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  1. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E Asian Monsters Kickstarter

    Hi all, just posting a link here as I thought it might interest some others: Asian Monsters: 90+ magnificent monsters for D&D 5E It seems like there could be some really nifty ideas drawn from various cultures to bring in something fresh. I haven't bought any of their products before. What is...
  2. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E Asian Monsters Kickstarter DUPLICATE - PLEASE DELETE

  3. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E D&D Magic the Gathering alternate magic system

    Talking about M:tG has me thinking again about the disappointment I had with the Ravnica guide. On a personal note, I enjoy 5e as it is, but as I've played a lot of it, I would absolutely love to try this with a completely different magic structure and set of spells. It's been a long time for...
  4. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E D&D in the Grishaverse

    I was not expecting to be as enamored with Shadow & Bone on Netflix as I was, but I was immediately hooked and really looking forward to them expanding the universe in future seasons. While watching, I couldn't help but feel that the Grisha powers would make for an awesome alternate magic...
  5. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E What if healing spells only created Temp HP?

    What would happen if all magical healing and healing potions did not increase hitpoints, but only created temp HP? I can think of a few impacts: Clerics, Paladins and Druids might think of using spells to buff characters before they go into a fight If a character is downed, magical healing...
  6. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E Moving skills from Wisdom to Intelligence

    A discussion on ability score balancing had me thinking of a houserule I'd be interested to try out. What if all current skills under wisdom were moved under intelligence (except for insight, which moved to charisma). Wisdom would then become the mental equivalent of CON, no skills but a very...
  7. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E Half HP, Full heal variant

    I'm thinking about a variant where PCs have half their normal HP, but after a nominal time at the end of the fight (say 1 minute) the PCs are back at their max HP. The intent is to have each fight that can be risky/potentially deadly rather than an attrition model which I think is difficult in...
  8. CubicsRube

    Level Up (A5E) Changes to movement and AoOs

    One of the things that I've thought about implementing in my next 5e campaign is to also allow an opportunity attack when a PC or creature moves within the range of an enemy, rather than just leaving range. This makes it easier for front line forces to block off areas. It also makes shove a...
  9. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E Zero to Hero: Ability Score Increases every level?

    There's been a lot of discussions on ability score increases and ability generation methods, so I set to thinking about one that would enhance the "zero to hero" vibe of D&D and hopefully still be enjoyable to play. I would be interested to see which of you would actually like to play a game...
  10. CubicsRube

    Level Up (A5E) Page Separators on Physical Book

    Hi @Morrus , This is an early and potentially odd request. I'd love if when the physical book comes around if there were some page separators between chapters/sections for quick referencing at the table. I really miss the old Encyclopedia Britannia style cut away sections of the pages, but...
  11. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E Would you be happy with fixed damage?

    If there was a campaign where weapons dealt fixed damage, e.g a dagger did 3+STR/DEX points of damage, a greatsword did 7+STR, etc. Would you be happy? Would it take away from the fun of rolling damage for you? Or would you be content if it sped up play?
  12. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E Fighters should be the social class

    This is my own pet peeve and my own opinion of course, but it's always rubbed me the wrong way that fighters get lower skill choices than many other classes, and that it's the bard who is typically the leader (now sorcerers and warlocks thanks to a helping of CHA based characters). Firstly, for...
  13. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E D&D without ability scores and separating Ancestry & Culture

    I have made a previous thread on separating Ancestry & Culture and had some great comments on it (and was pointed to some wonderful work someone has previously done on the subject). But I have also done some tinkering as to how D&D could work without ability scores at all. Given the problematic...
  14. CubicsRube

    Can we no longer upload files?

    I'm sure I've missed the memo on this, but I used to be able to attach PDFs to forum posts. I can no longer do this. Has this been removed, or can I just not see it?
  15. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E Decoupling ancestry and culture

    Edit: 1st Draft uploaded In relation to the other very popular but dense thread, I had wanted to post an idea about tryingto separate the ancestry ("race") benefits and the culture they grow up in in 5e for a while. Below is a first draft. The idea is that all players choose an ancestry and a...
  16. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E Wild & Dead magic zones

    I might be conflating editions here, but I believe that 5e also supports dead magic zones and wild magic zones. Has anyone used these? Do you think it would be overly punitive to spellcasters? I can't see using a dead magic zone beyond the size of a room for example, and then only...
  17. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E Using different skills in 5e

    It seems to me that one pf the most fundamental or radical ways you could change the feeling of 5e without recreating the wheel would be to create a different set of proficiencies for characters to select. Consider something like the below: 1. Athletics - climbing, swimming, jumping, falling...
  18. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E Making monks cool again

    I'm playing a monk in a campaign right now so I'm sure as hell biased, but there's a couple of things I would love to do with my STR 10 monk that'd make him feel super cool. 1) give monks at a certain level (maybe 2) the ability to use DEX acrobatics to grapple and push enemies. Maybe I've...
  19. CubicsRube

    D&D 5E [5e] [B/X] Into the Unknown and old school modules

    For anyone into some of the older style play I'd highly recommend Into the Unknown: https://o5rgames.blogspot.com/2019/05/into-unknown-is-now-available-in-print.html?m=1 I recently picked up a copy and I'm really eager to run it when I get a chance. There's 5e at its core, but combat is...
  20. CubicsRube

    [5e] Offensive and defensive stances

    Next in my series of rambling tinkering thoughts on 5e (because apparently I like to keep my mind engaged this way), I was thinking about a simple change to add more choice in combat. Simple, but I suspect with long reaching knock-on effects. The idea is thus: Characters may determine if they...