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  1. S. Baldrick

    Looking for D&D/d20 group in Tooele, UT

    Have you tried Meetup? There are a three or four Utah RPG based groups going.
  2. S. Baldrick

    Vikings vs. Cthulhu

    Thanks for the catch. I did correct it and I found another typo as well
  3. S. Baldrick

    Vikings vs. Cthulhu

    Actually, Vikings vs. Deep Ones would be more accurate. The premise of this adventure that I gave to the players was that of a Viking raid of the coast of Ireland in the 9th century that goes very, very wrong. The players were Troy (Olaf Skullsplitter: 4th Level Fighter), Adam (Wulgar Bear...
  4. S. Baldrick

    Swords against Elder Gods, Ancient Secrets and Foul Sorcery in Provo/Orem/Salt Lake City Utah

    I would like to get a game going where magic isn’t common place and where it is found, it is typically dark and dangerous and often, flat out evil. Adventure and wealth can be found in both forgotten ruins and decadent cities. Cruel tyrants rule with an iron fist while cultists conspire to...
  5. S. Baldrick

    D&D Starter Set in Northern Utah

    I am looking for people that would be interested in going through the D&D Starter Set. It would be a good chance to learn the new edition of D&D. I am a GM in search of group. My group, which started back in 2008, fell apart back in August and I am hoping that running the D&D Starter set could...
  6. S. Baldrick

    Tell me about your Savage World Fantasy Campaign experiences

    I ran a Savage Worlds Beasts and Barbarians game and it was a lot of fun. I did lose one player that didn't like the system everyone else either tolerated the system or flat out loved it. Beasts and Barbarians is very "Conanesqe" and it is a terrific setting with some great adventures out...
  7. S. Baldrick

    Advanced Labyrinth Lord in Provo, UT

    Is anyone in the Provo/Orem/American Fork area interested in playing some old school D&D? I am talking about Advanced Labyrinth Lord which is a retro clone of the Tom Moldvay Basic/Expert rules with classes from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons thrown in such as the Paladin and the Assassin. If...
  8. S. Baldrick

    [August] What are you reading?

    Steppe by Piers Anthony.
  9. S. Baldrick

    Freeport campaign Mark II: Freeport through the eyes of Ember, cleric of the War God

    An unwritten Journal: Being the memoirs of the cleric Ember during her travels as an initiate of the Bellum Ecclesia Day 14. Month of the Swordfish Strange events in Freeport last night. Many claim to have seen a mysterious sigil in the sky over T’wik. This was followed by an explosion of the...
  10. S. Baldrick

    [June] What are you reading?

    Raven 2: A Time of Ghosts by Richard Kirk.
  11. S. Baldrick

    [June] What are you reading?

    Berserker 3: The Horned Warrior by Chris Carlsen
  12. S. Baldrick

    [June] What are you reading?

    Berserker 2: The Bull Chief by Chris Carlsen
  13. S. Baldrick

    [June] What are you reading?

    Raven: Swordsmistress of Chaos by Richard Kirk.
  14. S. Baldrick

    [May] What are you reading?

    Berserker: Shadow of the Wolf by Chris Carlsen
  15. S. Baldrick

    What are the worst classic D&D adventure modules?

    I totally agree with you. The Avatar Trilogy was no fun to go through. The characters were just along for the ride.
  16. S. Baldrick

    Freeport campaign Mark II: Freeport through the eyes of Ember, cleric of the War God

    SPOILER ALERT for the Freeport Trilogy After the final encounter at the end of the Freeport Trilogy ended with a TPK, Freeport being saved the return of the Unspeakable One, the death of the EVIL Milton Drac and the destruction of Milton's Folly, I have restarted my campaign with a new group of...
  17. S. Baldrick

    Do you know of a great FLGS?

    This is the one that I go to: Dragons Keep 260 N. University Ave Provo. Utah 84601 DragonsKeep.com - Home They are very friendly, have a good selection and there are plenty of games going on there on most weekends and many weeknights.
  18. S. Baldrick

    [April] What are you reading?

    Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12) by Jim Butcher
  19. S. Baldrick

    Traveller Classic Starter set free on rpgnow

    Thanks for the heads up! That does bring back some memories. I owned that boxed set back in the day but it did not survive the house fire that hit my parents house back in 92 while I was in college.
  20. S. Baldrick

    Planet Stories- which are the best to grab?

    The books by Leigh Brackett are terrific. I would recommend Alumric by Robert E. Howard and the Ship of Ishtar by A. Merritt as well. I am currently reading Who Fears the Devil and I am really liking it so far.