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  1. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E Fun things to do at a rodeo?

    okay dumb question. what things can you do with a low level party at a rodeo?
  2. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E What ooze/slime/jelly is the kool aid man?

    Something triggered my memory of this and best I can tell it's an ooze/slime/jelly in a container. So which type is it? :p
  3. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E Haybale

    In 5e, How much damage And effect should a haybale falling on you do?
  4. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E Doing a master lasher in 5e?

    Love this prestige class from 3e, but seeing if it's duplicatable in 5e.
  5. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E What turn of phrases are specifically 5e?

    I've been looking at text lately, but what phrases stick out to you that are different in 5e than in different editions?
  6. Shades of Eternity

    OD&D Pop culture references in early editions?

    I'm curious It is fairly well known that the game had a ton of pop culture references at the time. What were some of your favorites?
  7. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E What size category is a locomotive?

    I'm not sure how big is big. I remember that in 3e Colossal was essentially the size of a tractor trailer or motor home and seeing if it still applies. How big would be a train engine (and bonus points if its determined that adding rail cars increases its size ranking?)
  8. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E What's a good example of a Low CR Avatar of a God?

    I'm building a low level adventure for my players, but want a tiny splinter of a god to be one of the first fights. Are there any good examples created thus far?
  9. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E Domain of Dread: Grognardia

    I have this idea for a domain of dread, but don't own the books, so want help fleshing it out and see where it leads. ****************************************** There is this starting adventure where you send 1st level characters. It takes place by a cabin on a lake where it keeps...
  10. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E How do they do smog in 5e?

    As I'm watching the air index in my location, I have a question. How is smog done in 5e? Any magical versions of Smog? Perhaps something when a treant is lit on fire? Any adventures that use essentially smog (whether pollusion or wood smok) as a feature? EDIT: in particular, it's inspired...
  11. Shades of Eternity

    D&D General Ribbing on dnd.

    Is there any way for tricksters practical jokers and the like to be used in dungeons and dragons, without the party deciding they are enemy number one and hunting them down? I'm thinking of having a young but skilled child have this element but I have a feeling I know where it would go already.
  12. Shades of Eternity

    D&D General Whom here has used ultramodern 5 ?

    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/302992/Ultramodern5-REDUX-5th-Edition I just got the revised book and it's a work of art. Still have yet to seriously get into the weeds (although used the first ultramodern 5 with storm kings thunder), but checking if anybody has used it, what have they...
  13. Shades of Eternity

    D&D General Why the Gnomes are the forgotten folk - Gnomes and their Toys.

    The following is mainly being done for laughs, and the fact I just got a shiny new copy of the revised Ultramodern 5. ************************** In the Realms, the Gnomes are known as the forgotten folk. The truth is a long time ago, Gnomes made contact with our world (via a Star Gate, yes...
  14. Shades of Eternity

    Cattle Baroness vs the Boreal Buccaneers!

    Building an adventure for the hodgepocalypse (my post-post apocalyptic world with magic). I'm writng an adventure where I want to take a small hamlet where there are two factions and the pcs have to pick a side. working on the main plot you have a cattle baroness on one side and her armed...
  15. Shades of Eternity

    D&D General Modrons should be terrifying

    Modrons are generally a joke and Primus their entity is usually the whipping boy to show how awesome Asmodeus is. Maybe it's a response when the whole alignment thing was lawful vs chaotic, but honestly lawful neutral should be able to play the role of big bad as much as anything involved in...
  16. Shades of Eternity

    D&D General Shadows of Mystara - References

    I loved the old video games compiled as Shadows of Mystara. I have a strange question though. What references do they have to the campaign setting mystara or was it mostly made up?
  17. Shades of Eternity

    Metamorphesis Alpha

    As a lark, our gaming group pulled out the metamorphosis alpha books and yes, it was a game that dates back to the beginning of time. Any updates/houserules/starting equipment as well as your own personal experiences with the system?
  18. Shades of Eternity

    D&D General Stating a Tankette

    Because I'm in good humor, I'd like to drop the gauntlet on a fairly silly thing. how would you stat the following vehicle in dungeons and dragons (you can decide which edition)? https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Carden-Loyd_Two-Man_Tankette,_1926._KID235.jpg
  19. Shades of Eternity

    D&D General What do you expect in a starter village?

    This is something I've been thinking a lot about lately. If you run a 1st level group in a starter village to set the tone, what would you expect to find?
  20. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E What is Barovia like in the winter?

    Seeing as Barovia is a Romanian analogue, what rarely takes into the account that it would most likely have a harsh winter. How will that change Curse of Strahd and the various encounters that occur?