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  1. Birmy

    D&D 5E Keith Baker's Eberron/Ravenloft Crossover Comes Next Week!

    Is it because of ceiling poop? It's the ceiling poop, isn't it?
  2. Birmy

    RPG Print News – Kobold Press, Superhero Necromancer Publishing, and More

    Yeah, I backed the Kickstarter, and it's definitely a neat set-up that speaks to the latent theater nerd in me. I do wish he'd called it something else, as the word "opera" will evoke some inaccurate impressions of what the game is actually about.
  3. Birmy

    News Digest for the Week of July 23

    Oh, I get it and I sympathize, but I think "Warduck" is an especially good typo.
  4. Birmy

    News Digest for the Week of July 23

    ...Warduck, you say? :unsure: I am intrigued by this battle-ready water fowl for my D&D game and would like to hear more.
  5. Birmy

    D&D 5E Keith Baker's Eberron/Ravenloft Crossover Comes Next Week!

    Call it "Ravnos" and you can get a Cease & Desist letter from White Wolf.
  6. Birmy

    D&D 5E 5-Part Forgotten Realms Adventure Coming Next Week

    They uploaded an incomplete image file--it's actually Den of the Bugbear...'s Tarrasque.
  7. Birmy

    TSR TSR3 Blames Widespread Pushback On WotC

    What do you suppose "before someone gets hurt" means here?
  8. Birmy

    TSR Companies & Freelancers Distance Themselves From The New TSR

    gets to page 13 of comments ...Man, I need to sit down.
  9. Birmy

    Dragon Reflections #44

    Yup, this is how I know him--I frankly didn't even know he did prose fiction, though his frequent inclusion in these early Dragons have certainly educated me. Relatedly, I assume the "W. Willingham" mentioned is Bill Willingham, who would also go on to have quite a lot of success in the comic...
  10. Birmy

    The Final Awfully Cheerful Stretch Goal: ACCIDENTAL ANTHROPOMORPHIC ANIMAL HEROES!

    As impressive as that name is, I can't help but think it's a shame there wasn't one more "A" to end it on...
  11. Birmy

    D&D 5E WotC Takes Control of D&D Translations

    What is this in response to?
  12. Birmy

    D&D 5E WotC Takes Control of D&D Translations

    Posters from/in Germany, do you think this will pose a significant challenge to Das Schwarze Auge, or is that too entrenched as the fantasy RPG of choice to make a difference?
  13. Birmy

    D&D 1E Deities and Demigods AD&D 1e manuscript on auction [UPDATED]

    It's funny you say that! I'm casually acquainted with the guy as a semi-local (he may or may not remember my name) and he immediately sprang to mind as a potential buyer, his famous collection being what it is. (Law school is apparently worth it, kids.) I don't know who else would drop that kind...
  14. Birmy

    News Digest for the Week of June 4

    That Hero Forge bit is interesting and would have completely flown by me. Thanks for digging in.
  15. Birmy

    D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Synopsis Namechecks Harpers, Red Wizards, and Neverwinter [UPDATED - MAYBE NOT?]

    Rooting for it, obviously, though I don't envy the needle the filmmakers are threading here. I'm with those thinking Pine-Harper; Rodriguez-"female barbarian" (i.e. "the Michelle Rodriguez character"™); Grant-con artist; Page-Red Wizard; Smith-wizard; Lillis-druid. I can't picture much anything...
  16. Birmy

    Dragon Reflections #42

    I know his name from about a billion different comic books; didn't know he had done work in the gaming industry.
  17. Birmy

    WotC Check out Magic: the Gathering's Tiamat

    I was thinking of dipping my toe into Magic with this set (my experience with it is extremely limited), but man, this thread so far is very "Inside Baseball" and pretty intimidating. I hope WotC's marketing is prepared for a potential spike in novice players coming in from the D&D side.