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  1. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist Theme (feat) Music

    I don't use music very much, but I did use The Dream of Flight to start off the campaign. Seemed quite suitable for Zeit's industrial revolution setting, and for the opening scene of the flagship being launched.
  2. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST How did the demonocracy begin?

    My theory is that the demons were former invader Golden Legion devils leftover on Lanjyr after the Axis Ritual. From book 12 we know that the Legion use gold to convert humans and outsiders into devils. After the Ritual the gold transmutation wore off, the devils turned back into their original...
  3. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Fey changeling character background in Zeitgeist

    Let's see. His older sister could be a disciple of Nevard Sechim. When the old man dies, she takes over as respected Skyseer, and serves as a prophecy/druidism mouthpiece through the rest of the campaign. His fey double could, like Copperhead, have fallen in with the Voice of Rot. Tying the...
  4. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST The chronicles of Team Big-hearted And Determined (B.A.D.)

    I dig your Terry (Terakalir) interpretation. Kept in a lava complex with gnolls who worship you as a God, an absent megalomaniac father- it would definitely make you pretty unhinged. If I were to run it again, I would definitely include that aspect- but i personally would still make them...
  5. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Intellectual Intermingling

    Speculating as to the true identity and history of their grandmaster. Discussing how they were assigned a cell of Vekeshi asssasins to help with their local problems. Talking shop about the extraordinary research they are completing into technology, history and magic. You should be able to mix...
  6. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Philosophy and religion resource

    It definitely goes quite far beyond the setting, but in a good way I'd say. Not too much harm in incorporating it into your own games. It's good to see Millerism expanded beyond 'hypocrisy bad' Not sure about the Clergy being Catholicism/buddhism, might be better compared to the Roman pantheon...
  7. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Death of the Author -- coming soon!

    Neat to see the NPC Gallery art being re-used for new characters.
  8. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Copying from Zeitgeist PDFs

    I use a program called NitroPDF to directly extract images from PDFs. It works pretty well. Also you should go into Adobe Reader settings and change the resolution of pictures your snapshot tool takes to something constant and quite high, like 300 pixels/inch. Lastly, I believe you can still...
  9. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Suggestions for Story/Campaign Based on Player Character Backstories

    There's a pretty long list of 'things Ekthos might be interested in.' -Massarde, Danoran engineer -Borne -Duplicants -Alexander Grappa's constructs and construct body -Everything to do with Tinker -Book 8's explorations of the history of Danor -Egalitrix For a 'big story', the straightforward...
  10. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Help Making Gears of Revolution AP More Leftist?

    I mean, the fight is in book 10, I don't think you need to bother about it for another six months at minimum. Hiveminds can be a good concept to explore. My game did a lot looking into how to use them in positive and productive ways. Honestly, I think Stanfield's speech is quite weak...
  11. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Help Making Gears of Revolution AP More Leftist?

    Very little? Throughout the AP, factory workers and the poor are brutally exploited by the industrialist class, culminating in forming a communist hivemind (complete with hammer and sickle) in a small one-off event. I think all you'll need to do is have Nic actually state a political ideology...
  12. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Avilona, Skyfall, and Flying.

    1) No, the Ob are piggybacking off of the existing trees. Though that does make me wonder if they need to replace the sea-cave tree. 2) I've asked this question before, the answer I got was: all of the above. The combination of sea cave erosion + Kasvarina's interference + death of Avilona bird...
  13. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Just starting Zeitgeist: Need some advice on player's factions

    The Dreaming is a mirror-reflection version of the entire world, which is bright and filled with fey. It is the opposite of the Bleak Gate which is also a mirror-reflection of the entire world, which is dark and filled with shadows. This effect is created by the moon, Av. The Unseen Court is...
  14. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Just starting Zeitgeist: Need some advice on player's factions

    Glad you're enjoying the AP. Asrabey is a pretty significant character, if possible it would be good to go 'ah but he isn't really dead.' That said, raising him as a shadow-creature could work, if it makes him weaker and more evil or perhaps more humble. I might quickly summarize some of the...
  15. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Help me make a witchoil dragon

    Would it be worth reskinning the witchoil dragon construct used in Book 9? You could maybe combine it with Gradiax's daughter from Book 6, who is herself part-construct.
  16. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] Sometimes the players go all in for their backstory

    Hah, neat, I might edit my post to be less enigmatic.
  17. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] Sometimes the players go all in for their backstory

    Good stuff. Here's a few things they may want to think about; Crisillyir has its own Dreaming with (presumably) its own fey, much like the rest of the world Nico may have been trained at the military colleges of Sid Minos, and delved the mysterious catacombs a little There is a long-abandoned...
  18. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Just starting Zeitgeist: Need some advice on player's factions

    This golem art might be handy. Launga was murdered in 111 AOV by the dragon Rilego, as part of a betrayal of Kasvarina set up by the Eladrin matriarch Latika and the soldier Sor Daeron, which matriarch Athrylla Valanar suspected but did not stop. Dala died in 0 AOV after she was turned into...
  19. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST [SPOILERS] Not understanding the Axis Seal...

    I honestly don't know how widespread 'solar systems' are. The Zeitgeist universe is a little odd where stars can be safely added to solar systems, and where planes don't actually need suns for heat and light. I don't know if there is ever a direct reference to a separate plane being part of a...
  20. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST [SPOILERS] Not understanding the Axis Seal...

    A long time ago, Lanjyr (that's the name of the continent area not the planet, but let's stick with it) was a lone world among many in the universe. The Ancients (orcs) were the major race. Lanjyr came to the attention of invaders (aliens, devils etc) who used portals to invade. The Ancients...