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    Rules FAQ How Does Mounted Combat Work in D&D 5E?

    But if you don't control it YOU don't control it. It moves where it wants to and attacks what it wants. Some DMs might let you play it, some might do it themselves. If you gain the mount as a secondary PC then yes, its a huge advantage, if you've handed your fate over to a slightly enraged...
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    Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual Review

    Your point is absolutely, 100% more valid than mine.
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    D&D 5E Wild Beyond the Witchlight Features Warduke & More!

    I had a Strongheart toy growing up and didn't know he was a D&D thing until just a few years ago ( I was in preschool when I got him and wasn't really aware of D&D). His head fell off, despite many attempts to get it to stay. I don't know what happened to his body, but his head and sword were...
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    Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual Review

    I mean, sure, she might have just missed. But if I was trying to set the iconic feel of my Galaxy book would I have the central action be "Lead Character just misses something bigger than a double-decker bus for no reason"? This is the hero of the story, they appear again on the deck of many...
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    Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual Review

    [/needless art criticism]That person on the front cover with the gun, they are apparently shooting the outermost edge of the Rock-thing's arm. In an otherwise epic art piece [and it's a perfectly great piece of art] this seems like a poor strategy for both taking down a giant rock thing and...
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    D&D General Solasta: Crown of the Magister Offers A Hidden Fifth Edition Computer Gem

    I've been enjoying it greatly. One cool thing is they give a lot of rule freedom to you. Lots of check boxes for "max hp on level up" and "enforce empty hand needed for somatic spells" and %damage taken from monster sliders. You can make it easy if you just want fun, you can make it authentic...
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    D&D 5E Lightning Bolt should be better.

    My gut level instinct has been to make fireball 6d6 keep lightning bolt 8d6. Useful award would still go to fireball, damage award would go to lightning bolt.
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    Level Up (A5E) Want a warlord tomorrow?

    The objection to the name is pretty reasonable: I don't think I've ever heard of a modern warlord spoken of in positive terms, and the modern definition seems to imply this is a bit inherent: warlord is a military leader who exerts civil control over a region, which is not really in-line with...
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    Buffy: An Appreciation and a Ranking!

    I agree with season three being the best and seven being the worst, with the OP descriptions being a decent summary of what I would say. I would place season 6 second to last (just because it's intentionally well crafted misery doesn't make it enjoyable misery, for me) , if I rewatch Buffy...
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    Blog (A5E) A Sneak Peek At Magic

    Looks cool! *6d6 damage is how much a fireball should do. At 8d6: As a player it is murder to have it cast on you until you get level 5 or 6, and once you can cast it , it kind of takes something out of the game as your life starts to be "how can I deal 8d6 damage to as many people as...
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    Star Trek Star Trek TNG How to Watch?

    Start with season 4, watch to the end. Then, once you've got some investment in the characters, you're ready to watch the early stuff and see where they came from. Or Don't. Feel free to pull eject on any episode. If you're ten minutes in and you think "This episode sucks" you may as well...
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    D&D 5E Most fun of these three Monk Subclasses?

    I've played drunken master and open hand and between the two drunken master was my preference. The drunken master powers had much more influence over how I played and what I could do. Open hand was nice, but its powers fell into more of a "I can also do this, sometimes" where as the the...
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    Catchphrases for death cleric

    Just stare at people for a long time then smirk and say "soon..." Once that is established you can slip "soon..." in all over the place and give even normal conversations an ambiguously ominous meaning.
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    Survey (A5E) Level Up Survey #4: Rogue

    I'm definitely more enthusiastic about the rogue than the fighter, both in general and in how I filled out the surveys. I like the fighter playtest, but it was still mostly 6-7's for the things I liked, where as the rogue got some 10's out of me.
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    Playtest (A5E) Level Up Playtest Document #3: Rogue

    I think trap smith is awesome for those that want it, but not every rogue is going to want it. It could be an option thing like, pick your shtick form these preparation-based "attacks" : trap-smith, poisoner, con job (for the talky rogue). I can see why insight, persuade, deceive and...
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    Survey (A5E) Level Up Survey #2 - Origins Overview

    Done! A nice short, succinct survey, very appropriate questions for giving us a day to think over the material. If there was a survey on this survey I'd give it a 10/10
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    Level Up (A5E) Improving spells

    I agree, I would like to see most elements having a signature spell at most levels, but I don't want them to just be clones of each other. So not just "[fill in the blank] Ball" but like level 3: fire gets a ball, lightning gets a line, thunder gets a cone, acid gets single target, psychic...
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    Level Up (A5E) Improving spells

    1) If nothing else, Please (and I'm repeating what others have said, because I want it known how important this is), separate spell descriptions by level. It is SO important, and would cut down time spent flipping pages immensely. There is no reason not to, and so many reasons to. 2) Which...
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    Level Up (A5E) Which Classes Need "The Most Help" in an Advanced 5E

    Fighter: The class is good, the subclasses are disappointing to me more often than not. Maybe that isn't a good enough reason for me to vote for it, but I've played a couple of fighters that were interesting in spite of their subclasses, not because of it, and that feels like it could be...
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    Level Up (A5E) Changes to race (species?)

    I'm inclined to agree. I strongly suspect if given a race of sentient chairs with a fully spelled-out and inhuman thought profile, I imagine that most people would role-play them as "humans who think they are chairs", and the people that really got it and could fully dive into the characters...