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  1. Cthulhu's Librarian

    Whatcha gonna run? Whatcha wanna play?

    Well, crap. :( I just found out that we will probably be out of town the week of the gameday. Why do they always get scheduled when I'm away? This has happened 3 or 4 times now. :.-( If by some chance things change (and I'm looking to see if there's any way to do that), I'll post more...
  2. Cthulhu's Librarian

    Group Dinner - Saturday Night

    Put me down as a maybe. Until it gets closer, I don't know if I'll be able to stay for the dinner.
  3. Cthulhu's Librarian

    Whatcha gonna run? Whatcha wanna play?

    I plan on running a Labyrinth Lord-B/X D&D dungeon crawl. Maybe multiple sessions.
  4. Cthulhu's Librarian

    AM – Planes, Trains, and Steam Wagons (Deadlands Reloaded)

    :-( Sorry to hear that, I was looking forward to catching up with you this weekend. Feel better soon!
  5. Cthulhu's Librarian

    Master Game Thread - DC Gameday VI

    Please add my game for the PM: http://www.enworld.org/forum/dc-gameday-discussion/272198-pm-classic-greyhawk-d-d-labyrinth-lord-b-x-d-d.html#post5093196 Thanks!
  6. Cthulhu's Librarian

    PM – Classic Greyhawk D&D (Labyrinth Lord/B/X D&D)

    PM – Classic Greyhawk D&D (Labyrinth Lord/B/X D&D) Greyhawk, 576 CY Out in the Flanaess a motley group of treasure hunters and thrill seeking adventurers wanders the wilderness. Over mountains, through forests, and across the grasslands they have traveled in search of gold, adventure, and deeds...
  7. Cthulhu's Librarian

    DC Gameday VI: March 13th, 2010

    I'll add you as an alt, but I'm not really worried about running out of spots for players. I'll run the game with anywhere from 5-8 players, maybe even a few more if there was enough interest.
  8. Cthulhu's Librarian

    DC Gameday VI: March 13th, 2010

    I'll be posting my Labyrinth Lord game tonight, in the afternoon session.
  9. Cthulhu's Librarian

    AM - Red Box Basic D&D (Riverside Tavern)

    OK, now that you added me as an alt, please take me off the list. :D Nothing against you, Rel, but I think I'm going to run a Labyrinth Lord/B/X game in the afternoon and play in Cutter XXIII's game in the AM.
  10. Cthulhu's Librarian

    AM - Red Box Basic D&D (Riverside Tavern)

    Any chance I can get added as a 3rd alt?
  11. Cthulhu's Librarian

    What should I run? What are YOU going to run? What do WE want to play?

    If I can make it, I'd like to run a Labyrinth Lord dungeon crawl. Possibly White Plume Mountain, Dark Tower, or a portion of Stonehell Dungeon.
  12. Cthulhu's Librarian

    GenCon Product Release 2008: A Compiled List

    Add Adventure Games Publishing to the list. They will have a con exclusive, the 2008 Wilderlands Jam http://jamesmishler.blogspot.com/2008/08/moar-newz-gen-con-speshul-annownced.html
  13. Cthulhu's Librarian

    OD&D 4 me (April Fools)

    I don't think so. Who do you think you are anyway, sitting there with less than 1000 posts. Come back when you have a real post count.
  14. Cthulhu's Librarian

    OD&D 4 me (April Fools)

    Go ahead. If this is what ENW is offering up for discussion anymore, I could care less if those :):):):)ers ban me. If they can pull their heads out of their :):):)es long enough to hit the right buttons to do it. The mods here are jokes. I'm going back to a real message board.
  15. Cthulhu's Librarian

    OD&D 4 me (April Fools)

    I knew there was a reason I stopped posting here. You guys are all dumb-:):):):)s.
  16. Cthulhu's Librarian

    [Cutter XXIII] Deadlands Reloaded: "Behold, A Pale Gunman"

    Sorry that I (along with Queenie) got to the game late, regardless, I had a great time. It's always a pleasure to get to play in one of your games, Cutter!
  17. Cthulhu's Librarian

    Gameday Feedback

    I had a great time, meeting new people and saying hi to lots of old friends. Big thanks to Cutter & Rodrigo for their games, I had a great time! Thanks to Xath & Rebel Scum for letting me crash on their floor along with the rest of the cool kids. Most of all, thanks to Rodrigo & Danger Girl...
  18. Cthulhu's Librarian

    Dread -- Wreck of the Morro Castle -- Please choose a character!

    Done been poked, and answered... :heh: