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  1. loverdrive

    D&D 5E Does extra-attack work with bows and crossbows?

    So... I've discovered an interesting thing that honestly makes a lot of sense. The character has only one free object interaction per turn, and spends it on drawing the first arrow/bolt, so they can't draw another one. Results: /ss/ + XE is nerfed from being utterly broken into a ok build...
  2. loverdrive

    LOVECRAFT IS DEAD - a short Cthulu noir game

    So, there's a brilliant game called Умер Мужик (MUJIK IS DEAD) by Silverhoof games, with very simple yet effective mechanics that just works -- it without fail spits out a tragic story of a man, who's life is getting ruined by toxic masculinity. It's great, go read it. Then play it. It would...
  3. loverdrive

    D&D 6E Sixth Edition - or - alright, I'm gonna do it myself then

    A friend of mine has baited me into making my ideal D&D and I don't refuse a challenge. Also, I'm eager to jump at every opportunity to procrastinate instead of working on Swords under the Sun, the last 20% of polishing is a damn scary thing. I doubt it will turn into something serious...
  4. loverdrive

    I need a Drink — Lasers & Feelings (or more like Blades & Feelings) drinking game

    I got my shot of the vaccine, so soon I'll be ready for getting the other kind of shots, so I made this little silly thing.
  5. loverdrive

    Swords under the Sun — Blades in the Dark meets Dungeon World

    itch.io link (will come live at March the 30th) The Men prospered in the incandescence of the Sun above, as Her light kept horrendous Beasts, spawns of the Dark at bay. But at one point in time, so long ago that even the oldest of immortal elves don’t remember it, things have changed. The Sun...
  6. loverdrive

    D&D 5E Tome of Undeath

    Smart people in marketing always say that one should start to promote their work as soon as the production starts, sooo... Here's some stuff from my take on Monster Manual. The basic idea is to make monsters a bit more varied, with roles akin to those in Strike! D&D 4E and Fate Adversary...
  7. loverdrive

    D&D 5E Surprisingly, nothing breaks when switching D&D to 2d10 instead of d20

    Since I've started using fixed DC (10- fail, 11-17 partial success, 18+ full success), I was playing around with various ways to shift the numbers to generate more partial successes on average, while still allowing +0 characters to achieve full success. The most radical solution I had in my list...
  8. loverdrive

    D&D General Working on DMs Guild analytics tool

    I was so frustrated with the fact, that DMs Guild can't even show sales in dynamics, so I've deciced to make such tool with my own bare hands. Here's how it looks for my Coldblood - Survival guide to frozen wasteland of Icewind Dale Right now process is a bit cumbersome (you need to manually...
  9. loverdrive

    D&D 5E Coldblood — Streamlined survival rules for 5E

    Okay, my publisher subscription have finally come through (God, I hate paypal). So, here's my last D&D related work: Coldblood - Survival guide to frozen wasteland of Icewind Dale This supplement is both easy to learn and to implement to your game of Rime of the Frostmaiden. It brings up the...
  10. loverdrive

    An idea (that I probably will not execute myself): Real-time RPG

    Since everyone is stuck at home anyway and are using Foundry or R20 or whatever for online play, I though of a real-time RPG while I was in the shower this morning. It's something close to ArmA 3 Zeus mode: the players are playing a third-person action game and the GM is basically playing an...
  11. loverdrive

    D&D General Active defenses

    So, I'm working on a D20 hack right now, inspired by Dark Souls. Previously, I've been contributing to Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG, which surprisingly plays almost like Dark Souls -- with stamina management (a.k.a. don't get greedy) and dodge rolls. So, I'm kinda porting that game to D20. The...