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  1. Nebulous

    D&D 5E Detect Thoughts as an interrogation tool

    PCs have the baddie tied up and questioning him while the bard has Detect Thoughts going. What is the difference between surface thoughts and deeper probe that should allow a save to resist? They're asking him detailed stuff, such as "Who do you work for?" The baddie doesn't want to answer...
  2. Nebulous

    D&D 5E Climbing a tower rules 5e

    Yeah, I should know this by now, but it came up the other day and stumped the group. They wanted to throw a grappling hook on a knotted rope 80 feet up and snag a small window they'd broken. We were trying to figure out how much the knotted rope would help, but the best we could find was that...
  3. Nebulous

    D&D 5E Midgard spell - Machine's Load question

    Here it is: MACHINE'S LOAD 1 transmutation (clockwork) Casting Time: 1 action Range: Touch Components: V S M (a 1-lb weight) Duration: Up to 1 minute Classes: Druid, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard You touch a creature and give it the capacity to carry, lift, push, or drag weight as if it were one...
  4. Nebulous

    D&D 5E 5e - Tales of the Old Margreve (Roll20) Campaign Recaps

    This is the Kobold Press Midgard campaign setting, and in particular the adventure book focusing solely on the Margreve Forest. We started at 1st level and the campaign is still ongoing. There is no set end point, but probably won't go past 7th or 8th level. The adventure is being run in...
  5. Nebulous

    ALIEN -Chariot of the Gods: Campaign recaps

    These are all eight sessions of our Roll20 Alien adventure by Free League. The sequel "Destroyer of Worlds" is currently being prepped. Estimated length of campaign: 14 hours total. Chariot of the Gods - Part 1 Box Chariot of the Gods - Part 2 Box Chariot of the Gods - Part 3 Box...
  6. Nebulous

    D&D General Servants of the Cinder Queen campaign recaps (DUNGEON WORLD)

    Not 5e, but people who read my other 5e recaps might like this one. Not sure the best place to put it. Anyway, it is not a particularly long campaign. I was actually running it for two groups simultaneously, but one of them petered out and crumbled, but I still had the other group. So the...
  7. Nebulous

    D&D 5E 5e Feats Revised and Expanded

    I didn't write this, but someone else posted and I am putting the link here. So, my party has just reached 4th level and I'm trying something different. I'm letting them choose from the revised Feats in the document, and I'm also adding Character Options: Talents by Dragonix (who also wrote...
  8. Nebulous

    Numenera - The Devil's Spine

    So, I'm thinking of branching out and trying something different on Roll20. I've been wanting to run Numenera for years, and I've got the hardbacks and the PDFs. Roll20 supports the character sheet but not official adventures, but I've been looking at The Devil's Spine by Monte Cook and it...
  9. Nebulous

    D&D 5E Remove feats and replace as magic items

    I used to do this some in 3e, but for some reason I haven't thought of doing it in 5e. I guess because the rather bland character advancement is definitely spiced up by feats. But I was thinking today that the array of feats is so wide, and generally uneven, with broken feats on one end, and...
  10. Nebulous

    D&D 5E Forge of Fury 5e (Roll20) campaign recaps

    So we started Forge of Fury some months back just before quarantine started. I didn't know Roll20 at all and had resisted online play for years because A) I prefer in person, and B) I didn't want to learn a new difficult system (hint; Roll20 is difficult and I was right, it took me four weeks...
  11. Nebulous

    D&D 5E Short/Long Rest in LMoP

    I'm well versed in 5e and have run plenty of games, but I have a slight problem in Lost Mine and wanted to ask how others would handle it. The PCs are finally in Wave Echo Cave and have been through a few encounters and a couple of them are beat up. They found the storage area at Room #7 and...
  12. Nebulous

    D&D 2E AD&D Monstrous Compendium 2

    I recently picked this up. Although a few have been converted to 5th edition (meenlock, quickling) I'm somewhat surprised by how many monsters I don't remember from anywhere at all. I'm sure it's because some were from other settings I didn't play much, like Ravenloft and Al Qadim, etc. Some...
  13. Nebulous

    D&D 5E Would you play D&D if you knew there would be no combat?

    Prompted by another thread; if you were involved in a new D&D game and were aware up front it would NOT be a combat heavy game, or hardly any combat at all, but rather exploration and mystery and horror, would you still play? Assume you do not know the DM and he is not a friend, this is all...
  14. Nebulous

    D&D 5E How far can you climb per action?

    So last session combat broke out inside a tall tower, and the monk wanted to climb up from the ground. It's 80 feet to the window. She moves 40, so that's climb half speed, so 20 feet. The DC wasn't hard, DC 10, but she wanted to get up there fast and burned a ki point and rolled a 20 and said...
  15. Nebulous

    D&D 5E Alternate Initiative Rules

    So myself and another DM were mulling over some options. We don't like the default roll d20 and add Dex. It works, but it's also boring after years of the same thing, and it puts a ton of emphasis on Dex which is already super important. So we thought about stealing Perception skill as...
  16. Nebulous

    D&D 5E 5e Skill Challenge help

    I know this has cropped up before and I read a few threads, but I wanted to get some new insights. I haven't used Skill Challenges since 4e, and not often even then, so it's been a super long time. I recall borrowing ideas from the Obsidian Skill Challenge, but I think that was more complex...
  17. Nebulous

    Quality of Miniatures plastic and metal

    So I have been collecting miniatures for many years. Before I got into the metal scene I was a cheapo and used a Lego Jar Jar Binks for every boss monster. I eventually got sick of that and went on Ebay to look up REAL painted minis and I got hooked fast. Spent WAY too much on boxes of minis...
  18. Nebulous

    D&D 5E Isle of the Abbey 5e recap (Saltmarsh one-shot)

    Part 1 of 2 https://app.box.com/s/575w06wknasfyf53nggs6qzupu64058f
  19. Nebulous

    D&D 5E The Monsters Know What They're Doing (5e)

    Book adapted from Keith Ammann's blog, it is a breakdown of the monsters from the 5e monster manual and how they would react strategically in combat. https://www.amazon.com/Monsters-Know-What-Theyre-Doing-ebook/dp/B07P5F89LJ/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= A lot of this...
  20. Nebulous

    D&D 5E Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign recaps (2019)

    So I began a new starter set campaign with new players. All but one had never played D&D before, and he'd only played 12th+ to 20th level DnD, which is way out of my preferred scope of gaming. Anyway, this was new for him too, low level D&D and a bit of a learning curve. We are 13 sessions in...