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  1. mac1504

    GAME OF THRONES #9:Blackwater ACT 19 Chapter 2-2012

    It is, essentially. In the book, it happens much earlier (after Tyrion speaks to Shae about joining the castle staff). It's a wonderful piece of Vary's background, and like a lot of other pieces of conversation, I can see that making it into a scene in the next season.
  2. mac1504

    Games of Thrones #19 - Blackwater preview looks good, really good

    An interesting interview with D&D regarding Blackwater episode: 'Game of Thrones': Behind next week's Battle of the Blackwater | Inside TV | EW.com Will the chain be a last minute addition, or will it be left off entirely?
  3. mac1504

    GAME OF THRONES #7:A Man Without Honor ACT 17 Chapter 2-2012

    Not to mention the scorched earth order he gives to the Mountain in order to root out the Brotherhood.
  4. mac1504

    GAME OF THRONES #7:A Man Without Honor ACT 17 Chapter 2-2012

    I started to think a lot about this after last night's episode, and the strange thought that crossed my mind was: Not saying that's how I would want it played out. I certainly want to see the Goat!
  5. mac1504

    GAME OF THRONES #7:A Man Without Honor ACT 17 Chapter 2-2012

    Blackwater is the title for episode 9, so I believe they'll probably follow the format of last year where the ninth episode will wrap up a lot of the storylines and episode 10 ("Valar Morghulis") will begin to setup for the third season.
  6. mac1504

    GAME OF THRONES #3:What Is Dead May Never Die ACT 13 Chapter 2-2012

    And yet, Mr. Dinklage went on to win not only a Golden Globe, but an Emmy for his performance. I think an actor's skill and range can more than compensate for any physical differences from the source material. At first I didn't like the casting choice for Robert either, but after watching the...
  7. mac1504

    GAME OF THRONES #3:What Is Dead May Never Die ACT 13 Chapter 2-2012

    Best episode of the season so far. I loved the scene with Tyrion exposing Cersei's informer on the small council. An excellent example of using the visual media to efficiently adapt what Martin wrote. I wish they would have shown Pycelle wetting himself though... And boy, they really nailed...
  8. mac1504

    What Are Your Unique Items?

    I ran a 3.5 campaign in FFG's Midnight setting a number of years back. Out of that campaign came one of my favorite magic items: The Darkwood Palm. One of the PC's in the campaign lost his arm to an umber hulk. He played the loss of the limb spectacularly, and so after a handful of sessions he...
  9. mac1504

    Wasteland 2 Kickstarter - already halfway!

    And they just cracked $1Million! With 32 days still left to go.
  10. mac1504

    The WalkinG Dead 2.12 Better Angels (spoilers)

    If I were Rick, I think I would try to lead the horde away from the farm. It appeared that they were still quite a distance away and were focused on the gunshot from Rick/Shane's fight and then the shot that killed zombie Shane. Granted some might stay and feast on Shane's corpse, you could...
  11. mac1504

    D&D 4E What's the point of playing 4e now?

    I'm sure that our group will do the same as we did when 4e came out: finish up our current campaign (which we just started one in Dark Sun), then try out the next edition whenever it comes out.
  12. mac1504

    D&D 5E What big thing is supposed to be next week?

    What's the embargo story/history?
  13. mac1504

    WotC Seeks Unity with a New Edition

    Had no plans to go to D&D Experience this year, but I may have to see if I can make the trip this year...
  14. mac1504

    WotC Seeks Unity with a New Edition

    WOTC's Announcement of 5e Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Charting the Course for D&D: Your Voice, Your Game)
  15. mac1504

    Dungeon Command: Heroes, Drow, and Goblins

    I can't see WOTC pulling something so egregious as to not put any new sculpts in the box. I definitely agree they will reuse a lot of older sculpts, but even the board games received a few new sculpts as well did the beholder and dragon sets. Maybe a 75/25 ratio?
  16. mac1504

    D&D 4E Reply if you love 4e

    Love it from both sides of the screen I had the privilege to run our group through a 3 year campaign with 4e (using the H1-E3 modules) and we have not looked back. I enjoyed running it, and never found myself burnt-out as I did after a year and a half of running a 3e game. Now, I'm lucky...
  17. mac1504

    Do grognards have to be jerks?

    This has always been my theory, and experience. I was at GenCon this year, and have been to many of them in the past. And, almost every GenCon I attend, there are inevitably a few instances of that complete lack of social graces. I had three separate instances this year, and unfortunately all of...
  18. mac1504

    Pathfinder 1E Paizo Announces More Details about Minis Line

    I assumed it was the typical discount that retailers get when purchasing from the company (or through a distributor).
  19. mac1504

    GAME OF THRONES #10:Fire and Blood ACT 10 Chapter 1-2011--Season Ending

    Brienne of Tarth It appears they have confirmation that Gwendoline Christie is going to play Brienne in Season 2. Over at WiC, they also have reported a possible casting for Asha Greyjoy, with the interesting tidbit that they may have changed Asha to Yara.
  20. mac1504

    GAME OF THRONES #10:Fire and Blood ACT 10 Chapter 1-2011--Season Ending

    Quite the appropriate dress for someone playing a Tyrell ;)