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  1. DEFCON 1

    D&D 5E "The Future of D&D" (New Core Books in 2024!)

    If anyone thinks they are going to be bored with 5E by the time 2024 comes around... do yourself a favor and find other RPGs right now to try out and play. You will be amazed at the type of "palate cleansers" are out there that you and your friends can enjoy the heck out of... and then when the...
  2. DEFCON 1

    D&D General How crunchy vs casual do you like your D&D?

    Much more casual than crunchy. If lots of numbers in all manner of combinations was something I wanted to interact with most of the evening... there are dozens (if not more) actual board games to play which are much more mathematically vigorous and tactically compelling than trying to squeeze...
  3. DEFCON 1

    D&D 5E Fizban's Treasury of Dragons Previews

    But when a person's social media account pays them for the number of views, subscriptions and/or Likes they get... the person does get paid for promoting/boosting content-- it's just not from the company they're promoting/boosting.
  4. DEFCON 1

    D&D 5E WotC Ranger: Drakewarden released at D&D Celebration

    WotC makes the game set up for all the players who have not yet learned how to best balance all kinds of disparate abilities that might be overpowered or feel comfortable doing so. They don't care if you've been playing the game for the last 7 years and can identify right off the bat that you...
  5. DEFCON 1

    D&D General The Role and Purpose of Evil Gods

    At the end of the day it is a pointless argument to have, because the game will always attribute alignments to the gods they list in the various pantheons. No matter how much some of us might say that making some gods evil either steps on the toes of archdevils/demons or that it renders the...
  6. DEFCON 1

    D&D General Expanding a 3-player campaign to a 6-player with 3 newbies

    If it was me in this situation, I would start a whole new game with the six players so that old and new alike are on even footing. Then if we had the time, continue to run the original three in their other game, maybe just less frequently (if the three actually care about their current game that...
  7. DEFCON 1

    D&D General DMs: where's your metagaming line?

    For me, all that matters really is the story. Metagaming really only comes into play if the DM or players are worried about trying to "win"... usually related to combat and the game mechanics. But if you are comfortable having yourself "lose" in the story occasionally... the need to prevent it...
  8. DEFCON 1

    A Candlekeep Mystery (IC)

    "I don't know if we have the time or the space to deal with a bulette shell of that size, Argenti. Although I'm sure it would be wanted by a number of magicians and alchemists, I think we will need to just leave it here." Hawthorne walks around the area, making sure all the folks involved in...
  9. DEFCON 1

    D&D 5E Party Stealth

    When the group is moving quietly continuously, I use Passive Stealth for them (10 + DEX + prof bonus if applicable). That way I can just have my NPCs and creatures roll Perception against it when I need to. Saves time.
  10. DEFCON 1

    D&D 5E Preview Witchlight's New Rabbit People

    Everyone needs to look on the positive side of all this... you had SEVEN YEARS to play the game before WotC finally introduced rabbit-folk and owl-folk to the game. If this was the 4E era we would have gotten them in Year 2. And if this was the era of 3E? Mongoose Publishing would have had...
  11. DEFCON 1

    D&D General I just caught onto the Ernie Gygax rabbit hole and there are so many unanswered questions.

    If they want to be able to have their own branding, they should just adapt the letters 'TSR' phonetically and call their company 'Teaser'. Then they can have TeaserCon and have the built-in excuse that it was all a big gag when nobody shows up. :)
  12. DEFCON 1

    D&D General The Role and Purpose of Evil Gods

    This brings up a point that I personally have never really liked in most of the default ways D&D and tables in general have appeared to run the game... the idea that demons and devils can get "promoted" to become deities. What exactly is so important about beings "gods" that make it the highest...
  13. DEFCON 1

    A Candlekeep Mystery (IC)

    As the halfork continues to rassle the giant creature, Hawthorne dashes behind another tree further south of the ensuing battle so as to get a clearer shot. As he arrives in the brush he ducks down and moves slightly further so as to mask his location... then aims his crossbow through the...
  14. DEFCON 1

    D&D General What's the Most Valuable DM Prep Between Campaigns?

    I decide which campaign setting or which adventure path I wish to run, then read and re-read the material that comes with it several times over. This usually gives me a good indication of which parts of the D&D rules I wish to houserule, and I go through the time to create them (each path or...
  15. DEFCON 1

    D&D General The Role and Purpose of Evil Gods

    Heh... I had remembered posting in that thread back then as an earlier mirror to this one-- but had completely forgotten that I was the one who started that thread. And based on that thread and what I posted here... I see my feelings on the subject still have not changed. LOL!
  16. DEFCON 1

    D&D 5E Finding Invisible Objects and Spell Effects

    For me, invisible objects occur infrequently enough that I take each instance on a case-by-case basis and don't bother with trying to establish one set of rules. If an Arcane Eye is spying on the PCs, the reason for the enemy doing it and where/how/what the PCs are doing at that moment in time...
  17. DEFCON 1

    D&D General The Role and Purpose of Evil Gods

    If we look at Theros, almost all their gods have their good and bad points, and the people who pray to them can have good and bad motivations for doing so. Heliod is the self-proclaimed "leader" of the pantheon, and his portfolio is the sun, light, bravery, and self-sacrifice-- and the book has...
  18. DEFCON 1

    D&D General The Role and Purpose of Evil Gods

    I think gods should all be Unaligned personally. Every deity should have aspects that their worshippers would consider good, and other parts that were not. They are above mortal judgement, so who gets to say that one is "good" and one is "evil"? Now for those players who still go with the...
  19. DEFCON 1

    Candlekeep Mysteries (OOC Chat)

    I'm usually good with just attempting Hides using my Bonus action. I find it more fun to narrate in my posts. :)
  20. DEFCON 1

    D&D General Styles of Roleplaying and Characters

    Speaking of which... As Matt says at the top of this video... this one is much more of a "rant" than a purely instructional video... and probably gives off much more of a "badwrongfun" vibe than others he normally gives. And I imagine it will probably irritate more people and make them more...