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  1. Pour

    mIRC / Maptool Game Group Seeking 1 More for 13th Age (and more)

    Seeking one more to join an online game of 13th Age (most likely) on Tuesdays at 7PM EST, via mIRC and Maptool. Come join an online gaming group that has been playing together since 2000. Currently between grandiose campaigns, I've decided to run a kind of 'generational' series of games where...
  2. Pour

    13th Age 13th Age Homebrew Bestiary

    I am always on the lookout for new monsters and approaches to monster design. And 13th Age monster design is plain fun. Monsters in 13th Age can really be as basic as stats and a single attack, or as flavorful as "Shlup’n’schlorp" or "Feed the Cubs". Here's two monsters that I've got planned...
  3. Pour

    13th Age What should 4e steal from 13th Age?

    13th Age Backgrounds instead of skills/themes. It's just so elegant, versatile, and thematic. My players and I love it. One Unique Thing instead of 4e background. Replace a small skill bonus or extra language with something character-empowering, meaningful in the narrative, and setting-defining...
  4. Pour

    D&D 5E Tyranny of Dragons D&D minis

    You don't really believe that's going to be their only price point when their site and operations are established, do you?
  5. Pour

    D&D 5E Tyranny of Dragons D&D minis

    Same. I happily backed this and will be making use of it, especially as time goes on and they expand their customized options. This is the future of miniatures, in my opinion.
  6. Pour

    D&D 4E What can Next do to pull in 4e campaigns?

    My group is currently playtesting a bunch of different systems representative of generations of my setting, the winner with our group being the rules for our next extended campaign. We've just begun 13th Age and that is going to be hard to beat. I plan on also trying Savage Worlds, Dungeonworld...
  7. Pour

    would you play your least fav edition if asked by friends

    I'd absolutely play anything a friend was willing to run, if time permitted. Cleanses the palate. But I might be even more interested watching that guy up thread staple his tongue to the wall while we ran our 4e game.
  8. Pour

    D&D 4.5E (Not Essentials)

    I wonder if 4.5e takes the steps to identify powers like Come an Get It, Lamb to the Slaughter, Create a Target, basically all the martial forced movements and pseudo-charms, and then consider on a case-by-case basis whether or not they make sense. Reaver's Hook, for instance, has a straight...
  9. Pour

    D&D 5E Tyranny of Dragons is Coming! - the next storyline

    I like the concept, but I agree with the poster above this doesn't sing Forgotten Realms to me. This would have been the chance to do the pseudo-setting thing (or could I even begin to hope for a new setting). We just got an adventure set in Icewind Dale as it is. Unless that introduction was...
  10. Pour

    D&D 4.5E (Not Essentials)

    I think we've stumbled upon the perfect usage of the pseudo-setting and background material that should come with monster manual entries, except instead of giving definitive lore, provide popular conceptions, creative riffs, mythological and folklore references, examples from designer campaigns...
  11. Pour

    D&D 5E [L&L] Campaigns in D&D Next

    @Mistwell Sure, I'll defend them, largely on the point of contention what has been going on in this thread is nothing close to "bad behavior". I'm sure some other threads have thrown muck back and forth, but rereading this thread I just don't see it. It's quite valid to feel something, then to...
  12. Pour

    D&D 4.5E (Not Essentials)

    I'd also like to see more attention given to the possibilities beyond what's written, be it suggestions on what a monster can do that isn't exactly listed but rather implied, or how powers can work in skill challenges or general play- not just combat. The basic nature of the power blocks and...
  13. Pour

    D&D 5E [L&L] Campaigns in D&D Next

    Mistwell Well, that's one way to embrace those feeling indifferent or suspect with the next edition, indirectly ridicule their perceptions, you know, instead of talking it out like @Kamikaze Midget. We understand you are a strong proponent of 5e. More power to you. And it must be taxing to see...
  14. Pour

    How crazy are the item rules in 13th Age?!?

    I've actually gone the other way and made all magic items artifacts in my 13th Age game. The treatment they give in the core rules hints personality and gives basic features, but I've actually added three points of ego I suppose you can still call it, between positive, neutral, and negative in...
  15. Pour

    D&D 4.5E (Not Essentials)

    I agree with a ton of the stuff listed, particularly with Nemesis. My only two cents add-on would be... can we have a real Necromancer?
  16. Pour

    Running my first game Saturday. Any advice?

    I just ran my second game Wednesday. My advice would be 1) Use one of the Tales of the 13th Age organized play modules (4 available at this point, and free) as a guide at least (they list cheat sheets, extra monsters, DCs and saves, GM advice at the beginning, and a fun framework for adventures)...
  17. Pour

    D&D 4E The 4e Solo Thread

    Quickleaf Thanks! I can't believe I didn't realize she was a crit-fisher. And yes, if they can do it, so can we! Hah, I'd love to use her modified self in a game against a few cocky high Epics!
  18. Pour

    D&D 4E The 4e Solo Thread

    I've been meaning to post to this thread for a few days. I've done an insane amount of modifications and experiments with solos having run a level 1 - 28 campaign. I'll post up my ideas, some successful, some probably just broken (but effective against my Epic group none the less). I'll start...
  19. Pour

    Fourth Edition largely unavailable at Amazon.com

    I keep putting off getting Gardmore. Going to grab it now.
  20. Pour

    D&D 4E Reply if you love 4e

    Can't experience Manbearcat until I spread more experience. The best is people who actually believe this.