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  1. The Glen

    Tarokka Solitaire: Escape the Mists

    I got bored and was playing around with the Ravenloft Tarokka deck and came up with a solitaire game. The object is to get any of the characters represented by the Tarokka deck out of the mists by outlasting the horrors that hunt them. Getting any of them out alive wins the game, you won't win...
  2. The Glen

    5E I've been working on this for three years and I'm finally got something to show for it

    Started working on the Mystara setting for 5th edition 3 years ago and spent almost as much money on this as I did on my ex. But at least I can play with this anytime I want and it's not going to waste my paycheck on PPV. It's a labor of love realized, so spread the word and let people know...
  3. The Glen

    5E Mournlands Immigration Bureau

    I understand that you're looking to relocate a group to our lands? Yes, I represent a group of people looking to immigrate to a realm that can provide us a safer home than our previous one. And I understand you've got a region picked out to migrate to? Am I reading this correctly? Yes, we...
  4. The Glen

    I spent the last three years writing a complete guide to the Known World for 5th edition. Now it's done.

    Some called it a fool's errand but WOTC said that they were going to make the older settings available for 5th edition when it first got started. So I started just writing ideas down. Then the ideas started getting converted into a rough book that got hammered out into a workable format. Then...
  5. The Glen

    Welcome to Mystara Channel

    I started this video series back in May trying to increase interest in one of the oldest settings, Mystara. It didn't get a lot of love from TSR back in the day, despite being the setting for the B/X or BECMI rules. The setting was filled with continuity errors, and the quality of the source...
  6. The Glen

    5E So how much does a tattoo cost?

    In a play through the other day a player asked how much a tattoo would cost and nobody could agree. One, the player was a Mastiff Lupin so a tattoo would have been absolutely pointless, and second it had just never come up. This is a normal, every day tattoo complete with needle and ink. I've...
  7. The Glen

    5E Pitch Planescape to new players

    Ok berks, explain to the new players just arriving to the City of Doors why they should adventure in Sigil. Why should a person just picking up a book play in the setting that gave us Torment, introduced us to the Lady of Pain, and is so inclusive with races it makes Forgotten Realms look...
  8. The Glen

    5E Pitch Ravenloft to new players

    Now for a difficult sell, the Demiplane of Dread. Why should new players start there with its open hostility to all that is good and heroic? How do you convince somebody just getting into D&D to start in a setting that is a rogue's gallery of some of the nastiest big bads the game has ever...
  9. The Glen

    5E Pitch Spelljammer to the New Players

    For those that sailed the crystal spheres, tell the players looking for a setting why they should play Spelljammer. What makes it fun, different and unique. Why should they exchange broadsides with the neoghi, release the giant space hamsters and hire on giff mercenaries for the boarding parties.
  10. The Glen

    5E Pitch Dark Sun to new players

    And revisiting the world of Athas now, veteran players explain to people new to Dungeons and Dragons why they should play in Dark Sun. What are its strengths, quirks, and charms? Why should a newbie grab a bone sword and defend Tyr against the defilers?
  11. The Glen

    5E Pitch Mystara to new players

    Continuing in the effort to introduce new players to old settings, for veteran players what are the strong points and reasons to play in Mystara? Why should a new player want to aspire to hunt down Bargle, explore the Isle of Dawn, dine with the Ambervilles and petition the Immortals to join...
  12. The Glen

    5E Pitch Dragonlance to new players

    Going to do one of these for each of the main settings that isn't Forgotten Realms. Most new players only know about the Forgotten Realms because that's where almost all the modules take place. So asking for the veterans and the grognards to help show some of the better parts of other...
  13. The Glen

    5E Pitch Greyhawk to the new players

    I was reading another thread about the fact the new players know nothing of the older settings when playing D&D. So I thought this would be a good time to explain the older settings to them, and why they were good in their own way. For those that did love the older settings, now's the time to...
  14. The Glen

    Dungeoneers and Dragoons: Now live on DM's Guild

    Dozens of new character options for any campaign.
  15. The Glen

    Adventurers Wanted! Upcoming character supplement for DM's guild

    24 new character options for all settings. Full color expansion includes: Armiger (Fighter): Focusing on a mastering a single weapon. Bounty Hunter (Ranger): For hunting the most dangerous game. Brave (Fighter): Lightly armored, attacking from stealth. Dervish (Druid): Desert mystic with...
  16. The Glen

    5E Kachina, new fey monster

    Was working on my book and I need more fey creatures to balance out the rather low number of them. I had been grabbing fey creatures from mostly Celtic/Nordic myth but decided to hop the pond and look at Indian folklore. Always liked the kachina, so decided to include them. Two major parts...
  17. The Glen

    5E Known World Monster Manual Sample...Forwyn Oedran aka the Witch of Years

    I've been working on converting all 300+ monsters from the BECMI and Mystara settings to 5th edition, in the hopes to publish them as a game book. Seven chapters, each with a different narrator. After finishing the chapter on fey, it came out rather light on creatures. I grabbed some from...
  18. The Glen

    5E Working on Known World Monster Manual

    I've been working on a Mystara Player's Handbook for a year now and I'm just waiting for the art. In the meantime I started translating all the monsters from BECMI and the Mystara 2nd edition setting, 4 book in all to 5th edition. Over 300 monsters, broken down by 7 types. Humanoid...
  19. The Glen

    5E All New Mystara Player's Handbook

    This has been a labor of love for some months, though I had to take a break for life stuff. This is the latest version, still very much a work in progress as I'm trying to raise money (even got a gofundme) to replace all the filler art. Its 143 pages right now, so on par with the Sword Coast...
  20. The Glen

    Mystara Gemstone Dragons converted to 5E

    I have just uploaded Mystara Gemstone Dragons converted to 5E to the downloads area. Attached are the Crystalline, Amber, Jade, Ruby, Sapphire, and Onyx dragons at all four age groups. I watered them down from their 2nd edition versions, gone are the double barreled breath weapons, instead...