven", though I also enjoyed and quite recommend "The Left Hand of...
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    DT's Saga of the Dragon Cult, Legacy of the Savage Kings

    Adventure: Saga of the Dragon Cult, 2nd Module: The Cast: Trogdor1992 : Scrag the Troll Scott De War : John the Wizard Leif : Grok the Cleric Salthorae : Tuk the Fighter Amaury : Rosalia the Rogue Scotley : Roque the Fighter The Previous Threads: IC Thread 1...
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    Deuce Traveler's Saga of the Dragon Cult OOC Thread

    I'm getting on a plane soon, so I can only make a quick post here. Last we left off, you were on the second module of the boxed set, in a swamp, and about to attack the weapons forge fortress. We are playing the Legacy of the Savage Kings module and you have encountered an orc party selling...
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    DT's Saga of the Dragon Cult (Legacy of the Savage Kings)

    After a quick trip home (where they are able to sell the extra equipment and earn bounties for a letter of credit worth 10,000 gp), the heroes retrace their steps and head towards Garland's Fork. To get to that destination, however, they will first have to cross the Great Swamp; an area that is...
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    [LPF] Into the Wilds Part 1

    A Beginning Pathfinder Adventure designed for 6 characters of Levels 1-3 A keep on the frontier of civilization is beset on all sides by roving bands of chaos. Will heroes step forth to battle the creatures of darkness and be a bastion of hope for the people, or will the Wilds reclaim the...
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    Adventure Ideas You Doubt You'll Ever Be Able To Run

    I just realized there are a whole bunch of adventures I would like to run one day and never will be able to do so. I thought I’d share some of my ideas, which I doubt will ever get off the ground, most of which are hybrids: 1. A mixture of the Dragonstar Campaign setting with Jack Vance’s...
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    DT's Saga of the Dragon Cult (Standing Stones)

    The heroes return to the town of Hadler's Gap, carrying their dead along with them. The village-watch stands along the trail, spears in hand when they see the group walking along the dusty trail. They shout in pleasure when they recognize all of you, and soon a crowd of townsfolk gather round...
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    EN World Deuce Traveler Gone for 1 More Week

    The hotel I am staying at is full, and so this is the first time I have had solid internet access in regards to ENWorld this week. And only because it's very early in the morning. I will be here for one more week, working through the weekend, so it is doubtful I'll be able to update my games...
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    Pathfinder 1E [LPF] The Sea Sprite

    The Sea Sprite A Beginning Pathfinder Adventure designed for 6 characters of Levels 1-3 Can our heroes board the abandoned vessel and recapture it from the aquatic creatures who have claimed it as their own? DM: Deuce Traveler Judge: perrinmiller Start Date: 11 May 2015 End Date: 9 Sep 2015...
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    For Us It Was a Tuesday

    It’s night by the time you make it to the derelict shipping district, the only sounds around you being the slight buzzing from nearby powerlines and the late barking of various semi-feral mutts communicating to one another from yards of rundown homes and rotten smelling alleys. The sky is...
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    Rogue's Gallery (Shadowrun: For Us, It Was A Tuesday)

    This is our Rogue's Gallery for the new incoming Shadowrun one-shot game, 'For Us, It Was a Tuesday'. I'll be editing this post to add details as they develop.
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    [Feb 2015] What Are You Reading

    Normally Delricho would start this up, but I thought I'd do him a favor as we are six days in. I just finished "The Great Game" by Peter Hopkirk and it was a pretty stunning read about Russia and England competing in Asia, leading to the British Empire expanding past its initial holdings of...
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    Relic Hunters in Tekumel (IC)

    The voyage through the ever twisting storm that separates your land from Tekumel is always rough going, but this time your two-masted brig sloop, Ching Shih, had several large waves surprise the crew in between tethering stations and you lost over three dozen good women when they were swept...
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    RG: Relic Hunters in Tekumel

    Alright, we're ready to get started for our Tekumel adventure. Please post characters here in this thread for reference and active updates. I'll look over what you have and make comments in the OOC/recruitment thread in case I need any tweaks. Everyone automatically gets Comman and Tsoylani...
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    (Recruiting) Relic Hunters (All female PCs, Castles and Crusades rules, Tekumel Campaign Setting)

    Queenie asked me to run a game at exactly the right time when I was percolating some ideas in my mind. After some e-mails back in forth, we decided that we should do an adventure where she plays a cross between Indiana Jones (her idea), Lara Croft (my idea), Jacquotte Delahaye (mine), Anne...
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    [LPF] Tower of the Black Pearl (DM: Deuce Traveler)

    Name: Tower of the Black Pearl Description: A Living Pathfinder Aquatic Adventure for Level 1 Characters - Players should end up at Level 2 Dungeon Master: Deuce Traveler Judge: TBD Start Date: 5 February 2013 Player Characters: 1. Lightfeather, Human (Goti) Ranger (Guide) played by...
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    Deuce Traveler's Appendix N Series

    Welcome to Appendix N, where I take a look at the literature that influenced some of our favorite roleplaying games and comment upon their gaming legacy, evocativeness and utility for today’s game masters. Appendix N- 1. The Elric Saga, Intelligent Weapons and Chaos vs Order Appendix N- 2...
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    [Recruiting 2 more!] In A Wicked Age RPG Quick Game

    I want to judge a quick pick-me-up fantasy game of In A Wicked Age. Character creation, adventure back story, quest objectives and conflict results are decided cooperatively between the GM and the players. The Oracles First, volunteering players and the GM must come to a consensus about which...
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    Gary Gygax: The Father of Games Design

    I found this article and thought I'd share. Gary Gygax: The Father of Games Design by Tomas Rawlings, Video Game Designer who created Call of Cthulhu: The Wasteland and other games On the 74th anniversary of Gary Gygax' birthday, Tomas Rawlings looks at the legacy left by the designer of...
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    HISHE: Bros Before Marios

    After watching the following clip, I have to wonder whether or not anyone was ever tempted to stat Mario out as a Mutants and Masterminds character: Super Cafe: Bros Before Marios - YouTube