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  1. UnknownDyson

    D&D 5E Fizban's Treasury Dragons Ranked By Challenge Rating

    No catastrophic dragons, no planar dragons, I will reserve my judgement until I see it but this is looking like a missed opportunity so far.
  2. UnknownDyson

    D&D General Father Llymic effect on the world

    An ice age propagated by plague-induced aberrant creatures would kill off the majority of the world's population. If you don't have cold resistance, you're probably going to die. If you aren't allied with Llymic and it's brood you're probably going to die. If you can't find a reliable food...
  3. UnknownDyson

    D&D General Sertrous campaign

    I'm kind of dming one right now. 5e FR I changed a lot around, the serpent vanguard is a multinational oligarchical secret society based off of the Friend Cult from Naoki Urasawa's 20th century boy instead of an army.
  4. UnknownDyson

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Father Llymic brood-spawned a fomorian.
  5. UnknownDyson

    D&D 5E PC wants to become undead

    Vampire is probably the easiest and least disruptive way to accomplish what you want. The creator vampire doesn't necessarily have to die for the PC to be a free agent. They can be let off the leash by the parent vampire.
  6. UnknownDyson

    D&D 5E 20th level Wizard vs the World

    It really isn't, that's like saying cats and dogs are the same species. If your goal was to destroy the world it would be a win. Control is the least of your worries using this strategy, it would be like unleashing the Flood from Halo on a populated planet, or bringing the Tyranids from 40k to...
  7. UnknownDyson

    D&D 5E 20th level Wizard vs the World

    I think you're confusing demons with devils. They don't care about laws or honoring agreements. They would simply kill the wizard if they felt like it. Or melt his brain and turn him into some abomination. Using this method, the wizard loses control as soon as the demoncyst is created and will...
  8. UnknownDyson

    D&D 5E 20th level Wizard vs the World

    Continuously summon demons via Summon Greater Demon and keep them on the plane with planar binding. When you can congregate enough of them in once place you will create a demoncyst or an abyssal manifest zone and if you prevent paladins, heroes, clerics, etc from closing it you will usher in a...
  9. UnknownDyson

    D&D General Favorite Fantasy Africa stuff

    Would you say that Stygia fits the mold for a black kingdom?
  10. UnknownDyson

    D&D 5E DC in DnD: Superman

    I apologize if I offended anyone. I used the term bad faith because bronze age superman that maxed out at lifting a car was brought up. This didn't seem to be that. I don't think this adaptation is bad, neither do I think that I said anything offensive beyond offering argumentative critique.
  11. UnknownDyson

    D&D 5E DC in DnD: Superman

    I am referencing the current 21st century Superman comic book depiction that has been more or less the default version of the character since before I was born. Would it be fair to say that the onus of specificity would be on the poster to designate if you were not using that version? This...
  12. UnknownDyson

    D&D 5E DC in DnD: Superman

    When you responded I assumed you were someone who knew about comic books to some degree. Bringing up bronze age superman who is "more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" is a bad faith argument. Superman in the current continuity moves at speeds faster...
  13. UnknownDyson

    D&D 5E DC in DnD: Superman

    TBH, strength, dex, and con should all be 30 or beyond. A lot of people don't realize just how truly overpowered Superman is.
  14. UnknownDyson

    D&D 5E Victoro Cassalanter as a Fiend

    Mariliths are demons, which shouldn't be conflated with Devils at all. Oil and water, unless you just want to use the Marilith statblock and call it a devil. But I think there are better options available to you. I'm not sure how powerful you want the new Victoro to be or when your party will...
  15. UnknownDyson

    Primordial stats

    One example of this is the Primordial Mual-Tar the Thunderserpent. It took Moridin God of Dwarves, Kord God of Strength, and Bahamut God of dragons to defeat it and even then they couldn't kill it. It is sealed away like many of the other primordials.
  16. UnknownDyson

    D&D 5E Dark Sun doesn't actually need Psionics

    I think it is a central aspect of the world that shows how the inhabitants had to adapt to life with the absence of magic use from most people. In the same way that airships and warforged change the way that the world functions in Eberron, so do psionics in Dark Sun.
  17. UnknownDyson

    D&D 5E Dark Sun doesn't actually need Psionics

    Forgottten Realms doesn't need gods, said no one. You can't just go into that setting and be a Wizard or a Sorcerer, if you are seen casting arcane magic and aren't affiliated with a Sorcerer King, you are branded a defiler and hunted down. One of the biggest fears that people have about a...
  18. UnknownDyson

    Meet the Daughter of Hideous Laughter

    The Demonomicon is listed as an artifact crafted by 'Tasha' in the book. What is with this cognitive dissonance?
  19. UnknownDyson

    Meet the Daughter of Hideous Laughter

    This position continues to not make sense. You're attempting to advance the argument that Tasha and Iggwilv aren't the same character even though the book is proceeding as if they are. How many women did he father a would-be world-conquering cambion demi god with?