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  1. GnomeWorks

    D&D General What's your Campaign Success Rate?

    My completion rate for PbP games, DM or player, is 0%. I'm not sure if that says something about me or the medium. In-person or VTT games: 50%, for games I've run (5/10). Games in which I played and was present from start to finish (whether natural or game death): 33% (2/6), so far as I can...
  2. GnomeWorks

    D&D General Homewbrew Campaigns: How Old Is Your World?

    I've been writing about my setting since '94, and started running games in '98. Still working on it, and still running games in it today. I've literally never run a game that wasn't in that setting. It's changed over the years, both due to my tastes evolving and the actions of characters, but...
  3. GnomeWorks

    Serious: D&D Addiction

    What an awkward necro. If someone had been born the day I first posted in this thread, they would now be older than I was when I made that post. TTRPGs are an engaging hobby because they engage a lot of different ways of thinking and being creative at once, and I'm be hard pressed to name...
  4. GnomeWorks

    D&D General One Homebrew Campaign World, Multiple Campaigns?

    I've been running the same setting for 20-some years now. Vastly different groups over that time, as well. Characters' actions have consequences. Characters can - and have - shaped the way the world plays out. In one notable instance, a PC became a major antagonist (still "played" by the...
  5. GnomeWorks

    D&D General What are your 2021 gaming goals?

    I'd like to have all my homebrew classes in at least a usable state by April or so. I'd like to get the setting guide I'm working on also in a usable state, since my wiki got nuked and my current group is new and isn't familiar with my world.
  6. GnomeWorks

    D&D General Let's Share Our Alternate Lore

    That... is a suprisingly good point. I'm not sure how I managed to write out all that and not mention how and which beams oppose one another. I'll address that in the next editing pass, thanks.
  7. GnomeWorks

    D&D 5E [Homebrew] 4e-inspired Psion Class

    I've taken a gander at this before, as it's been worked on, and if it weren't for the fact that I have a different approach already in mind for psionics, I would absolutely be using this.
  8. GnomeWorks

    D&D General Let's Share Our Alternate Lore

    I'm working on a "player's guide" type of deal for my setting, to try to explain the metaphysics and how magic works and all that jazz. Here's a link to the doc.
  9. GnomeWorks

    D&D 5E [Homebrew] Spellblade Class

    Thank you for the comments, I will take them under advisement in the next round of edits.
  10. GnomeWorks

    D&D 5E [Homebrew] Spellblade Class

    No particular framework in mind, no. Almost entirely eyeballed. And that does not mean that I just fabricated the progression from wholecloth. I am assuming that you are using "balancing framework" to mean something specific, and I am just using the core classes as comparison. The effects...
  11. GnomeWorks

    D&D 5E [Homebrew] Spellblade Class

    In the interest of attempting to gather some useful feedback, and for gauging whether or not ENW is an appropriate place to post this sort of thing, I'm going to try posting one of my homebrew classes here and see what happens. The intent with this class as it is presently written is to try to...
  12. GnomeWorks

    D&D General The campaign you will never get to run

    I stole the myrrh trees from CC and inserted them into my own setting, as the source of the primary component needed to make magic items. More importantly, however: I inverted the relationship between monsters and the trees. Myrrh trees sprout under certain conditions, and their presence draws...
  13. GnomeWorks

    Unearthed Arcana Official Unearthed Arcana Survey on Psionic Options Open Now

    I think that what we learned from 3e is that it's fine if the effects are similar, it's the way those abilities are accessed and the aesthetics that matter. Having the psionics mechanics in general be "these are spells, but are different in X, Y, and Z ways," where X, Y, and Z are noticeable...
  14. GnomeWorks

    Divine Intervention in D&D games

    For the first twenty years (IRL) of my setting's existence, the gods were effectively dead. The first direct interactions a PC had with a deity "on-screen" were about eight years ago, when a PC-turned-villain (still being played by his player) went to go talk to the god of chaos before he was...
  15. GnomeWorks

    Preserving the Fear Inherent in 1st Level

    It isn't a question, really, of resources available, or of what's in your players' toolbox. The problem is, and has been since at least 3e, a mismatch between damage output and hit point totals. What caused me to notice the problem was this: at first level, the mage should be terrified of the...
  16. GnomeWorks

    Let's talk about your homebrew world!

    My setting is here. It has a lot more in common with something like the milieu of the MCU than standard D&D (aside from some specifics, Infinity War could be set in my setting and that wouldn't be all that weird), and while parts of my setting look like what you might find in a regular D&D game...
  17. GnomeWorks

    Social skills vs. ... all other mechanics

    The problem, as I see it, is thus. You have a player who wants to play a wizard. We have rules for magic; that the player is not a magician IRL thus poses no problem. You have a player who wants to play a fighter. We have rules for combat; that the player is not that strong or a fighter IRL...
  18. GnomeWorks

    D&D 5E [OOC] A Light Hearted Princes of Elemental Evil Hack and Slash

    Pardon my interruption, but... CREAMSTEAK LIVES?!? That is all. Carry on.
  19. GnomeWorks

    D&D 5E Merwin said it better than Schwalb

    These are not the people who will wind up finding the corner cases and weird rules interactions. Nope, I know they do work. I'm keenly aware of how difficult it can be. But we've seen - repeatedly - a bunch of designers over the past couple weeks tout the rules-light line because anyone who...