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  1. Texas in August Studio

    Kickstarter "Liches: Dance Macabre"

    Liches: Dance Macabre is an RPG supplement. It is about liches – naturally – and is for Pathfinder and 5E D&D. I will be launching a Kickstarter for it in a few weeks and would appreciate your support. Everyone hates liches – the Sorrow Lords – more than vampires, dragons, and demons. They...
  2. Texas in August Studio

    Best places to announce a RPG kickstarter?

    Where are the best places, on-line, to announce a Kickstarter? Specifically one for an RPG? I will be launching a Kickstarter in a couple of weeks, to generate finds for an RPG book. So I am asking the hive-brain, where are the best places, on-line, to announce a Kickstarter? Specifically one...
  3. Texas in August Studio

    Freelance editor sought

    I am seeking a freelance editor (specifically a copy editor) to help with an independently written and produced manuscript. The work uses both 5E and Pathfinder mechanics. Can you recommend an editor? Thanks
  4. Texas in August Studio

    [Trigger Warning] Dr Nerdlove guilty of sexual harassment, assault

    Harris O'Malley, or Dr Nerdlove, has been outed as guilty of sexual harassment and assault. He issued a statement about it shortly before taking a week off for July 4th. And the first column the week after is by a woman apologist who writes about forgiveness but never directly comments of...
  5. Texas in August Studio

    (Crowndfunding) Inn between Worlds Kickstarter

    Tomorrow, or possibly Wednesday, my Kickstarter for Inn between Worlds goes live. It is an RPG supplement about an inn and tavern that sit on damage to reality. It's like the Bermuda Triangle with a front desk. The pre-launch page is here. ---