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  1. FrancisJohn

    new characters sheets

    What do you guys think of this design to replace the old basic one? Click Here Judge ping: @Aura @ealt @GlassEye @KahlessNestor @Mowgli perrinmiller
  2. FrancisJohn

    Official Proposal: Background Skills

    Background Skills Would be effective immediately for all new characters. Current characters must change too, and would get a free redo of skills. Must be between adventures, or current GM must approve if within a game. Explanation: There are lots of crappy skills that no one takes...
  3. FrancisJohn

    Necromanced 'New Welcome Thread'

    So apparently through the fortune of the gods, keen personal insight, or dumb luck I saved the code to the new welcome thread before it was eaten by The Nothing.... HUZZAH!
  4. FrancisJohn

    Pathfinder 1E [LPF] Roughy River Run

    Hey, welcome back to Living Pathfinder game "Roughy River Run", originally started on 5/12/2016. The entire was game was eaten by The Nothing (server loss), but I kept track of all experience and treasure, and I would like to continue right where we left off. The players: @Anastrace (start...
  5. FrancisJohn

    Your favorite LPF character of all time.

    I've been part of this community for over a year now, and I absolutely love it. Thank you to all who play, and a bigger thank you to all of the GM's and judges! I most likely spend more time thinking about characters and whatnot more than I should. Just ask my wife. Anyway, sometimes I like to...