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  1. Pour

    mIRC / Maptool Game Group Seeking 1 More for 13th Age (and more)

    Seeking one more to join an online game of 13th Age (most likely) on Tuesdays at 7PM EST, via mIRC and Maptool. Come join an online gaming group that has been playing together since 2000. Currently between grandiose campaigns, I've decided to run a kind of 'generational' series of games where...
  2. Pour

    13th Age 13th Age Homebrew Bestiary

    I am always on the lookout for new monsters and approaches to monster design. And 13th Age monster design is plain fun. Monsters in 13th Age can really be as basic as stats and a single attack, or as flavorful as "Shlup’n’schlorp" or "Feed the Cubs". Here's two monsters that I've got planned...
  3. Pour

    Dungeon/Dragon Submissions This Window

    So the latest submissions window closed last night, May 31st, and I was curious if anyone submitted 4e or 5e or system neutral or, heck, even 1e or 2e ideas (especially given a new 1e adventure with 4e conversions is being printed in next month's Dungeon as an add-on to the A series). Obviously...
  4. Pour

    Future Support

    Just thought it would be handy to keep a running record of future support for the edition. Feel free to post up what you know. In my immediate radar is Sasquatch Game Studio (Rich Baker, Dave Noonan, and Steve Schubert) with a campaign setting late 2013/early2014 called Primeval Thule, which is...
  5. Pour

    DCCRPG Sailors on the Starless Sea in 2 Hours (8PM EST, mIRC)!

    I know this is last minute, but I've been pouring over the DCCRPG book all day. Looking for anyone interested in running 4-6 level 0 characters each through a funnel adventure, Sailors on the Starless Sea. I have all the cheat sheet PDFs and a link to a quick and easy generator. No prior...
  6. Pour

    Authors of the Book of Vile Darkness

    I have a mind to actually sit down and, over the course of the summer, put together a Book of Vile Darkness, Necronomicon, or something less trademarky. My idea is to illustrate it, as well, on different kinds of papers and textures (hide?) and to really try and bring home the feeling that this...
  7. Pour

    LFR Epic 5-2 Release?

    I was wondering if anyone had any information on when Epic 5-2 would be released. I really enjoyed the work put into Epic 5-1 and greatly anticipate using material from this next adventure in my own Epic campaign as it begins to wrap up.
  8. Pour

    D&D 5E Magic and Non-Magic Healing Proposal

    Something that Mike Mearls mentioned on the Google+ Hangout kind of sparked an idea. He was talking about the Warlord in Next and where non-magical healing fits into the game given the abstractness of hit points. Then he said something I actually never knew was a design intent, that with the...
  9. Pour

    D&D 4E If 5e Had Evolved from 4e...

    There are a ton of knowledgeable, insightful, and generally gifted 4thers on these boards. Had 5e been a direct evolution of 4e, what do you think WotC would have or should have done to push its designs and sure up the issues? My own personal guesswork would have me believe: 1. Some form of...
  10. Pour

    Review of Way of the Wicked (Book One: Knot of Thorns) by Fire Mountain Games

    This is a series I plan to convert. Sounds incredible, and all the reviews rave about it.
  11. Pour

    Anyone else wishing some of those April Fools articles were real?

    Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Table of Contents (Dragon #410 Table of Contents) Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Table of Contents (Dungeon #201 Table of Contents) Not sure how long it'll be up after today, but reading through the list, I saw...
  12. Pour

    Seeking Input for a Feywild Supplement

    After running three separate polls and reading a number of threads besides, I've found a project begging for the eclectic approach of the wider community: a Feywild supplement designed for DMs, the other side of Heroes of the Feywild. I've written a tentative outline meant as part gazetteer...
  13. Pour

    Dungeon 200! Dragon 409!

    Dragon Dungeon Color me impressed. The content from both sides is great this month, especially Dungeon. The spin on "Into the Fire" is particularly awesome, and Epic, never mind the final installment of Giant. And there's something about Chris Perkins in general, but especially in this...
  14. Pour

    Review of Adventure-a-Week.com & Crypt of the Sun Lord (free module!)

    I'm exclusively a 4ther and even I'm tempted to subscribe. This site is gorgeous, and the production value alone is wonderful. Had this been 4e, I'd have subscribed in a heartbeat. I'm really routing for these guys!
  15. Pour

    Feywild, Spirit World, Primordial Prisons, Domains, Far Realm, Dream, Abyss, Hell?

    Which would you like to be explored more thoroughly in a summer Open Design 4e project? Voted or not over at KQ, I'm happy to make it my summer focus with Fourth Party. Just putting a feeler out for your interests. I plan to work on my pitch Monday, so poll goes till then. If you want a plane...
  16. Pour

    Adventures You'd Like Produced

    As a member of Fourth Party, and for my general knowledge and our communal enlightenment, what types of themes, styles, conversions, sequels, prequels, crawls, sandboxes, and reduxes might you like to see out of 4e adventures movin forward? Be as specific or vague as you like. I'd just like to...
  17. Pour

    D&D 4E 4e's Equivalent to Pathfinder

    Should some of us choose not to move along with 5e, and given the nature of the GSL, I'm really curious what 4thers' options are in regards to continued support for 4e. My first inclinations are blogs, boards, and other grassroots, largely non-profit efforts, but is there another option? Can...
  18. Pour

    Heroes of the Elemental Chaos Excerpts

    Is it just me or have the last two excerpts been phenomenal? Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (January: In the Works) Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Elemental Magic) I wish I had this book year 1 or 2 for the treasure trove...
  19. Pour

    D&D 5E 5e Pantheon

    A comment regarding 4e's marvelous Raven Queen, and my own love of Torog the King That Crawls got me thinking... Who should make up the default, 5e pantheon? Or should there even be an implied pantheon, as that, more or less, begins to imply a default setting? Should it be a blend of gods from...
  20. Pour

    Making the Witch a Warlock Build

    I'd like to reserve this space for my ongoing tinkering changing the Heroes of the Feywild Witch from a Wizard build to a Warlock build. I've only begun some very preliminary outlining, but I think it'd be a fun exploration of mechanics, powers, and role to see if I can accomplish this to a...