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  1. GMMichael

    Free RPG Day 2021 – What’s On Offer?

    Tons of free gaming here if you have a good imagination and don't mind that when you "flee," you exit in a random direction and pray your enemies don't follow: https://eamon-remastered.com/ Eamon, and its Wonderful World, is text-based solo RPGing. Add extra Role to taste.
  2. GMMichael

    Free RPG Day 2021 – What’s On Offer?

    Second edition of my first full RPG, yes, but technically I am accepting pizza donations (you know, standard GM payment before this whole Paid GMing thing). If you want to add it to the OP, my generosity might reach more people 🤓
  3. GMMichael

    Marines, We Are Reading! (An ALIEN Colonial Marines Operations Manual Review)

    Marines don't read. They improvise.
  4. GMMichael

    Free RPG Day 2021 – What’s On Offer?

    I don't know about the other creators, but I'll add a bullet to @Egg Embry 's list for a free pdf: Other RPG Books on PDF Author Michael Terlisner shares Modos 2, deluxe edition. A rules-light, universal game that uses PC-friendly action resolution and action-based, versus turn-based, combat...
  5. GMMichael

    D&D 5E In a Prehistoric Setting, a fighter's bone axe shatters. A Wizard's _____ breaks how?

    If I were playing a fighter who was fighting an ankylosaurus, and my bone axe shattered against its hide, that would mean that my spear had already shattered against its hide. And my bow had already run out of arrows. And it had already sprung, and survived, the traps that I had set for it...
  6. GMMichael

    D&D 5E Raiders of the Serpent Sea Is A Preview of 5E Norse Mythology For Free!

    The epic backgrounds are pretty sweet, and I'd love to see a player's face when finding out (the hard way) what the inferior weapon property is. I don't see how it fits with Vampire the Masquerade, though.
  7. GMMichael

    Level Up (A5E) Exploration Challenge: Thunderstorm

    Is Level Up avoiding the term player-character, or does "random adventurer" mean any NPC can also be hit by lightning too (provided she's inclined to go on adventures)?
  8. GMMichael

    Pathfinder 2E Creating a Retreat System

    Retreat: when a character leaves a conflict to stop fighting, but the battle continues. Lots of opponent motivations make this a hefty task. For starters, the opponent can be fighting due to hunger, self defense, orders to attack, rage, or confusion. I wouldn't put a default expectation on...
  9. GMMichael

    Medieval Fantasy Numenera Advice

    2013. Sounds like a significant one. I'll have to grasp the game a little firmer before I decide which version I like better. I'm still re-reading, but aren't intrusions optional, besides the oops-I-rolled-a-1 intrusions? As in, PCs can ignore the intrusion if they turn down the XP? On that...
  10. GMMichael

    D&D General Deck-based Ability Score Generation

    I like this one better than the first; it requires only one deck. But it's weighted towards low scores. You might fix (?) this by removing a 2 and adding a 3. You might add some zany options to make it more interesting: the jester allows you to steal a score from another player (in...
  11. GMMichael

    The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Review Round-Up – What the Critics Say

    I was about to ask: when did Tribality, Geek Dad, or Polygon give a WotC product a Bad or Ugly review? I'm sure it has happened. At some point... But hey, D&D, combat-free? That's pretty awesome. And dragon-kin using hot air balloons to fly? That's grea...wait, what?
  12. GMMichael

    Medieval Fantasy Numenera Advice

    Hey 'World, I'm toying with the idea of running a medieval fantasy game with Numenera instead of Cypher System, since I already have the book. What do first-time Numenera GMs need to know? Does Numenera somehow break if the cyphers become magic items or innate abilities instead? Do the NPCs...
  13. GMMichael

    D&D 5E Take out Death Saving Throws, put in Consequences

    Oh. You see, D&D is made up of rules. And house rules are those which are made by the players, not the game designers. I was saying that the OP is a cool house rule, but I wouldn't want to codify it. If that doesn't make sense, just plug in "mechanic" where I put "rule."
  14. GMMichael

    D&D 5E Take out Death Saving Throws, put in Consequences

    I'd file this under Rule -1: house rules that the DM already uses because they're just cool but the DM didn't bother to tell anyone. Or rule 314, here.
  15. GMMichael

    D&D 5E Block, Dodge, and Armor as DR

    Or you can try it at your home table, and watch all hell break loose! Armor as DR works well, but it needs a limit. Otherwise you can get a slight invincibility problem. My solution is minimum damage: a successful hit can't be reduced to zero damage. So more hits and limited DR sounds like fun!
  16. GMMichael

    Renaming Fantasy Shamans/Shamanism (+)

    Sha-woman. Global-mage. Commumancer...for communing with spirits. :devil:
  17. GMMichael

    D&D 5E Simple (but not too simple) Business Rules

    Are your PCs playing merchants? If not, don't forget a rule that allows the business manager to run off with/siphon the income. Or worse, the lord.
  18. GMMichael

    New Campaign - But Which System?

    Hey, the masses have spoken. You owe us 🤓
  19. GMMichael

    D&D General A boss battle, only told in d20

    Unless the dice result in a reliable payment to the house, they're always fair. It's the players' brains that are biased. If PCs don't like d20, switch to 3d6. Go the Fantasy AGE route.
  20. GMMichael

    New Campaign - But Which System?

    Go Warhammer. Sounds like your players need help breaking free from their chains.