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    Copper Subscription not working

    Hi, I subscribed to the Copper Subscription, however it's not working. I'm not getting any of the benefits and it's not showing anywhere on my profile. Basically, I've paid for nothing at the moment. Can this be sorted please? Thanks.
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    WotBS [Spoilers] New WotBS campaign - The adventure begins (Players please don't read)

    Hey folks, I started a new WotBS campaign (4e edition) last week (Actually re-started, but that's beside the point) with a fresh and new group, we play over Fantasy grounds using the modules created by EugeneZ (Thanks a lot for those! Saved me a lot of time). But the group I have is just too...
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    ZEITGEIST (Possible spoilers) Asrabey on Axis island.

    Hey, my group finally finished the first module, however one of my players seems to be struggling with why Asrabey would try and hunt down the Duchess, he knows that Asrabey wanted to kill the duchess to show that the Unseen Court had nothing to do with the attempt on the Kings life, but he...
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    ZEITGEIST Running Zeitgeist with 7 players?

    Hey, I'm about to start running my own Zeitgeist and we just got done with character creation this week (I wanted everyone to make characters together to improve cohesion and stuff). I was always adamant that I wanted five players, however since then I had a friend of two of my players in the...
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    WotBS Starting WotBS - Question about Gauntlet Run

    Just a quick question, I am about to start a Wotbs campaign, and am just quickly wondering about the best way to handle the Gauntlet Run in the first adventure. I'm a newbie DM so I'm not really that experienced, I know that WotBS is designed for more experienced DMs, but I love throwing myself...