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  1. FedeII

    D&D 5E Princes of the Apocalypse - More Magic Items

    I wouldn't worry too much about players' power level....if they seem to have become too strong, simply add more low-level monsters, or give consumable (and immediately used) magic items to enemies! Another way would be to give non-rechargeable rods/staff/special power weapons, they will still...
  2. FedeII

    D&D 5E Class for Pacifist

    D&D doesn't really seem designed to play pacifists, but how about a oath of the crown paladin? built for protection and defence, honorable, you could "arrest" and always choose to do non-lethal damage (see "knocking a creaure out" pg 198 PHB) with the final melee attack. You should even have a...
  3. FedeII

    D&D 5E Settings played in D&D: cause or effect?

    Well they say that 5e made a lot of new players join d&d. I think it's likely that most of them only know the FR, because 5e material is only there and while yes one could adapt any other setting to 5e it's much more of a bother for a new player/master. I think the first question in a survey...
  4. FedeII

    D&D 5E [GUIDE] The Art of War: A Fighter Guide

    I'm playing an EK at the moment, and i would like to suggest a couple of updates. The new cantrips from the SCAG were designed with EKs and Hexblades in mind (also bladesinger, to a lesser degree). Especially booming blade, and greenflame blade. - Booming Blade is easily the best: you get...
  5. FedeII

    D&D 5E Future format of books that mimic SCAG: Will you buy them?

    I liked the SCAG because as a player i don't particularly enjoy huge geografical fictional lore. And the sections about Race culture, religion and background were interesting. I would maybe have appreciated something more original, like a chapter on the "traditional" enemy organizations (more on...
  6. FedeII

    Free D&D 5E Monster A Day PDF On Reddit

    The quality of this resource is AMAZING! It shames many other third-party products. I would have paid for this level of editing, really. Our group will definitely use it :) Thanks!
  7. FedeII

    D&D 5E [GUIDE] Blade, Book, and Chain: the Warlock Guide

    Some of the new cantrips from the SCAG are really awesome for warlocks. The Pact of the Blade almost demands to take Booming blade and/or Greenflame Blade, they are both useful and pretty powerful, obviously different in use, the former against single target, the latter against 2+. Not sure of...
  8. FedeII

    D&D 5E Which monsters have the most exciting powers?

    Well, clearly Dragons! Though, any monster with effects on attacks, a good (non land) speed, a resistance/immunity, and legendary action (these are awesome for battle dinamics) can't be boring, really. Also, spellcasting monsters usually require the player to pay more attention. In light of...
  9. FedeII

    D&D 5E Best Parts of SCAG

    As a player (relatively) new to the FR, i particularly liked the deities section. It manages to stay brief while being interesting and flavorful. Also, all the gods' symbols are gorgeous! The backgrounds are great too, they are a very good way to integrate roleplay into mechanics, therefore the...