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  1. Doc_Klueless

    How do you like (or don't like) the Savage Worlds rpg?

    Right. And an Extra with an additional wound is still an extra. They don't get the Wild Die.
  2. Doc_Klueless

    Free League Announces Blade Runner TTRPG for 2022

    While I'm not ART!, I am an Art. So quick question. How many d6's a typically rolled? What's about the max size of the pool?
  3. Doc_Klueless

    Free League Announces Blade Runner TTRPG for 2022

    DAMN IT! Will my wallet never rest!!!
  4. Doc_Klueless

    [SWADE] Super Powers Companion Crowdfunding

    Look! More Savage Worlds Adventurer Edition (SWADE) goodness! Super Powers Companion Crowdfunding!! Looks like they've hit all their stretch goals. Very curious how this is gonna work out for them vs. Kickstarter.
  5. Doc_Klueless

    Number of players

    I prefer three to four players plus one DM. This is whether I'm running the game or playing the game. Anything over four and I find it hard to engage everyone as a DM and I don't feel as engaged as a player. However, I'll play in just about any size group and have run groups up to 8 and still...
  6. Doc_Klueless

    Savage Pathfinder Pathfinder for Savage Worlds, played it?

    Thanks for offering! I just bought it myself. What I found with Savage Worlds (and I'm saying this as it's even my favorite RPG engine) is that it plays better than it reads (in my case). So was just wondering how it goes once the rubber hits the road so to speak.
  7. Doc_Klueless

    Savage Pathfinder Pathfinder for Savage Worlds, played it?

    It's out in the wild (at least in PDF form). Have you played it? What did you think? Very curious.
  8. Doc_Klueless

    Do you remember your first RPG purchase?

    1981. Dibble's Hobbies here in San Antonio (Still a GREAT store!). Dungeons and Dragons Basic Box Set.
  9. Doc_Klueless

    So You've Decided to Run a "Western" Game. What Kind?

    Voted Comedy, Horror, Fantasy Western which describes my Deadlands game fairly well... Actually it describes just about ALL of my gaming campaigns if I replace "Western" with just about any other genre. My D&D-type games tend to be Comedy, Horror fantasy. My sci-fi games tend to devolve into...
  10. Doc_Klueless

    D&D 5E Over the Next Hill 2: 6 Plug-In Settlements for your 5E Game

    Backed this at the Give Me Both Books (paraphrase) level; Looks like something useful.
  11. Doc_Klueless

    Do You Want A Tricorder Boxed Set?

    Uuuuh, there goes more of my money! Correction: The billing it as "world’s first wearable roleplaying game," not the "world’s first roleplaying game"
  12. Doc_Klueless

    Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game Kickstarter is live!

    Part of the $200k was my $200 as my daughter would LOVE this. Gifts are nice. Unexpected gifts rock on toast.
  13. Doc_Klueless

    D&D General WotC: Novels & Non-5E Lore Are Officially Not Canon

    Uh, as Parmandur so humorously pointed out (see below). It may be 77 pages long but it's really a bunch of back and forth between 8 to 10 posters. And that's just among the tiny minority of players that make up ENWorld (however much I may love reading the forums here). Hardly a large group of...
  14. Doc_Klueless

    D&D 5E [Hit Points] What method do you use to determine HP after level 1?

    I just go with the Average or whatever that number is in the parenthesis. If the player decides they wanna roll, I haven't heard about it. And don't really care much. As the DM, I have a 1001 ways to drain hit points if I really wanna.
  15. Doc_Klueless

    Thread start dates missing

    I was just coming here to ask if there was something I accidentally changed. Really like seeing if I'm clicking on a thread that just won't die or something new.
  16. Doc_Klueless

    D&D General Did you get your start playing D&D, and what do you play now?

    How hard did you find it to get an AGE group together or did/are you running for your already established group? I'd like to play/run more of it, but haven't figured out how to sell it to others. I do like that Foundry VTT has an unofficial AGE ruleset that is coming along nicely and that Green...
  17. Doc_Klueless

    D&D General Did you get your start playing D&D, and what do you play now?

    Way back in 1981 I made my first character for D&D. Since then I've branched out many times into a long list of games (too long to write down or even remember!). Right now, I'm playing in a StarFinder game. I'm running a smaller 5e game, but also Deadlands: The Weird West (for the dude and his...
  18. Doc_Klueless

    D&D 5E What does 5E do well?

    Part of the reason, I think, that it works so well for streaming as it doesn't concentrate on numbers so much. And by that I mean, there is close to no "I get a +2 from here and a -2 from here and a +1 from here" etc., etc. I find watching people add up their modifiers extremely boring as a GM...
  19. Doc_Klueless

    D&D 5E What rule(s) do you tend to ignore?

    I thought they were 10 minutes. Might have to look closer at the rules! Ha!
  20. Doc_Klueless

    D&D General Do players REALLY care about the game world?

    Which might be why I'm contemplating sticking the Keep on the Borderlands in the Savage Frontier on the Sword Coast in Faerun! LOL.