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  1. Neuroglyph

    In the Hall of Statues: Dramascape Presents a Fantasy RPG Battlemap… Ready-To-Delve!

    There really are so many more useful RPG products out there than just rulebooks and setting modules. Certainly, rulebooks and settings represent the core products of nearly all role-playing game systems, but there’s a ton of other products which are often taken for granted that can really...
  2. Neuroglyph

    Deadlands: Stone and a Hard Place –The Weird West Meets the OK Corral!

    So it all began with the Deadlands RPG. That “Weird West” game system which began humbly back in the late 90s has grown to become quite a phenomena in the RPG community. From a single mash-up of genre of Horror in the Old West, Deadlands RPG has spawned a power-house generic roleplaying system...
  3. Neuroglyph

    Rite Publishing’s Monster Template Unleashes a Legendary Villain for D&D 5th Edition!

    Now that the three Core Rulebooks have been released for the new Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition), it seems a little strange that there is not more 3rd Party Published content out for this new version of the perennial RPG favorite. And yet, the majority of content one finds online is falls into...
  4. Neuroglyph

    Unframed: The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters – Utter Disappointment (If you don’t read it!)

    Ask any serious gamer as to what drew her or him into a life-long avocation, and many of the answers will likely boil down to being inspired by this or that role-playing game or setting which inexplicably fired their imagination. For other gamers, close friends or family introduced the hobby to...
  5. Neuroglyph

    The Last Parsec: Scientorium

    Product information... View for more details
  6. Neuroglyph

    PEG's The Last Parsec: Scientorium - A Classic SciFi Space Opera Full of Wonder, Horror, and the Unk

    Pinnacle Entertainment’s Savage Worlds RPG rules have demonstrated time and again to be one of the most portable game systems around. Though its roots are founded in the Dead Lands RPG and its Tales of the Weird West, the system has provided the backbone of dozens of Official and Third Party...
  7. Neuroglyph

    SagaRPG’s Darkwood Adventure Arc Bring The Deft and The Deadly Out to Play!

    As 2015 begins, it’s a good opportunity to take stock of one’s projects and make sure that the New Year can be a fresh start. As it happens, while taking that end-of-year assessment, it’s come to light that an RPG product sent in during last year's summer months did not get its moment in the...
  8. Neuroglyph

    Demon Cults: The Emerald Order

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  9. Neuroglyph

    Demon Cults: The Emerald Order - Kobold Press Presents New Occult Lore for the Midgard Campaign Sett

    There are many sources of inspiration for creating heroic fantasy adventure campaigns, whether legends and mythology, pulp fiction or classic novels. Many GMs have their favorite touchstones when looking for ideas, sometimes trusting to a particular author, or thematic style, or heroic cycle...
  10. Neuroglyph

    Skyships & Spacefaring Wonders Await PFRPG Fans with Calidar: In Stranger Skies

    As the number of Heroic Fantasy RPGs have proliferated over the years, a myriad of fantasy worlds and settings have been created. While some world settings have been based upon classical Tolkien ideals, others have explored classic mythology, gothic horror, post-apocalyptic, and even...
  11. Neuroglyph

    Kobold Guide To Combat: Get All Meta-Combat with Leading RPG Game Designers!

    This fall, Kobold Press has gathered essays from some of the brightest Game designers and theory-crafters into a new anthology. The Kobold Guide To Combat takes a look at the why’s and the how’s of Combat in Role-Playing Games from the authors of some favorite RPG systems! For some, Gaming...
  12. Neuroglyph

    WotC Drops the Big One! (A Pre-Release Review of the 5th Edition D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide)

    The fans have been ever so patient… The D&D Player’s Handbook has been in their hands before GENCON 2014… and the Monster Manual appeared on store shelves about a month later. But the third Core rulebook has been absent for months now, with only tantalizing glimpses of its secrets released to...
  13. Neuroglyph

    Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters - Northwinter Press Fast-Pitches a Poké Ball at Pathfinder RPG!

    Back when D&D 4E was still a thing, a 3rd Party Publisher named Northwinter Press released a supplement aimed at merging elements of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition with the well-known Pokémon franchise. The resulting genre mash-up setting was reviewed here on EN World a little over a year ago...
  14. Neuroglyph

    Castles & Crusades - Night of the Spirits: Halloween Gets All Medieval in this OSR Adventure!

    The OSR or Old School Renaissance (or perhaps better phrased Revival?) has really changed how many gamers play RPGs over the past decade or so. Coupled with the ease of publishing online, numerous new publishers and new authors have taken ideas of the earliest forms of role-playing games and...
  15. Neuroglyph

    The Rise of Tiamat: Kobold Press & WotC Unleash the Dracopocalypse for D&D 5E in this Pre-Release Re

    It’s been less than three months now since the latest edition of the Dungeons & Dragons Role-Playing Game was released at GEN CON 2014. And gamers are already utilizing the two Core Rulebooks to which they already have access – the Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual – with the third – the D&D...
  16. Neuroglyph

    Pre-Release Review of The Last Parsec: Pinnacle Entertainment Kickstarts New Savage Worlds… in Deep

    For gaming fans looking to get the low-down on upcoming product releases, GENCON provides the perfect opportunity to meet-and-greet their favorite publishers and authors. In seminar after seminar, mainstream and indie publishers offer tantalizing glimpses into new game designs and news about...
  17. Neuroglyph

    Legendary Games Brings Forth a Troop of Righteous Heroes for Paizo’s Organized Play!

    Most roleplaying gamers would probably agree that creating a brand new character is half the fun of getting into a new campaign. There’s something magical about creating an alternate persona, and choosing the statistics and mechanics that make that character come to life within the game’s...
  18. Neuroglyph

    Evil Hat Productions’ Unusual Urban Fantasy Setting for FATE CORE - THE SECRETS OF CATS!

    One trope that has been around since the earliest myths, but is only rarely pursued in role-playing games is the one where a hero does not necessarily have to be a human. And by that one should not include humanoid creatures like elves and dwarves and aliens and vampires, for they are...
  19. Neuroglyph

    There Be Monsters Here! (A Pre-Release Review of D&D Monster Manual by Wizards of the Coast)

    Despite the ending of the summer and the lull after GENCON and PAX PRIME, the excitement at the release of the new 5th Edition Player’s Handbook last month is still going strong! And by all accounts, the new adventure arc Hoard of the Dragon Queen is doing quite well, with many D&D fans...
  20. Neuroglyph

    Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade – Vigilance Press’ Complete Wuxia Setting for FATE CORE RPG

    One of the great side benefits of GENCON each year is a chance to get a Reviewer together with some Game Designers. It creates the real possibility of discovering a new RPG to present here on EN World that might otherwise have been missed. This year that happened not just once, but at least...