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  1. ColonelHardisson

    NPCs and Giants in the Earth

    As a DM, I've always loved having both "stock" NPCs (such as those found under the "human" entry in the Monster Manuals) and legendary heroes and villains ready-to-use. I know the DDI has these, but I was wondering if there are any fan-made efforts out there? Feel free to post links to them...
  2. ColonelHardisson

    D&D 4E Green Slime for 4e?

    I'm about to run an old module using 4e rules, and in finding analogs for the monsters and hazards within, the only one that I've yet to find in a 4e book is green slime. I'm simply going to use the rules for it from the 3.5 SRD, but I was curious as to whether it was, indeed, in a 4e book and I...
  3. ColonelHardisson

    I need ideas for brief, 3 player 4e D&D session

    I've been trying to bring together as much of my gaming group from the 80s and 90s as I can. Two of them have expressed definite interest, and one of them has a 1o or 11 year old son that would like to play, also. I was always the default DM, so they told me to try to get something together and...
  4. ColonelHardisson

    Hey, all you science fiction and fantasy fans from the Cleveland, Ohio area!

    Where the heck are you? I started a Yahoo Group (see my sig) because I'm trying to either find or build a community of SF&F fans (and genre fans in general, really). I know you're out there; let's band together so we can share our obsessions with those who are similarly obsessed!
  5. ColonelHardisson

    Are there "typical" spell lists available?

    I wasn't sure which forum this should go in, so I apologize if I chose wrong. I've gone on and on about how I love having stat blocks for NPCs ready-made and at my fingertips. I've slowly tried to assemble a collection of them, ones that cover any number of stereotypes/archetypes, from city...
  6. ColonelHardisson

    Casting Commune With Morrus

    Hi Morrus. I just wanted to let you know you should have e-mail from me.
  7. ColonelHardisson

    Attn: Morrus - October 3

    Morrus - I was just wanting to make sure you'd received an e-mail from me regarding mailing address.
  8. ColonelHardisson

    [Gen Con] Dawn Patrol?

    For a long time, the longest-running event at GenCon was a big tournament for Dawn Patrol (also called Fight In The Skies, as I recall), the WWI fighter-plane game. Was there one this year? I haven't heard anything about this event for a long time, so I started to assume it had disappeared long ago.
  9. ColonelHardisson

    Last Day To ENter The ENnies Has Passed

    Howdy! I thought I'd let everyone know that today, Friday, May 30th, is the last day for publishers to notify us that they are entering the ENnies. Product can arrive after today; we just need your notice of intent to enter by the end of today. So get crackin' if you haven't already! :)
  10. ColonelHardisson

    Morrus! Urgent!

    Sorry to be dramatic, but Morrus, please check your e-mail immediately.
  11. ColonelHardisson

    Baen Books, John Ringo, and...d20?

    I was looking through Waldenbooks today when I noticed a book, published by Baen, by a writer named John Ringo. The book was called Hell's Faire, and it had a CD-ROM bound into it, much as Baen did with David Weber's latest Honor Harrington book. What caught my eye as I glanced at the CD-ROM was...
  12. ColonelHardisson

    ATTN: Morrus - MEd20 Update

    Morrus, I sent an e-mail to you a few days ago about the recent update at the Middle Earth d20 site. I was wondering if you'd received it. If not, I can e-mail you again. Thanks.
  13. ColonelHardisson

    [Maybe OT?] Summoner Assassins?

    What are the Summoner Assassins? I got a spam e-mail about this, but I deleted it before I clicked the links (and I'm sure many understand why). Can anyone tell me what it is? I'm curious.
  14. ColonelHardisson

    Individual Deletion of Post Count?

    I was wondering if there was a way that an individual could have his post count eliminated or hidden? I don't really want to register again, by the way.
  15. ColonelHardisson

    Animal Planet...and the future?

    I've been seeing commercials lately for a show, the name of which I haven't caught, which will air on Animal Planet New Year's Day. The premise: what will animals be like in 200 million years? This type of stuff fascinates me - I'm a big fan of Dougal Dixon's books on future and alternate...
  16. ColonelHardisson

    Invisibility and Etherealness?

    I'm sure this has been addressed before, but I was wondering - is there a rules citation from the Core Books which directly addresses whether invisibility works against an ethereal creature? Say my wizard used invisibility to sneak away from a ghost - would the ghost see him or not? We have our...
  17. ColonelHardisson

    [semi-OT] Celtic Pronunciation Guides?

    The way to properly pronounce Celtic words eludes me. It strikes me that so many of them are spelled in English much differently than they sound, that there has to be a pronunciation guide out there somewhere on the internet. Can anyone provide links to such a thing? And any similar guides for...
  18. ColonelHardisson

    Middle Earth d20 NPC Contest Winner

    Congratulations to Michael Rooney for his winning entry - the Maw of the Deep - in the Middle Earth d20 Conversion Site NPC contest! We also want to thank Morrus for sponsoring the contest, not to mention giving the conversion site a home.
  19. ColonelHardisson

    Thoughts on Avatars

    I've been thinking that it would be cool if there was a template that could be applied to a creature when a god was using it as an avatar. However, the more I consider it, the more extensive such a project seems to me. The reason is, you'd have to have a unique template for each god or force...
  20. ColonelHardisson

    Decipher's Lord of the Rings RPG - A Review

    Matt Colville from Decipher was kind eough to send me a copy of Decipher's Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game to review. Here is that review. I hope it is of use. The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game by Decipher $40 US 304 pages, hardcover Layout and Art - This is a very handsome book...