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  1. Charlaquin

    D&D 5E A fix for Hide in Plain Sight

    The Ranger’s Hide in Plain Sight feature sucks. Fortunately, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything offers an alternative feature where you can use a bonus action to become invisible until the start of your next turn, prof times between long rests. This is a perfectly serviceable alternative, but me...
  2. Charlaquin

    Mistaken notifications?

    Lately (like over the past few days) I’ve been getting notifications that someone quoted one of my posts. Then when I follow the link to see the post that quoted mine, it actually quotes someone else entirely, and there is no quote of mine to be found. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Charlaquin

    D&D 5E Brainstorming ideas for a Stress system

    So, with Van Richten’s Guide out, I’m starting to think about running a Ravenloft game again, and I’m pretty confident that I want it to have a stress system. I like the one in Van Richten’s conceptually - certain stressful experiences trigger a roll to resist gaining stress, which carries...
  4. Charlaquin

    D&D 5E On rulings, rules, and Twitter, or: How Sage Advice Changed

    Sage Advice. The resource we all love to hate, except when it supports our argument. A lot has been said about it, and Jeremy Crawford’s unofficial rules clarifications on Twitter. How official is it? Does it constitute RAW, or RAI? It came up recently in another thread that, given how literal...
  5. Charlaquin

    D&D General What are your 2021 gaming goals?

    I know I’m about a week late for New Years resolutions, but I imagine some of you made them. Even if you didn’t, maybe this thread will inspire you to. I want to know what your gaming-related goals are for this year. 2020 was a strange year for gaming, especially for those of us who strongly...
  6. Charlaquin

    D&D 5E So what variant features from Tasha’s are you planning to use?

    With the release of Tasha’s Cauldron and the new class feature variants, I’m putting some serious thought into which features I want to allow and which ones I don’t. And I’d love to hear other folks’ thoughts on the matter. If you’re a DM, which variant features are you planning to use, or to...
  7. Charlaquin

    D&D 5E Replacing Darkvision with other special senses

    In one of the threads about racial ASIs, the suggestion of beefing up other race features to compensate for their removal came up, and one of the suggestions was giving dwarves tremorsense. And I absolutely loved the idea. Now, I don’t want this to be another thread about racial ASIs, so forget...
  8. Charlaquin

    D&D 5E Do you allow long rests in the dungeon?

    This question came up in another thread about long rests, and I thought it was a big enough topic to merit its own discussion. Do you allow your players to take a long rest in a dungeon (or other non-dungeon adventure location)? What about during travel? If “yes,” what are the risks associated...
  9. Charlaquin

    D&D 5E Charlaquin’s revised weapon and armor tables

    In the thread about devising a simple encumbrance system, I brought up the subject of making Strength more important through armor with Strength requirements rather than encumbrance penalties. Since @Laurefindel expressed interest in seeing my take on that, I thought I’d post it in its own...
  10. Charlaquin

    D&D 5E How often do your Paladins actually violate their Oaths?

    So, all the recent Paladin talk, got me thinking... Is this really something that comes up a lot for the DMs of EN world, or is it just one of those things we like to pontificate about in theory but rarely happens in actual play? Personally, I’ve never actually dealt with this at the table...
  11. Charlaquin

    D&D 5E Rival adventurers - should they be built like monsters or PCs?

    My Yawning Portal game is coming up on White Plume Mountain, and one way I want to put my own spin on the dungeon is by having three other groups of adventures who have also gotten wind of Keraptis’ challenge, turning the adventure from a simple dungeon delve into a race to the treasure. I’m...
  12. Charlaquin

    D&D 5E A character sheet for Skills With Different Ability Scores?

    So, I’m a huge fan of the Skills With Different Abilities optional rule. I love being able to just ask for ability checks, and have my players chime in with Proficiencies they have that might be appropriate. But it feels like I have to fight the character sheet to do it. Every character sheet -...
  13. Charlaquin

    Sidekicks instead of Extra Attack?

    With the confirmation of Sidekicks coming to 5e in the Essentials Kit, I’ve been thinking about how they might be used in campaigns with more than one PC. My first thought was that they would make pretty good skilled hirelings. But that also got me to thinking about AD&D, and how a lot of...
  14. Charlaquin

    Making armor modular

    I’ve been playing around with the idea of making armor modular. Not sectional, mind - I’m not interested in the additional level of complexity introduced by having to worry about hit locations and coverage. I just like the idea of layering heavier armors on top of lighter armors to increase AC...
  15. Charlaquin

    Waterdeep: Dragon Heist - Posssible to use all four villains?

    So, I got Waterdeep: Dragon Heist for Christmas. Haven’t read it yet, only skimmed through, but I’m excited to dive in. What I’m wondering is, do I have to pick just one villain? Considering that all four seasons seem to use the same set of encounters (albeit with some changes), I’m wondering if...
  16. Charlaquin

    Pathfinder 2E Archetypes and Prestige Classes (they’re feats now)

    Archetypes and Prestige Classes (they’re feats now) Archetypes are back in PF2, and they look awesome! As a lot of folks had predicted, instead of archetype features replacing class features, you take archetype feats in place of class feats. Each archetype has one “dedication feat” you have to...
  17. Charlaquin

    Pathfinder 2E So how about that PF2 Barbarian?

    A little late, I know, but I had been hoping someone else would start a thread about it first. So, the PF2 Barbarian looks awesome. I love that Rage is tied to a fatigue mechanic instead of an arbitrarily limited duration and/or number of uses. The short duration is something I wouldn’t have...
  18. Charlaquin

    Take A Look At Pathfinder 2's Revamped Magic System!

    This blog post got me hyped! Everything in here looks awesome, especially the formatting of the spells, which is very nostalgic for me as a 4e fan.
  19. Charlaquin

    Trying to track down the creator of the D&D Next fam-designed character sheet

    This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but I know a lot of folks on here used to frequent the WotC forums before they were closed down, so I figure it’s worth a try. Does anyone remember, during the D&D Next Playtest, WotC held a contest where fans could submit character sheet designs, and the...
  20. Charlaquin

    D&D 5E Running Tomb of Annihilation for a party of characters who have all been resurrected

    After my current campaign is over, I’m planning to run my group through Tomb of Annihilation. We’ll probably be making new characters for it, since the current ones will be over-leveled for Tomb by then. But, I like the idea of the PCs being affected by the Death Curse themselves. I will...