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  1. Dire Bare

    D&D 5E D&D Minis Pre-Order Promos & Saturday Morning Cartoon Characters!

    Pre-orders for the WizKids "The Wild Beyond the Witchlight" minis set are up on dndmini.com (a WizKids site). In addition to ordering bricks, there's a "Witchlight Carnival Premium Set", a "Swamp Gas Balloon Premium Set", a "Collector's Edition Premium Box" (includes the entire set plus some...
  2. Dire Bare

    D&D General Life-size Drizzt "miniature"!!!

    https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/48322/greet-dungeons-dragons-players-door-ranger-north For the gamer whose house is blocked off in 5 foot squares!
  3. Dire Bare

    Batwoman #201 "What Happened to Kate Kane?"

    I'm not going to work very hard at avoiding or hiding spoilers. If you haven't watched the episode yet, you shouldn't be reading a thread about it! :) I think the Season 2 premiere debuted last Sunday . . . I didn't realize and missed it, caught it today on the CW app. So, Kate Kane's (Ruby...
  4. Dire Bare

    D&D 5E Kercpa 5E Stats?

    If anybody can point me to some good 5E stats for the kercpa race . . . small squirrel people from 2nd Edition. I'm not looking for a PC race write-up, but monster stats I can use to create a kercpa sidekick. I think my firbolg paladin (oath of ancients) needs a little squirrel buddy!
  5. Dire Bare

    WotC Dungeons & Dragons Fans Seek Removal of Oriental Adventures From Online Marketplace

    With WotC's recent statement on making the game more inclusive in regards to racial issues, I should have predicted this would happen next. Dungeons & Dragons Fans Seek Removal of Oriental Adventures From Online Marketplace The 1st Edition "Oriental Adventures" is probably one of the worst...
  6. Dire Bare

    Worldbuilder's Journal

    A new Dungeons & Dragons journal product has been released this month, "The Worldbuilder's Journal of Legendary Adventures", and I just got my copy from Amazon. This is one of a number of recent D&D journals published by Random House under license with Wizards of the Coast, and has an MSRP of...
  7. Dire Bare

    D&D Cartoon Collectible Statues

    This news isn't terribly new, but I don't remember seeing anything on ENWorld about it so . . . Iron Studios will be releasing a series of collectible statues based on the 80's D&D cartoon in the 2nd half of 2019. I stumbled across this when watching a new video on the cartoon from Toy Galaxy...
  8. Dire Bare

    The Power Struggle for Dungeons & Dragons' Soul

    Read this article on Medium, The Power Struggle for Dungeons & Dragons' Soul. Discuss. :) This isn't really a new phase for D&D, but rather an intensification in some ways. The article is well balanced, discussing both limits on fans' creativity but also WotC's need to turn a profit. I...
  9. Dire Bare

    CrashCourse Games #18 RPGs

    I've long been a fan of the YouTube channel CrashCourse, especially CrashCourse Astronomy. Today I learned there is a new course (well, new to me), CrashCourse Games! And episode #18 is all about RPGs, role-playing games! For long-time fans, there's not much, if anything, new here. But I enjoyed...
  10. Dire Bare

    D&D 5E NPR - The Curse of the Black Lotus & D&D

    NPR's Planet Money just released an article about Magic The Gathering, and how it beat the "Curse of the Black Lotus". With all the talk about WotC's plans for D&D, I found this interesting and relevant. Here's the NPR story...
  11. Dire Bare

    Review of Combat in Motion (Enhanced 4E) by Christopher F. Ash

    The author's blatant rip-off of WotC's 4E trade dress turns me off right there. I know you "shouldn't judge a book by it's cover", but it's a sign of lazy production, lack of creativity, and lack of understanding of what's okay and not okay when using other's work.
  12. Dire Bare

    WotC has a plan for their D&D archive. What is it!?

    The latest "Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard" column by Shelly Mazzanoble just went up late tonight (for Wednesday). I don't read Mazzanoble's column regularly, but this time she talks about the warehouse-sized D&D archive TSR had kept in Wisconsin, that it was recently shipped to Renton, and...
  13. Dire Bare

    RPGA DM Rewards & Dragon Lots on eBay!

    With the forum reorganization, I'm not sure if this is the best place for this thread. So mods, if I goofed, please feel free to move or close the thread (like you need my blessing!). I just placed an auction on eBay for a large lot of Dragon (251-359) and Dungeon (82-150) Magazines, plus some...
  14. Dire Bare

    A&A 1942?? Should I pick it up?

    I currently own A&A Anniversary Edition, and the "revised" edition of the game that came out somewhat prior to that. I plan on purchasing the newer European and Pacific theatre games . . . . . Any reason why I should pick up the current "main" edition of the game, A&A 1942? New & improved...
  15. Dire Bare

    Star Wars Starship Battles Miniatures on eBay

    I have just (re)listed a lot of 24 starship models for the Star Wars Starship Battles Miniatures Game. If you saw my thread last week, you might notice this is the exact same auction . . . last week's winning bid wasn't able to follow through and I had to cancel the original auction and relist...
  16. Dire Bare

    DDI Articles Wednesday Oct 13

    Today's articles: Channel Divinity: Kord D&D Outsider: Devas These are two of the best articles I've seen in a long time on DDI!!! There is no crunch in the Deva article, it's just a fun and interesting exploration of what it means to be immortal. Very well thought out and a blast to read...
  17. Dire Bare

    3E Collection on eBay

    I just uploaded a series of auction listings on eBay for the bulk of my (nearly) complete D&D 3E collection, some 4E player's books, some Star Wars starship minis, and a few other odds & ends. My user name on eBay is bzuber if you are interested in viewing all of my auctions, there are some YA...
  18. Dire Bare

    RPGA Exclusives, Star Wars Saga (and more) on eBay!

    AUCTIONS HAVE CLOSED. Thanks to anyone who bid! Mods: I couldn't find the Marketplace forum, so please feel free to move this if I posted in the wrong place . . . not that you need my blessing or anything . . . I just placed the RPGA exclusives Tomb of Horrors and Village of Hommlet on eBay...
  19. Dire Bare

    D&D Online Books: The Road to Neverwinter

    I clicked on a banner ad on WotC's site for the new Neverwinter computer RPG due late 2011 . . . . and in addition to a sample chapter of R.A. Salvatore's next novel, "Gauntylgrym" . . . there is a link to the "Road to Neverwinter", a preview ebook for Neverwinter and Gauntylgrym. The...
  20. Dire Bare

    Green Lantern: Where to start?

    I'm interested in reading some Green Lantern graphic novels, and would like your advice as to a good place to start. I'm fairly comfortable with the basic mythology of the character, having grown up on the Superfriends, browsing Wikipedia entries, and watching all of the DC Animated shows up to...