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    Release Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e

    Welcome to a lore-rich, vibrant world of knights and legends. Following the popularity of its predecessor, Dark Ink breathes new life into the perilous world of Ezora. Players will find bliss and be endowed with infinite knowledge as they scroll through the core book's highly engaging, original...
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    Press Three Blockbusters Coming November 18th!

    From medieval knights to semi-apocalyptic bio warfare. Check out these tabletop role-playing hybrids bound to revolutionize Indie. AVAILABLE Q4 2021 Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour, is a hybrid tabletop/FPS game set in a bio chemical semi apocalyptic world. You’ll take control of John Wagner...
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    Coming Memoirs Of A Game Dev - The History Behind K&L: Dawn of a New Age

    Wow, it's been 4 years since I shared my first game on here. I had no clue it would've fared so well considering it was a completely solo project. Back then, I was just setting foot on a completely unexplored territory. One I wasn't a part of since I was at least 12 years old, if I remember it...
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    Press On Q3 2021, I'll be available for game development. If you need a programmer or writer feel free to reach out!

    Game development is no easy task. In this competitive market there’s something for everyone. But hang on! Will your game even be noticed among the hundreds of thousands of games already out there? Everything starts at development, and that’s where I can help you achieve your goal. As a...
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    Coming Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour | Available April 2021

    Kept you waiting, huh!? This is my first post of 2021, with a second update for Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour. This article sheds more light on my latest IP. As previously mentioned, S&Z just like K&L: DNA, will be a hybrid between tabletop rpg and video game with a nostalgic homebrew feel to...
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    Press Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age | Ultimate Ed. Coming Nov. 6th 2020 DTRPG

    It's been a great two years since I released classic Knights & Legends on DTRPG. From that point on, the game was able to expand to unimaginable extents. In September of 2019 I self-published yet another game. This time called the New Horizon: All-In-One Core Book, it expanded the lore of the...
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    New Horizon Development | Coming Q1 2020

    Dear friends, here's a glimpse of what's coming in this 2020 DTRPG exclusive. Fans, will experience immediate nostalgia. Newcomers, are encouraged to catch up with the K&L collection before then. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/253707/ That's also the best way to support the development of...