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  1. Monkey King

    D&D 5E Gem Dragons of Faerûn - Forgotten Realms

    Gem Dragons of Faerûn - Forgotten Realms "Eldenser is a wyrm of impossible age. His decrepit body lies a crypt in Waterdeep's City of the Dead, his lavender scales slowly fading to milky white in his deathlike stasis...." Crystal, amethyst, sapphire, emerald, topaz, and the Ruby Dragon Sardior...
  2. Monkey King

    New Pathfinder Adventure: Wrath of the River King

    Adventure in forests deep and rivers wild! Kobold Press is pleased to announce the release of Wrath of the River King for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This high-fantasy adventure is for levels 4 to 6 and features a dark fairy tale hook, a large dose of serious wilderness combat, a dash of...
  3. Monkey King

    5th Edition Magic Item Design Contest

    Kobold Press is hosting an item design contest, with prizes including a real handforged blade and a variety of 5th Edition books. Details here.
  4. Monkey King

    [Pathfinder] Trickster Hybrid Class Combines Rogue and Wizard

    Available Now at Kobold Available at DriveThruRPG And of course available at the Paizo store! A new installment in the New Paths series: the Trickster, with all the acrobatic, spell-filching mayhem you'd expect. So far: three 5-star reviews for this one, two at Paizo, one at DriveThru!
  5. Monkey King

    RPG Writing at Winthrop University

    Yes, you can earn college credit for writing RPG adventures. http://koboldpress.com/madman-at-the-collegium/
  6. Monkey King

    Lair Designers Wanted

    Kobold Press is sponsoring the Lethal Lairs design contest, and the winner will see their work published in an upcoming Kobold Press book. Deadline is November 13. We're looking forward to seeing some original and lethal lairs!
  7. Monkey King

    Pathfinder 1E Advanced Races: Heroes and Villains

    So the Advanced Races book expands on 20 new and old races, everything from the drow, gearforged, lizardfolk, minotaurs, tieflings, and the aasimar to the more.... fringey... things like the lamia, ravenfolk, and the derro. The Kickstarter for it ends in about 24 hours, this Sunday. Designers...
  8. Monkey King

    AMA (Thurs April 30): Wolfgang Baur (Kobold Press, TSR, DUNGEON Magazine, D&D 5E Tyranny of Dragons, Advanced Races Compendium)

    Game designer and publisher. My best-known recent credits are with Kobold Press, WotC's Tyranny of Dragons adventures for D&D 5th Edition, Pathfinder, and the Midgard Campaign Setting. My older designs include work for 3E and 2E D&D from WotC and TSR, such Frostburn, Planescape, Al-Qadim, and...
  9. Monkey King

    Review of Kobold Quarterly Issue #20 (Winter 2012) by Open Design

    Thanks for this review! I think it is fair to say that the 4E submissions have been few and far between lately; many of our regular 4E writers have moved on to other things. As always, we can only print what we have. On the bright side, though, both the qualilty and quantity of Pathfinder and...
  10. Monkey King

    Pathfinder 1E Azlant Adventure, and Using Pathfinder with Mythos

    Two new Pathfinder adventures are underway at Open Design, and you can help shape them. The projects are The Red Eye of Azathoth (Cthulhu comet cult adventure using Pathfinder RPG in historical times), and From the Shore to the Sea (Pathfinder Azlant adventure). More details over at the...
  11. Monkey King

    [Kobold Quarterly] KQ #7 featured on Atomic Array!

    Kobold Quarterly 007 (Atomic Array 009) enjoy!
  12. Monkey King

    Kobold Quarterly 5 TOC and 4E Designer Interview

    Happy Anniversary Kobold Quarterly is a year old and features an exclusive 4E designer interview! Editorial: New Math Jezebel, Princess of Poison Winters by James Jacobs Ecology of the Homunculus by Joshua Stevens It Came from Monster Isle! by Matthew J. Hanson 4th Edition Designers: Andy...
  13. Monkey King

    Kobold Quarterly #4 Teems with Promise, Gnomes

    The new issue of Kobold Quarterly has shipped to subscribers in print and PDF, and the first reviews are in at WIRED/Geekdad: "The sole remaining professional roleplaying game magazine, Kobold Quarterly became number one by beheading all of its competitors in spectacular urban swordfights."...
  14. Monkey King

    Open Design 5: Blood of the Gorgon

    Blood of the Gorgon is a 50,000+ word dark urban adventure in which the heroes brave terrors without and within. Written by Nicolas Logue and developed by Wolfgang Baur, this patron-driven project will be commissioned between now and February 29th. The project includes daily posts and...
  15. Monkey King

    Four Prizes for Subscriber #1000

    Kobold Quarterly is very close to rolling the subscriber odometer over to 1,000 subscribers. Hey, that's great, you say, everyone likes big round numbers but what about prizes? I'm glad you asked! The 1000th subscriber will win: * A Lifetime Subscription to the Magazine! This is a print...
  16. Monkey King

    [Open Design] Kobold Quarterly #3 Ships

    The Winter issue of Kobold Quarterly has gone off to subscribers, in PDF form! Huzzah! This issue is bigger than last time, at 60 pages, and features stunning cover art by Cris Griffin. With all that extra room, there's room for more articles as well, including: * an interview with Ed...
  17. Monkey King

    [Kobold Quarterly] Free Dice for Subscribers

    Kobold Quarterly is offering a set of seven free dice from Q-Workshop to new print subscribers in the US. The dice usually retail for about $20, and the subscription is a steal. Not to mention Erik Mona calls the magazine "the spiritual successor to Dragon magazine". Consider it a Kobold...
  18. Monkey King

    [Open Design] Kobold Quarterly 'zine launches!

    I'm happy to announce the launch of Kobold Quarterly , an Open Design 'zine for gamers! The first issue will appear this summer, and all those who subscribe before the first issue ships will be charter subscribers. Eight Kobold Answers 1. Yes, this is a small community zine about D&D and...
  19. Monkey King

    Company Product Listings

    Since Open Design has been around a year and released two adventures, I'd like to edit the company listing (or create one) to show those. How do I start?