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  1. J

    Starter Sets

    By crikey my Soulbound Starter set just turned up and for 18quid ( 25 dollars) it's brimming with stuff on really good quality paper/card and even the box internals have stuff on them. I am a sucker for these things ( have star trek, cthulhu, all the star wars ones, both DND 5). Will buy theDune...
  2. J

    Do you remember your first RPG purchase?

    Though I had played for a couple of years I was very poor and couldn't afford to buy any RPG stuff. ( I did create some of my own games and even made some cardboard d8's!) Then in 1982 I had some birthday money and went to the local gamestore to buy something. I purchased Starstone by Northern...
  3. J

    Babylon Who

  4. J

    D&D 5E wildfire spirit

    Fiery Teleportation. The spirit and each willing creature of your choice within 5 feet of it teleport up to 1 5 feet to unoccupied spaces you can see. Then each creature within 5 feet of the space that the spirit left must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC or take...
  5. J

    Kickstarter King Slayer Adventure Path

    Hi This is my latest crowdfunding publication Any support is most welcome John
  6. J

    Kickstarter Chronicles of Keranow for 5th Ed D&D

    Hello. I have just launched a new Kickstarter, the Chronicles of Keranow for 5th ed D&D. It is inspired by myths of the British Isles, The Norse Lands, and France. It seeks to lightly draw in elements from Historic Cornish, Arthurian, Celtic, and Viking legends, with added inspiration from...
  7. J

    Kickstarter Kingslayer Kickstarter

    Hello. My latest 5th edition fantasy kickstarter has launched. It is for Evil PCs and takes them from 1st to 20th level. Thanks John KINGSLAYER. HEXPLORE YOUR EVIL SIDE
  8. J

    Deal of the Day on Drive Thru'. An adventure for low level D&D 5th

    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/230589/The-Mysterious-Happenings-at-Furlong-Down Any support is most welcome! Thanks
  9. J

    The Shadow over Dunsmore Point

    Now Available https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/264028/The-Shadow-Over-Dunsmore-Point Thank you for any support John
  10. J

    Kickstarter OSR: Kickstarter for the 2nd edition of the Jack Hack

    Hello. Today I am launching a kickstarter for the 2ndedition of my Jack Hack, my Black Hack inspired rpg set in the grim Victorianera around the time of the infamous Ripper murders in Whitechapel. Today is the130th anniversary of the first killing so it seemed a nice macabreday to launch it. I...
  11. J

    Kickstarter Kickstarter: The Shadow over Dunsmore Point

    Hello. Looking for support for my latest kickstarter. Its a 5th ed D&D adventure module with a Mythos feel. Any support will be most welcome Thanks John https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1839381666/the-shadow-over-dunsmore-point-5th-ed-dandd-advent
  12. J

    D&D 5E New 5E Adventure: The Mysterious Happenings at Furlong Down

    The Mysterious Happenings at Furlong Down is an adventure landscape (mini campaign) for 5th edition D&D. It is for 4-6 2nd level PCs. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/230589/The-Mysterious-Happenings-at-Furlong-Down Module Synopsis A call for help from a PC's relative takes the party to the...
  13. J

    Kickstarter Kickstarter: The Mysterious Happenings at Furlong Down

    Hi I Have launched a kickstarter to create a 5th edition adventure modules. It draws inspiration from some classic AD&D investigation style adventures like Sinister Secret, Against the Cult, and Bone Hill...
  14. J

    Black Hexes Volume 2

    The next add on to the Black Hex, a sandbox campaign based on the Black Hack, by David Black http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/215172/Black-Hexes-Volume-2
  15. J

    Pathfinder 1E Kingslayer. A Pathfinder RPG Adventure Path for Chaotic Evil PC

    I have released Parts 1 and 2, and the Campaign Primer for my Adventure Path for Chaotic Evil PCs called Kingslayer. It is a hexploration /sandbox with kingdom building/burning! It is currently (nearly) art free and $2 for the adventures and free for the primer. I will put up parts 3 very...
  16. J

    Pathfinder 1E [Pathfinder Version] Last Prayer of the Dying on Drivethru

    88 page adventure and setting now available. Takes PCs from 1st to 4th level http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/173323/The-Last-prayer-of-the-Dying-Pathfinder-version?manufacturers_id=9296
  17. J

    D&D 5E Last Prayer of the Dying on LULU (POD)

    Hello The Print On Demand version of Last Prayer of the Dying available here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/john-r-davis/the-last-prayer-of-the-dying/paperback/product-22525079.html An adventure to take 4 PCs from 1st to 4th level The-OSR and PF versions are near complete The sequel has been funded...
  18. J

    Adventure Module for 5th ed, Pathfinder and OSR

    Sequel adventure to my previous kickstarter, now with added Pathfinder and OSR https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1839381666/the-cruellest-mistress-of-all-an-adventure-for-d20 The first one was delivered a month early. Thank for reading this and for any support you give John
  19. J

    Kickstarter A 5e adventure module kickstarter

    My first attempt at a kickstarter. Please check it out and contribute if you are interested dont quite have enough privilege here to post a link Until then you could have a search for the following at KS. "The Last Prayer Of The Dying, a D&D (5E) adventure module by John R Davis" Halfway...