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  1. GnomeWorks

    D&D 5E [Homebrew] Spellblade Class

    In the interest of attempting to gather some useful feedback, and for gauging whether or not ENW is an appropriate place to post this sort of thing, I'm going to try posting one of my homebrew classes here and see what happens. The intent with this class as it is presently written is to try to...
  2. GnomeWorks

    Crafting, Resources, and D&D

    Old-school D&D, to my understanding, has a significant "resource management" aspect to it - resting was more difficult, wandering monsters more common, and "resources" more rare. In this context, I generally understand resources to mean spells, as that's typically what it means in a d20...
  3. GnomeWorks

    D&D 5E The Next Generation

    Hey, old people. And yes, I'm talking to you. I've been tooling around on EN World for a long time, now. I've been immersed in gaming culture for far longer than I'd like to admit. One thing that jumps out at me, from all this talk of the next edition of D&D, is talk about the fiction that...
  4. GnomeWorks

    3rd Party Products - Do You Care?

    So here's an honest question for all you 4e folk. I've heard talk from some 4e folk that they aren't interested in 3rd party products for 4e due to their lack of being in the DDI-based stuff, like the character builder and what-not. My question is thus - do you care about 3rd party products...
  5. GnomeWorks

    Lorraine Williams did... what?

    I'm not exactly sure how relevant or pertinent this is, but I was here and noticed this interesting tidbit... Which made me say, "Um... what?"
  6. GnomeWorks

    Is 4e bringing new players to the game?

    There are lots of folks - myself included - who don't like 4e. When it comes down to it, though, that doesn't matter. Regardless of whether we like 4e or not, the vast majority of folks around here are gamers, and it is unlikely that a single edition of a single game could be so horrid that it...
  7. GnomeWorks

    3e, 4e, and Group Schisms

    I'm curious. 4e seems to have polarized the community quite a bit, but I hear that 3e did the same - unfortunately, I was a bit too young to be paying attention to that kind of thing, so I have no idea as to the truth of these statements. Either way, I'm not really interested in having that...
  8. GnomeWorks

    The d2: Thoughts?

    I am curious about folks' opinions of the d2. Useful: You think that the d2 either does or could have some potential usefulness in a game system, whether it be to add granularity or for some other reason. Unuseful: You feel that the d2 either doesn't or couldn't have any particular impact on a...
  9. GnomeWorks

    Bell Curve - Ramifications?

    Okay, so. Let's say that, in either 3.5 or 4e (take your pick), you replace the d20 with 3d6 - so we get a bell curve, right? Don't change anything else. What are the ramifications of that? What does it mean, mechanically? As a player, would you mind using 3d6 instead of a d20? As a DM...
  10. GnomeWorks

    Scaling Initiative

    One of the things that irks me about 3.5 - and about pretty much every other edition, too - is that everybody goes once each round. In 3.5, this gets especially bad: you not only know that everybody's going to go once per round, but you know the order in which everybody goes. This can then be...
  11. GnomeWorks

    D&D 4E My Warlord Concept - Why Does 4e Fail?

    My gaming group has decided to give 4e a chance. Our summer campaign will be core 4e - but no dragonborn or tieflings, because our DM doesn't like them (he is fine with tieflings, but dislikes the new look for them in 4e). I started thinking about what I want to play. I've been around the block...
  12. GnomeWorks

    Post-Count Link Not Working

    When you click on the number of posts in a thread, it's supposed to do a pop-up with a list of who's posted and how many times, right? Well, instead, I got this error (in the pop-up box):
  13. GnomeWorks

    Martial Dailies - How so?

    I have reconciled myself with the idea of at-will and encounter abilities. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I've come to really enjoy the idea. It works, and it solves a lot of problems. However, the martial power source causes problems here. At-will martial powers? Obvious. I have no...
  14. GnomeWorks

    D&D 4E 4e and My Setting: Can You Convince Me To Convert?

    Howdy, all. I've been lurking here on the 4e boards for awhile now, and I think that now - with a bit more information, and some more hopefully coming in the next month or so - is a good time to begin contemplating the big question: do I convert to 4e? My setting is a hodge-podge of concepts...
  15. GnomeWorks

    Messenger System

    The communications going between a character in the Red Dragon and a seperate character in the adventure Troi is currently in intrigues me. Never before in LEW have two characters held a conversation at a distance before, or kept in contact when not in the same place. Why shouldn't we expand...
  16. GnomeWorks


    Test of the dice feature... Apparently doesn't work over here.
  17. GnomeWorks

    Living EN World Forum Issues

    Howdy! It's been awhile since I've been around (I haven't had access for the last few months), so I may not have an idea of what's going on. If that's the case, please ignore me. :) The LEW (Living EN World) forum is currently without a moderator. We have our judges around, but that doesn't...
  18. GnomeWorks

    Back again momentarily...

    Hey, all! You may have noticed at this point that I didn't return when I said I was. This is due to a few things. For one, my grades are really bad right now (I'm failing advanced chemistry and calculus both), so my parents have cut my net access. Since that happened, I've been using the...
  19. GnomeWorks

    (Discussion) Psionics

    Hey, all. So, we've introduced psionics. Now, don't get me wrong - I love the idea of psionics, and have incorporated it into my own campaigns since I first found out about the idea. However, I don't think that introducing something so... world-shaking as psionics should be done lightly...
  20. GnomeWorks

    The Psionicle, Character Thread

    These are the characters involved in the Psionicle. Current cast includes... Syld Jansson Ruth [MIA] Animus [off on his own] Shardorn [NPC] All characters posted here should be updated for 3.5. If you have any questions regarding the update, please post them in the OoC thread. Previous thread.