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  1. aramis erak

    thoughts on Apocalypse World?

    No, it doesn't require playing the sex scene. But it does make sexual activity a significant part of the mechanical interest, and that's where It puts me off.
  2. aramis erak

    Dune: Adventures in the Imperium is Now Available!

    My players managed to complete the mission they were contracted for by Piter and Hasimir... Part one of session was essentially them groping for the setting info needed... Part two was them directing an espionage conflict. One assassin, as a secondary character, and the others each using house...
  3. aramis erak

    thoughts on Apocalypse World?

    I have not tried it, but have read it. That sexual activity is one of the primary mechanical subunits is, for me, off-putting; it thrusts an element I avoid in general in RPGs into a point where I would have to say, "Hey, I don't want this move used"... The wording "To do it, do it" was, for...
  4. aramis erak

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Dungeon Crawl - mission accomplished - Vaminos! (T&T)
  5. aramis erak

    Have computer games ruined table RPGs?

    Nah... There are still people play games with random generation, minis combat, and "play what you get"... Tunnels and Trolls new editions are only really different from the 1979 5th in advancement, not in mechanics, and it's doing well. OSR folks are still trying to reinvent the wheel by...
  6. aramis erak

    News Digest for the Week of September 24.

    Inferno looks interesting, but I'd have trouble finding players.
  7. aramis erak

    How do you like (or don't like) the Savage Worlds rpg?

    Getting to ties in hero is rare- Since dex and speed have to be equal before even going to dice. I like some random - but noting that the fastest systems I've run have had popcorn initiative... Especially Sentinel Comics and Talisman Adventures, as well as two 2d20 flavors. I also have been...
  8. aramis erak

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Wed T2K4e: Scouted. Counterscouted. Firefight. Mechanic's amputation. Friday Dune: Executed Harkonnen plot: Assassination, exfiltration.
  9. aramis erak

    Free League Announces Blade Runner TTRPG for 2022

    I'm looking forward to this one.... Noting that Ridley Scott has said Alien and BR are the same universe, I'm good with it that way. I also like to think that The Fifth Element is also in this universe... the three properties combine well into a head canon.......
  10. aramis erak

    Reviewers & Non-Disclosure Agreements

    If GW is doing it, it's not surprising in the least.
  11. aramis erak

    Do you modify/write-in your game books?

    I remember having to initiial the coverletter on military manual updates to acknowledge that the unit copy had had the required pages replaced, or ocasionally, just deleted or inserted. Yeah, the USAF and US Army occasionally delete whole pages of regulations, and if you're not the admin staff...
  12. aramis erak

    How do you keep your GM notes?

    That's prep notes. Notes in play? disposables on 3×5 cards Stables on either College Rule or Narrow Rule paper. Finding Narrow Rule is bloody hard... but recently, digest sized notebooks and filler paper have become available, and I am happy. I wish I could get page protectors in that size...
  13. aramis erak

    How do you like (or don't like) the Savage Worlds rpg?

    I hear it, and I think amphetamines. Specifically, Bedzedrine. What Is Bendzedrine? History, Uses, Side Effects, and More. Too many cop shows in the 70's? Maybe. in the singular,... Benny Russell
  14. aramis erak

    How do you like (or don't like) the Savage Worlds rpg?

    You're completely ignoring several other forms... There are several forms collectively called popcorn initiative... -- acting player picks an opponent who has yet to go (Sentinel Comics) -- side alternation (D&D BX) -- Side alternation with teeth (Initiative winner gets one or more extra...
  15. aramis erak

    A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced

    More like from the start... the "Normal Man" concept, and Hero and Superhero as level titles... But that doesn't mean it's a good fit to modern 4-color nor cinematic supers.
  16. aramis erak

    Need crazy girlfriend input

    Don't forget that historical renaissance news boards existed. They still exist in many 2nd world nations; the wealthy pay for delivered copies, the poor read the board outside the press... and sometimes posted handbills were left up. During colonial times, the non-major cities of the US would...
  17. aramis erak

    How do you like (or don't like) the Savage Worlds rpg?

    I've had copies for years, and never played nor run it, since when I sat in on a couple sessions, it was not fast, it was whiffy, and I often find dice-step systems to be claustrophobic in the ratings.
  18. aramis erak

    Need crazy girlfriend input

    If it were a WFRP game, I'd have suggested her being of the "If you won't come to me, let Nurgle have you!" Other fun things a psycho can do... Accusations of breech of bond (IE, claiming he proposed THEN ran) Arranging the attentions of god of disease followers, especially those with loose...
  19. aramis erak

    Need crazy girlfriend input

    If sufficiently crazy, stashing cult-affiliation tokens into his abode and calling the witch-hunters... Summoning minor demons to harrass him.
  20. aramis erak

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Session turned into chatfest sunday. (Monday: test results in: not cancer)