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  1. DrunkonDuty

    Who's the Best MCU Villain?

    In the Black Widow thread it was mentioned how the Marvel movies tend to suffer from less than exciting villains. Now I don't think that that's universally true of the franchise, but certainly it is in some cases. But which cases? I don't know. I mean, I have my opinions but what's to say...
  2. DrunkonDuty

    NPCs you'd like to play as PCs.

    This is aimed at those who do a lot more running than playing. When you GM you draw up and play a lot of NPCs. Are there any that you'd like to get the chance to play as a player for a change? F'rinstance. I've got a couple of NPC villains that I've drawn up for a Champions campaign I'm...
  3. DrunkonDuty

    Tracking Alignment

    The other day my GM told me that an action of my character's moved me a step closer to Lawful Neutral. Fair enough, after all I lied to a bad guy, promising his freedom if he coughed up information we needed. Then executed him. (He was a dangerous serial killer, my character could not in good...
  4. DrunkonDuty

    So what's your favourite beer? (Forked Thread)

    Forked from: How Many Beers per Gaming Session? Figured I should fork this from the above thread since it's getting kinda off-topic. I like to travel when I can. I like to have good beer at the places I stop. If I were to turn up in your part of the world, what would you recommend to drink...
  5. DrunkonDuty

    A thief run town... How?

    So I'm just reading the latest OOTS (603) and Haley is in her home town that is entirely run by the Thieves Guild. But I'm having trouble with a town that is totally under the thumb of a Thieves Guild. Specifically I'm having trouble working out how exactly a (fantasy RPG) town can be run by...
  6. DrunkonDuty

    Different Games appeal to different play styles

    Forked from: Games that didn't survive first contact. . . What follows is just an attempt thrash out an idea that is nagging away in the back of my head. So if you're not interested in that sort of thing best to tune out now. (Dykstrav: I hope you don't mind me using large chunks of your...
  7. DrunkonDuty

    Mithril or Black Dragon Skin?

    A bit of background: So a while back I bought and painted up a bunch of minis for my players. All Dwarves in shiny silver mithril plate armour. The PCs had a bunch'o'mithril and one of the players was a budding weaponsmith so I figured it was only a matter of time till they were all shiny and so...
  8. DrunkonDuty

    Fantasy authors worth the reading.

    Forked from: Why hate onthe drow? (Forked Thread: How is FR changing with 4E?) Have forked the thread for those who might want to have an argument, er discussion, about who are good fantasy authors and who aren't.
  9. DrunkonDuty

    Gencon OZ: the Review.

    Gencon Oz 2008 Apologies for taking so long to get this review up, but after the con I took a few day to visit family and friends in the area. So only just back in the world. But enough, here’s the review. The Basics This is the first time Gencon has been run here in Australia. It took place...
  10. DrunkonDuty

    Gencon OZ... anyone going?

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone was heading to Gencon Oz in Brisbane next week? Edit: I'm going along for all 4 days, as are some of my mates.
  11. DrunkonDuty

    Anyone know of any simple mass combat rules for d20?

    As my players have gone up in levels their responsibilities have increased. They'll have a bunch of small unit battles to fight, a few hundred troops per side. ANyone know any system that may be good for this and that can slot into d20 without too much work? thanks in advance, Glen (edited...
  12. DrunkonDuty

    Your best fight vs. an anti-Paladin

    Or Blackguard. Or Deathknight. Call them what you will, they're the guys (and gals) who revel in their own evil and wear black armour with too many skulls on it. They're suave and sophisticated. They're the ones who challenge you to honourable combat then stab you in the back. They loudly mock...
  13. DrunkonDuty

    Your best fight vs. a Mind Flayer

    Now I never did manage to get psionics to balance back in the day. The system just didn't really go with the rest of AD&D. And I'll admit to not having read the 3rd ed rules (yet!) Nonetheless the good old Illithid is a fine and creepy secret master of the world type bad guy. So please share...
  14. DrunkonDuty

    Your best fight vs. Goblins

    At the other end of the spectrum in terms of power but no less ubiquitous is the humble goblin. Who hasn't had to tangle with these cunning little rat b@st@rds at some point? So why not tell us about it? I'll start off. Many years ago, 1ed, a large party, 7 or 8 IIRC, of 1st level characters...
  15. DrunkonDuty

    Your best fight vs. a Dragon.

    Thought I'd start with the most iconic of DnD monsters. Please, tell your tales. Glen.
  16. DrunkonDuty

    Your best fight vs. ...

    OK, so I'm at work and very bored. Business is slow, probably until the end of February. So assuming I continue to have a job to come to on a daily basis I need something to do. So I thought I'd get people to post some of their war stories, partly to give me something to read, partly to give...
  17. DrunkonDuty

    The Accretion of DnD Mythology

    So I was reading the thread about Gruumsh in 1st Ed. (if I knew how to put a link in I'd do it.) Wayne Ligon's post "With all the little bits scattered here and there among dozens of other books, I don't really think you can take someone to task for backstory stuff that was written (actually...
  18. DrunkonDuty

    WANTED: Dark Secrets

    Hey there, collected brains of ENWORLD. I'm after a bit of help, specifically Dark Secrets for noble families (well, mostly for the noble families) in my new campaign. Some background: the campaign is an Elizabethan/Reformation themed setting. It's a horror heavy game, with the horrors having...
  19. DrunkonDuty

    Am I being unreasonable?

    Bit of back story: have a new player joining an old campaign that I'm running. New player is considering the 2 weapon fighting route. This prompted me to look at the other 2-weapon fighter in the group because I (strongly) suspected they were not following the RAW in terms of str. bonus for off...
  20. DrunkonDuty

    Why have you dropped campaigns?

    Hey all, Just reading the Bad 3E module thread. I noticed that many folk will drop a campaign because of a bad module. Generally I've only done dropped a campaign when I've lost an important player or had a TPK. I've rarely done this for other reasons. The only time I can remember was years ago...