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  1. Frankie1969

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist: Endgame

    After years and years of gaming, one night a week, the Heroes of Risur have slain Nicodemus and are preparing to complete the Ancient ritual. I'm quite pleased that the group spent half our session debating the merits of planar configurations. FWIW, it's looking like Jiese, Baden, Guay (with The...
  2. Frankie1969

    ZEITGEIST a new solution to the Iratha Ket problem

    My group successfully figured out who caused the plague and that it was susceptible to mental effects, so ... they decided to blast the lovers with Synaptic Static, after using upcasted Aid to increase their max HP enough that the damage wouldn't slay them outright. I was taken aback at first...
  3. Frankie1969

    EN Publishing EN5ider Desert in the Road negative review

    Mini adventures are supposed to be: self-contained side quests, structured to fill one or two game sessions, playable without much prep. Desert on the Road does not accomplish any of those things. * The cryptic note in the first scene is a mcguffin. No one the PCs meet, and nothing else the...
  4. Frankie1969

    D&D 5E Tasha: Barbarian Path of Wild Magic should SCALE

    Barbarians, like Rangers, start pretty strong and then flatten out in the early teen levels. The simplest way to compensate for this is for Path features to become progressively stronger at higher levels. Unfortunately, most paths don't do this enough, and Wild Magic is sadly no exception...
  5. Frankie1969

    D&D 5E Half ASI feat for 19th level open hand monk?

    Straightforward epic tier wood elf open hand monk. Out of combat parkour scout, in combat invisible skirmisher. Only ASIs so far, no feats. Due to optional retraining, any feat that grants +1 to Dex, Con, or Wis will work equivalently well. Elven Accuracy was the obvious choice, but Tasha offers...
  6. Frankie1969

    ZEITGEIST Crystal Spheres of the Gyre (further adventures in overdoing images)

    The really interesting maps made by Arkwright inspired me to convert them into planar orbs. Thrag, the Beastly Bounty Metairie, the Swamp of Sabotage Guay, the Grove of Dreams Then I ventured off into the weeds, as you'll see in the following two posts. Hmm... maybe I should redo these...
  7. Frankie1969

    D&D 5E Poll - Unfavorite Epic Boons

    The obvious (IMO) followup to this poll never happened, so now here it is. "While only a microscopic fraction of players are believed to be playing on post-20th level games, the chances are that (as long as you actually grabbed that DMG) you should have seen the epic boon list on page 232 of...
  8. Frankie1969

    D&D 5E Best epic items by build?

    Some classes & builds have obvious "best" magic items to aspire to in the epic tier (17+). Arcane caster: Staff & Robe of magi. Melee paladin: Holy Avenger. Melee STR: Vorpal Sword, Hammer of Thunderbolts, Belt of Storm Giant Strength. Others have legendary items, but not epic & definitive...
  9. Frankie1969

    ZEITGEIST The PCs want to go to Av during chapter 10...

    ... so I'm thinking about letting the events of 12.1 happen early, and revealing the split after the first long rest ("you wake up in Flint, from a crazy dream about worlds...") The first half of the Gyre would occur in parallel with chapter 11. What problems might I run into?
  10. Frankie1969

    ZEITGEIST 4th Tier battles are over the top (continued)

    As the last barrel of whiskey goes into Father of Thunder's mouth from their airship, the paladin dives in after it to attack the titan from the inside.
  11. Frankie1969

    ZEITGEIST Golden Icons of the Great Ritual - I definitely overdid this

    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1a-xpf89-Gg527a0RzlxrH0GBOV2ocv-Z The Ancient icons are worn down with age and hard to read (which is still a 100% improvement, since the Ancients didn't have a written language). The Obscurati icons are freshly minted, but the Aspects are hidden with...
  12. Frankie1969

    ZEITGEIST my Mojang plot line will pay off soon

    Way back in Chapter 1, instead of dying, Tanya, Letmas, and Burton just plain disappear during the purple planet event, while Seven Foot Dan is incapacitated for a couple days (drained to 2 strength by greater shadows). Dan takes a few months leave to search for clues. Late in Chapter 4, RHC...
  13. Frankie1969

    ZEITGEIST Gyre Map for DMs, online

    Google Drawing (diagram) with names & numbers. If there are any inter-planetary bridges I didn't mark, let me know.
  14. Frankie1969

    ZEITGEIST big screenshot from Battle of the Great Seal, part 1

    During chapters 8 & 9 my players spent many hours researching, interrogating, scouting, and planning, as well as convincing the militaries of Risur & Ber to help, so I let them get onto Axis Island a few hours ahead of Borne. The result was a crazy huge battle. I hope my players enjoyed it as...
  15. Frankie1969

    ZEITGEIST Axis Island Ruined Temple?

    Chapter 1 says: Is the enigma ever resolved? I've been searching through the other chapters, particularly 10, 12, & 13, but haven't found anything.
  16. Frankie1969

    ZEITGEIST my players are seeing their effects on the world

    Our campaign is in the back half of Starry Sky. The PCs realize that they're some of the most powerful heroes in the world, but more than that, they see lasting changes they caused, from notable individuals up to entire nations. Ber is firmly allied with Risur and also negotiating a treaty with...
  17. Frankie1969

    Do you think you know pole arms?

  18. Frankie1969

    D&D 5E the right Psionic subclasses

    IMO, the latest UA is maybe 1 for 3 on smart subclass choices, but it aims in a useful direction. Many classes from previous editions translate effectively as 5E subclasses. For psionics, I would go with: Psion, base class - providing the core power list for a psionic focused splatbook, maybe...
  19. Frankie1969

    What's the deal with the text editor?

    The following bug is 100% reproducible for me: write a multi-line post (either new or reply). go back and do any kind of formatting on a line that isn't the last. the formatting correctly affects the selected text. the formatting doesn't affect the following line. the formatting incorrectly...