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    And the Animation: Greatest TV, Part IV

    The Tick must be part of this list. Made me laugh more than Archer which is really saying something.
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Need Help finding an old adventure

    The Dead of Winter. I believe it was on a special Dungeon Magazine CD...
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    3D printing services

    I'm not affiliated with this gentleman at all, but I'm planning on ordering some axis & allies ships from him. He might print your designs for you: High Quality 3D Printed Items for Tabletop Games & RPGs by XPForge
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    D&D 3E/3.5 D&D 3.5 Web...

    OK, got it now. Thanks for the assist!
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    D&D 3E/3.5 D&D 3.5 Web...

    ...what's the point of allowing a save? Last night we had one of our very few arguments about rules in 12 years of D&D. It was about Web. Here's the passage: "Anyone in the effect’s area when the spell is cast must make a Reflex save. If this save succeeds, the creature is entangled, but...
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    When PCs fail.

    Do you own "Requiem for a God" from Malhavoc Press/Monte Cook? There are some interesting ideas/crunch in there that seem to be perfect for letting Orcus kill one or more gods in your campaign. If your PCs have a little fire in their eyes and some steel in their spines, this seems like a great...
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    3e greyhawk file gone? Web Enhancement: Errands and Excursions

    I'm not sure why they would remove it or make it difficult to find. Feel free to PM me your email address and I'll be happy to forward the zipped PDF I downloaded from WOTC.
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    Casting (hah!) call for miniature

    Darth Maul: paizo.com - Star Wars: Darth Maul Promotional Miniature The blades are flat, not round. Just swap the head...
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    Just saw your post. I've emailed a couple of pics. I've had trouble sending attachments to Yahoo. If you don't get them in a day or so, post again and I'll send them from my work address. Hope they help!
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    I'd suggest just using a pic of the chitine, since the mag doesn't really have a good pic of these fellows. However, I can send you something if you want to PM me your email address.
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    Looking for pulp/CoC minis

    Here's a site that has compiled lots of different web companies that sell pulp minis. The name of the company is a link to it's web presence: http://wk.frothersunite.com/sc/pulp/Pulpsc.htm Very cool and useful compilation. Have fun.
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    Night Below Preview 2

    The one next to Wulfgar certainly appears to be a darkmantle...
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    Do You Subscribe to Magazine(s) &/or Pay Website(s)?

    I'm a current subscriber to Dungeon and Dragon and have rolled my remaining subscription over to Pathfinder. Previously, I've subscribed to PC Magazine and several computer game-playing magazines. As far as websites go, I subscribe to consumerreports.org and have contributed $$$ to various...
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    Where can I find Chainmail Pics (the mini game)

    Try here: http://www.wizards.com/dnd/article.asp?x=minis/ch20010823b I think most available Chainmail minis are listed here (look at the list on the left-hand pane) and have pics in their painted forms.... Have fun!
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    I have to go w/ Pogre here...at least with his concept. I'd like to see the ability for this to be translated either to a similar remote unit or to a plain PC monitor (2D) for those over the internet that can't attend in person. I especially like the idea that each player would be able to...
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    So you've killed all the adventurers!

    Our group has two primary DMs (I'm one). When we have a TPK (we had our first one last year in my campaign), the "other" DM runs his campaign while we decide what to do about the first one. In my case, we decided to say goodbye to the Kingdoms of Kalamar. We all liked the setting, we just...
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    Pathfinder 1E Who should nourish the others at Paizo?

    Phil, I'm thinking this is a survival of the fittest kind of thing. As a fellow sales-type, I chose to work from home today to avoid the snow. If you survive the night, remember the wondrous "Work from home" strategy the next time they call for foul weather in our lovely Puget Sound area...
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    [Free book] Happy Halloween!

    Happy Ides of March....er, Happy Halloween! :o
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    What's your Ptolus number?

    Nope. Mine is #74 and I almost fainted when I saw how torn up the box was. All the corners of mine have been bent in....
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    Need Dungeon Flocking

    Personally, I like Discount Hobby (throw a www in front and a .com on the back and no spaces). Dungeon items from Mega Miniatures, Fenryll and Grendel. All ready to be painted up. Been reading your Barakus log. Very helpful! Nice job with it! Thanks!