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  1. Paul Farquhar

    D&D 5E "Big Summer Adventure" Drow related? Announcement imminent?

    It's in the title. There seems to be an awful lot of Drow-related chatter all of a sudden. We have been told there is a "big summer adventure" but no hint as to what it is about. D&D Live is a bit late to announce a "summer" title (although it could be August). Maybe it actually features Drizzt...
  2. Paul Farquhar

    D&D 5E "3/4 caster" Artificer Subclass

    Introduction Artificers and rangers are quite similar in terms of their core abilities, yet I have noticed that rangers tend to be played as fully-martial characters (bar the occasional Hunter's Mark) and artificers played as if they where full casters. As a result neither are fully effective...
  3. Paul Farquhar

    D&D General Eberron lore related question

    Lets say the party need to get into a Silver Flame Monastery. The monk (martial arts adept) guarding the bridge wants them to answer three questions to test their faith. What questions should he ask? NB anything involving swallows will probably be too easy for my players.
  4. Paul Farquhar

    D&D General Eberron resource request

    My players might soon find themselves needing to sneak into Sharn. Does anyone know of published adventures that detail the dungeons beneath the city? I'm happy to covert from 3rd edition to 5th, but would rather not put a huge amount of effort in since my players might come up with some other plan.
  5. Paul Farquhar

    D&D 5E The Maverick (Exploring Eberron)

    The Maverick is a subclass of artificer from the Exploring Eberron supplement. My initial impression was that, as a half-caster, it was a weaksauce wizard, but I would like to be proved wrong. How would people get the most out of this complex subclass? My initial thoughts: Instead of a damage...
  6. Paul Farquhar

    D&D 5E Homebrew Ranger Subclass - feedback please

    It occurred to me that the 5e ranger reminded me of the 1st edition AD&D bard. So this subclass is my attempt to emulate the feel of that. It leans into some of the less popular aspects of the 5e ranger. Storykeeper (Ranger subclass) As keepers or oral traditions druids acquire a vast store of...
  7. Paul Farquhar

    D&D 5E Recommend me a tier 3 adventure

    Looking for a good adventure for a party of about level 14. The setting is FR, and the edition is 5, but I am happy to adapt content. I like "unconventional".
  8. Paul Farquhar

    D&D 5E Which of these UA subclasses do you HATE?

    Not just dislike, or think needs more work, or think is boring. Which do you think needs burning with fire, then the ashes buried in the bottommost layer of the Abyss? You can vote for up to all of them. ;)
  9. Paul Farquhar

    D&D 5E Would you prefer warlord or psion as a new class?

    This is my first attempt to create a poll for these forums, so fingers crossed... In order to keep the results meaningful I have tried to keep the question simple. Thus, other options, such as "both", "use subclasses" and "spaghetti" have been deliberately omitted. This is purely to try and...
  10. Paul Farquhar

    D&D 5E Hexblade patron in Eberron

    The standard fluff for hexblades is their patron is an intelligent magical weapon made from the Shadowfell (and possibly associated with the Raven Queen). The Raven Queen is clearly not part of Eberron. Dolurrh seems to be the closest analogue for the Shadowfell, and it's consistent with the...
  11. Paul Farquhar

    D&D 5E Hs anyone else noticed this shifter wrinkle?

    Wildhunt: "no creature within 30 feet of you can make an attack roll with advantage against you" Weak and very situational? Unless you pick up two levels of Barbarian for Reckless Attack....
  12. Paul Farquhar

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: Dragonmarks

    There, is a text error in the pdf, with the description of the mark of scribing overwriting part of the description of the Mark of the Sentinel. The Mark of Making looks far more useful to adventurers than the others: 2 wizard cantrips and can make a temporary magic weapon -very useful at low...
  13. Paul Farquhar

    Suggestions wanted for a short adventure/sidequests

    My players will soon be passing through the Moonshaes, and I am looking for a short adventure or collection of sidequests that they might encounter on the way to their destination. They will be around level 6. Something with a very Celtic tone would be ideal.