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  1. DM Magic

    Are we allowed to make a post seeking to hire someone?

    I would like to make a post seeking to hire someone for money. Specifically, an Excel spreadsheet for a project I'm working on. It's pretty complicated, and there's no way I could do it by myself. I didn't see this addressed in the rules, but if I'm a dumbass and missed it, my apologies.
  2. DM Magic

    Math Help: Figuring out average damage each round.

    I'm working on some math for an RPG I'm putting together and I am hoping for a little assistance. Here's the scenario: There are three characters. One is wielding a weapon that does d6 damage, one a weapon that does d8, and the final a weapon that does d10. Assuming they hit the monster they...
  3. DM Magic

    In search of monster goals during combat other than attacking the PCs.

    I'm writing an encounter that takes place in a city. A group of monsters arrive to attack the PCs, but there's enough of the monsters that not all of them need to engage in combat. Others will run around, doing all sorts of mayhem. Here's a list of stuff I'm come up with so far: Take hostages...
  4. DM Magic

    D&D General Frylock on the ‘Ineffectual OGL’

    Part 3 has been posted: Part 3: The Damage Done by the Otherwise Ineffectual Open Gaming License #DnD #copyright #iplaw #ogl
  5. DM Magic

    HERE IS SOME F**KING D&D: A Micro RPG In Four Pages

    Some time ago I came across HERE'S SOME F**KIN' D&D, a micro RPG that's been floating around the internet for a number of years. In fact, here's a thread on Reddit about it from three years ago. I've run it a ton of times at bars, barbeques, picnics, and camping and I'm such a huge fan that I...
  6. DM Magic

    Help me think up obstructing elements for some chase rules.

    I'm putting together some chase rules for 5e. In these rules, you could potentially encounter one of four things: hazards and hostile creatures that harm you; and obstructions and indifferent creatures that impede you. With the rules, I would like a set of examples for each and I'm having...
  7. DM Magic

    Lifting and Carrying: Something that makes more sense?

    I have often seen people say that the lifting and carrying rules should increase and decrease quadratically instead of linearly for larger and smaller creatures. Can someone lay this out for me and explain why it's more realistic? Thanks! :)
  8. DM Magic

    My New and Improved DM Screen: v2.0

    A week ago I posted a series of reference sheets I'd made for people to affix to their DM screens. Yes, I realize there are already a TON of reference sheets available. Nevertheless, I never quite found one that worked for me. That screen was well and good and people loved it: but I decided that...
  9. DM Magic

    Rules for Improvised Attacks

    I put together these rules to govern improvised attacks. Something that can be used, on the fly, without needing to put too much thought into it. Let me know what you all think! Evaluate the Environment When deciding on an improvised attack, evaluate the environment: are there structures than...
  10. DM Magic

    I need more random tables!

    I'm putting together a collection of random tables. So far, I have random tables for: Names: Beatrixm, Frizzle, Gisselle, etc. Clan Names: Battlehammer, fireforge, strongheart, etc. Family Names: Caerdonel, Koehlanna, Xistsrith, etc. Honorifics: Chief, Honorable, Viscount, etc. Epithets: The...
  11. DM Magic

    I made a D&D reference sheet!

    I realize there are already a TON of DM screens and reference sheets available for 5th Edition. Nevertheless, I never quite found one that worked for me -- usually because they didn't have ALL the rules I wanted at my fingertips, or because they weren't aesthetically pleasing to me. So I made...
  12. DM Magic

    Help me decide where the seven parts to the Rod of Seven Parts are!

    I'm going to be running a mostly improvised Rod of Seven Parts campaign. Using a bunch of aids I've collected over the years (decks of NPCs, wandering monsters, treasure, dungeon layouts, puzzles, traps, etc), I'm going to basically fly by the seat of my pants using inspiration drawn from these...
  13. DM Magic

    D&D 5E Need Advice for Running Social Skills

    I find that I often one and done social skills, but want to change. For example, if the Queen will supply the party with horses on a successful check, and the group fails, that's it. No horses. Or whatever. How can I make it so that several rolls count and make it interesting? I know what I am...
  14. DM Magic

    D&D 5E Spell Cards for Beginners v1

    I've finished making spell cards that are meant to be used with my Character Sheet for Beginners. As they are meant for players new to the game, I only did cantrips and level 1. I've included a 1-up version if you'd like to have them professionally printed through a website, like...
  15. DM Magic

    D&D 5E A Character Sheet for Beginners v2!

    Update to v2.4.2b: Fixed halfling speed. As an Adventurers League DM, I find myself teaching D&D a lot -- often to people who have no concept of what D&D is, or even what an RPG is for that matter. Things came to a head last month when I taught D&D to three of my young nephews who very much...
  16. DM Magic

    D&D presence at PAX this year?

    I've been hearing rumors through local Adventurers League organizers here in Portland that PAX will not have a D&D presence this year. Has anyone else hear this? Or maybe someone can refute it?
  17. DM Magic

    D&D 5E A Character Sheet for Beginners

    Edit: Removed the Proficiency Bonus sidebar (wasn't necessary), fixed a few errors (hit points and hit dice got switched), and added a printer friendly version. As an Adventurers League DM, I find myself teaching D&D a lot -- often to people who have no concept of what D&D is, or even what an...
  18. DM Magic

    Help with Names for Fantastic Locations

    As the title says -- help me with names for fantastic locations! Doesn't matter if you make it up or if it comes from a popular movie, TV show, book or video game. I just need names that will help get the old juices flowing for when the adventurers go off the beaten path. Names like Gargoyle’s...
  19. DM Magic

    D&D 5E How Would this Surprise Example Play Out?

    There are five goblins. Each of them roll Stealth checks: 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. There are five PCs. Between them, they have passive Perceptions of 10 and 11. I see this going one of two ways: 1) The four goblins who rolled 11 and under on their Stealth checks are seen but the one who rolled 12...