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  1. Dross

    D&D 5E Cantrip nerf (house rule brainstorm)

    If you use Int as the determining factor, anyone using some other ability to cast is even more impacted, i.e. cleric, druid. In my experience guidance is the most used non combat cantrip, but even then some basic rules enforcement can cover that problem (if it comes up for us)?
  2. Dross

    D&D General Invisibility, line of sight, and the frightened condition

    Specific overrides general: I would say that SMA's specific description of when the saving through kicks in overrides the general frightened condition. so in this case line if sight does not affect when to roll the save.
  3. Dross

    D&D General Heart of an Honest Man

    I like the idea of playing into the player's fears of needing a physical heart. However I'd have someone planning to use the heart for some evil purpose so it needs to be saved. Could also have it in a construct that the cleric needs to convince to stop doing something bad, or it could provide...
  4. Dross

    D&D 5E Overspecialization

    But if it flows naturally for the narrative of the game? Lets try this: Fire Mage Guy has been adventuring for a while and made an enemy of a cult. From encounters where there have been survivors the cult learns that FMG prefers fire. Cult decides to kill FMG to prevent him from interfering...
  5. Dross

    D&D 5E Overspecialization

    I need to ask: if someone makes a specialised character, anything a DM does that is outside of the specialisation is a "gotcha"? And if not, where is the line? Because to me you are implying that unless the DM sets everything up to allow the PCs to shine they are trying to "gothca" the players...
  6. Dross

    D&D 5E Zone of Truth Interrogations

    From DnD Beyond: You create a magical zone that guards against deception in a 15-foot-radius sphere centered on a point of your choice within range. Until the spell ends, a creature that enters the spell's area for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there must make a Charisma saving...
  7. Dross

    D&D 5E Moral Agency

    I'd speak to the DM to see how they feel about what is possible, what is not, and whether attempting to redeem a devil is plausible and worth the while. I always thought Crowley from Good omens might be an example of a redeemed Devil, not totally "good" but not actively evil at least during the...
  8. Dross

    D&D 5E What (low level) 5e PC Options Other Than Spells Would Change The World?

    Gloomstalker Rangers getting darkvision: law enforcement & armies, thieves, spies is Turn considered a spell? While Turn undead not likely, some of the other uses would cause a few interesting incidents (Tempest domain getting mugged?)
  9. Dross

    D&D 5E Paladin of Conquest fear quotes

    I am the shadow that forms all your fears I will be the last person you see before your doom Flee or fight, I will still destroy you Love, mercy, kindness are not things I bring to you. All I bring is your end.
  10. Dross

    D&D 5E A few questions about Animated Objects

    1) I'm not sure that you can equate Golem to an animated object. The spell gives stats for the objects so any immunity etc. should be there. If they aren't, then I'd be saying no immunity. But the objects are considered constructs so have a look there. 2) As Shiroiken said defining "hostile"...
  11. Dross

    Need a few ideas

    Depending on how user friendly the interface is an instruction manual would be handy. What sockets are there on the tablet to power up the battery? (probably fixed by appropriate tech skill though)
  12. Dross

    D&D Movie/TV New D&D movie details? Vecna?!

    Not too sure of this. They couldn't use hobbit but halfling should be okay legal wise. Thats why D&D changed from hobbits to halflings in the first place. Otherwise they could be sued for orcs, dwarf, elf, and maybe (silly as it seems) man. I could easily imagine LotR fans but non-D&Ders voicing...
  13. Dross

    D&D 5E DM introducing new elements to PC background post-session 0

    As along as it is an option that the player does not HAVE to take it should be good. The other thing to be aware of, "settle a score" is vague enough for the player to fill it in himself. Gross Ben could want to: Settle a score against Renard Settle a score with Renard against a third party...
  14. Dross

    D&D 5E Adventure ideas wanted (L4-7ish)

    Something that comes quickly to mind is supply problems Maybe try to get the nomads onside and not attack caravans coming through or help remove the goblins etc. Talking to the dragons may be a but much now. Use some of the ruins nearby as source material, which would require checking said ruins...
  15. Dross

    Zombie Apocalypse - Finally Acknowledged by the US!

    Apparently a number of countries do have plans for such emergencies. The purpose is more a thought exercise to have plans for unexpected situations than protect against zombies specifically. I believe that there is a YouTube clip of the Canadian parliament making mention of such plans. Having...
  16. Dross

    Move and then charge, or *only* charge in a round?

    I see what you are saying here, but I have a question. I can only remember the books saying "square", but do you count squares or count squares that you can legally move through? So in your example, since you cannot move through a wall, going from 1 to 2 would be a square closer, even though...
  17. Dross

    D&D 3E/3.5 Several Questions regarding 3.5e Paladin

    The player's guide to FR had a list of deities for paladins, not all of them were LG. Mystra was one and is NG. Don't remember Kord being one though.
  18. Dross

    Good Cleric with Command Undead

    I would be more inclined to have the Turn attempt give free will to the undead and let them decide what to do. Something along the lines of them deciding on a fitting retribution. Admittedly more homework for the DM, but he could default to attacking the necro, but could provide aid to the...
  19. Dross

    Looking for a Diplomatic solution

    As Elf Witch and a couple of others have said, trading skills might be okay. Remember that the DMG ( maybe DMGII) has rules/advice about modifying classes. See if the DM is happy to do so. I've always thought sorcerers having bluff pretty much came down to: ":blush: Honestly, I did NOT burn...
  20. Dross

    stop sleight of hand pickpocketing?

    A couple of things to think about. While you know OOC that he is stealing, does the PC know that the rogue is stealing? Making sure it is the rogue is important. As others have said: Alarm, Curse, prestidigitation (colour bright pink, or a hidden mark), physical trap, mark all your items in a...