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  1. Ridley's Cohort

    My favorite heresy: mundane vs. mundane & magic vs. magic, please!

    I have a pet peeve that existed in multiple editions, I would like to see "corrected". Fat chance. But I am going to speak my peace. When facing nonmagical but physically dangerous opponents, whom do you call first? The Wizard. When facing a steeped in magic dangerous foe, whom do you call...
  2. Ridley's Cohort

    OotS 448

  3. Ridley's Cohort

    How often do you provoke an AoO on purpose?

    How often do you provoke an AoO on purpose, given a PC that spends roughly a third or more of his combat time in melee? (Whether you spend that much time in melee on purpose on not is irrelevant.) Clarification: "On purpose" means you chose an action that provokes an AoO when there arguably...
  4. Ridley's Cohort

    Power suggestions for Wilder/Rogue?

    A fellow player is revamping a character because psionics fit her character concept better than sorcerous magic. I do not know all the details but I think she is going end up as a Rogue/Wilder of 8th or 9th level, probably 3 Rogue levels. She will have 2 1st and 1 2nd level power. Right now...
  5. Ridley's Cohort

    Feat recommendation for Paladin

    I am tweaking my 8th level Paladin for a campaign that is coming out of a coma, and I am looking for thoughts & recommendations for my last feat. Feats from Core and the Complete series are available. 8th level Human, 14 Str, 14 Con, 12 Dex, 12 Int, 14 Wis, 20 Cha. +1 Plate Armor, +1 Shield...
  6. Ridley's Cohort

    Help controlling player wealth

    I am trying to run a by the book campaign. But no matter what I do it seems like the amount of gear they carry gets way out of kilter compared to the DMG guidelines for wealth at their character level. I think the root of the problem is that they scoop up the wealth fallen of PCs -- the ones...
  7. Ridley's Cohort

    Grappling help please...

    The grappling rules make my head hurt. So I am taking the bull by the horns and attempting to understand it completely once and for all. I would appreciate assistance by getting the descriptions of non-core feat and grappling related abilities, as well any FAQs, cheat sheets, or similar...
  8. Ridley's Cohort

    Familiar's & Master's skills

    What exactly does it mean that a familiar may use the master's skills? What bonuses do and don't transfer over? PHB p. 51: "Skills: Use the normal skills for an animal of that type or the master's, whichever are better." Suppose I have a Wizard with a Spot skill of: +6 Ranks +1 Wis +2 Unnamed...