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    ZEITGEIST Fey changeling character background in Zeitgeist

    One of my PC’s (Oxton) in the Zeitgeist campaign starts as a changeling character with the fey. Oxton (human) has red-gold hair and was interesting for the fey. His parents made a deal with the fey. He would be given to the fey for raising until he would be an adult. Raised in the feywild. A fey...
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    ZEITGEIST Converting Zeitgeist 5th edition to the Eberron world

    Introduction At the start of my last campaign (2014-15) the Zeitgeist adventure path was not yet finished and I didn't want to start an adventure path without knowing how it would end. So I converted Curse of the Crimson Throne to 5th edition DND, set in Q'Barra in the Eberron world and started...