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  1. Sacrosanct

    D&D 5E Custom Fey Creatures

    With the release of Witchlight, I wanted to share something I've had for a while. A quick generation method for minor fey and fairies. Nothing with a statblock, but smaller creatures one might encounter in the fey realm.
  2. Sacrosanct

    D&D 5E More low CR creatures with Lair Actions

    A few weeks ago we had a discussion around giving lair actions to low level creatures. So thoughts on this? Too tough for a CR1?
  3. Sacrosanct

    Borderlands D&D sequel video game

    OK, so maybe it's not technically a D&D game. But I've long said that Tiny Tina's fantasy expansion for the Borderlands video game felt more like a D&D game than most official D&D games. And now there's a sequel...
  4. Sacrosanct

    D&D General 5e, the least magic item impacted edition?

    I was going through many of the older adventures from various editions, and it seems that 5e has a significantly lower amount of magical items in the published adventures than previous editions. For example, in B/X and 1e, it seems there is an average of 29 magic items per module (it varies...
  5. Sacrosanct

    D&D 5E Low-medium CR creatures with lair actions?

    I've been tinkering with ways to incorporate lower and mid CR creatures to have legendary actions and lair actions. What are everyone's thoughts on that? does it make the stat blocks too busy? or do you prefer to those options? I think I'm really leaning towards having lair actions to a lot...
  6. Sacrosanct

    D&D General Monster Layout Preferences

    Just throwing out some ideas how to make monster entries have value other than basic description/behavior and the stat block itself. So far I'm thinking for every monster entry: Name Description Lore & Rumors Table based on history DC check Incorporation Plot hooks, relationships with...
  7. Sacrosanct

    OSR Chromatic Dungeons, 1 day left!

    There is only one day left from the successfully funded Chromatic Dungeon Kickstarter. Thanks to you all who have supported! It's the first of the month, and I've planned the KS to end on the 2nd, because I understand some folks who may want to support this couldn't if I ended it exactly one...
  8. Sacrosanct

    OSR Commander (Warlord) for the OSR?

    While a recent class itself, who says the commander/warlord/marshall couldn't fit in an OSR or AD&D compatible game? Any glaring issues here? Note: For reference, warrior classes get a bonus +1 to hit per level, and use a base d10 for hit points. Note 2: Most AD&D fighters (and many classes)...
  9. Sacrosanct

    OSR Recommendations for four hour adventure

    Hopefully I'll be DMing some four hour sessions at a convention. Any good recommendations for adventures that would fit that window? Don't have to be first level.
  10. Sacrosanct

    OSR Chromatic Dungeons has Launched! (Kickstarter)

    The official campaign can be located here. What is Chromatic Dungeons? The short version is an old school OSR clone meant to capture the feel of early D&D editions (not one specific) while applying lessons learned over the past 40 years in regards to design enhancements, and to be welcoming...
  11. Sacrosanct

    D&D General Endless Quest books, remember them?

    No, not the recent editions, I'm talking about the ones from 1982. Do you know what we should do with those? Make modules for each one. Perhaps when I'm done with the current project....And with the DM's Guild, as long as I don't mention anything Greyhawk specific, I can actually do it there...
  12. Sacrosanct

    OSR Izegrim Creations Contributions to the Trevor Project

    Mods, please move this if not allowed. I think it is, and since I have a publisher account, am OK with posting this here. Yesterday I made an official statement in response to the TSR3 garbage fire. As a fan of the OSR, and as an OSR indie publisher, I felt I needed to speak out in an...
  13. Sacrosanct

    OSR [Geek Native] Interview with the creator of Chromatic Dungeons

    What was that I said about coincidences earlier? They just keep coming. The interview I did with Geek Native last May just went live. Primary topic? Bringing diversity and inclusivity into the OSR. heh...
  14. Sacrosanct

    OSR Chromatic Dungeons Pre-Launch: Books in Hand!

    They say life is full of coincidences. Today is no exception. Today I received the final approved proof copies of all of the books that are going to be part of the Chromatic Dungeons Kickstarter that is launching next week (see the pre-launch page here). Why is this such a coincidence...
  15. Sacrosanct

    Coming Art Preview for Chromatic Dungeons!

    Yesterday the final art piece for Chromatic Dungeons was received. Because one of the goals of CD is to celebrate the diversity within our gaming community, to be inclusive and welcoming of all gamers, and to represent all gamers, it was a must have requirement that the art reflect that goal...
  16. Sacrosanct

    D&D 5E Monster Entries, what stuff do you want?

    So here's a (very) rough mock up of a monster entry (so ignore grammar issues; the text is just placeholder). What things do you want included beyond the typical stuff? A rumor table on what PCs might know about it? Behavior/combat tactics? Ideas/Flaws/Bonds?
  17. Sacrosanct

    D&D 5E In your experience, are some classes overshadowed by others consistently?

    Please answer this question based on your actual game play experience, and not white room analysis. I'm looking for actual game table experiences here. For example, that means that if you haven't played end game level content, you wouldn't be able to give feedback on how balanced the classes...
  18. Sacrosanct

    OSR Is there room in modern gaming for the OSR to bring in new gamers?

    Earlier there was a comment about “Everything grognards hate is good for new gamers.” Impudent comment aside, it got me thinking. Back in the early 80s, the game had a meteoric growth rate, so it seems that the old school style of play (being current at the time) did very well in bringing in...
  19. Sacrosanct

    The importance of sensitivity readers

    I've been publishing games for over 2 decades. I've used editors. I've used friends. But my most recent project is the first where I hired sensitivity readers. My experience? I think they added easily just as much value to the project as editors, freelancers, or other contributors do...
  20. Sacrosanct

    Kickstarter Coming Soon! Chromatic Dungeons

    Official pre-launch page on Kickstarter! What is Chromatic Dungeons? In a nutshell, CD is an OSR clone that takes the best aspects of B/X, 1e, and 2e and combines them into one ruleset. The mission statement is to capture the feel of old school gaming from the 70s and 80s while also...