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    Pathfinder 1E D&D or Pathfinder?

    At this years Ennies, Paizo (Pathfinder) won every category for which they were entered. They beat WotC head-to-head in "Best Monster/Adversary", "Best Setting", and most improtantly "Fans’ Choice, Best Publisher". Last year (2010) Paizo also won every category for which they were entered! At...
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    Pathfinder 1E Using the Pathfinder System for an Alternate Setting - Anyone doing it?

    Erik Mona! Behind Living Greyhawk Journal, Expedition to the Ruins of Gryhawk, lots of Greyhawk articles in Dungeon magazine and Pathfinder RPG.
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    D&D Releases by year - complete list (almost)

    I don't see any of the Core Rulebooks for 3.0 or 3.5. Should they be on the list? -Swiftbrook
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    Amazon.com - Anyone that ordered Black Dragon have it yet?

    My Black just arrived. I have the collossal red on order. I may need to sell my 'huge' red to pay for the collossal. The Gargantuan dragon makes the huge dragons look so small. -Swiftbrook
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    Amazon.com - Anyone that ordered Black Dragon have it yet?

    I got in on the $13.95 deal as well. Ordered it in December when the MSRP was $19.99 (I think). Ordered it with PHBII so I got free shipping. Got a message that it's in the mail. Looking forward to it this week. I got a good look at it at GenCon. Looks 'OK' but it was sitting next to the...
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    Non-Core Class Survivor: The Warlock is the Sole Survivor!

    Well there goes any really valid results. Run under basically one set of rules for 17 round and quick switch them at the end. Too bad. We'll never know how many people just voted, as they have for many many rounds, without reading that you changed the rules. This was an interesting poll...
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    Dragon Queen!

    My pull was almost identical to yours: aspects of tiamat aspects of bahamut displacer beast pack lords bluspawn godslayers Mountain Troll purple worms WotC has done an Excellent job of randomizing the minis :). But I don't mind, I got a great pull. -Swiftbrook
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    War of the Dragon Queen Distribution

    I got my at www.gameoutfitter.com, others include www.popularcollections.com and amazon. -Swiftbrook
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    War of the Dragon Queen Distribution

    Got my one and only case today. 2 huge rares and 4 uncommon. I did draw the "dragon" case though: Huge Aspect of Bahamut :) Purple Worm Aspect of Tiamat :) Displacer Beast Pack Lord Bluespawn Godslayer :p Mountain Troll Other Rare Golden Protector :) Meepo, Dragonlord Griffon Cavalry (very...
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    War of the Dragon Queen Distribution

    Yes WotC has "stated", but I'm just currious as to what is actually happening. Intent and reality can be two different things. My case arrives later. -Swiftbrook
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    War of the Dragon Queen Distribution

    If you purchased a case, what was your rare to uncommon draw ratio?
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    Minis by the case

    Seem to have lost some bookmarks. I've been looking at the next HUGE minis from War of the Dragon Queen and I'm interested in ordering a few cases. Which online stores sell minis by the case or multiple case? Thanks! -Swiftbrook
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    Gen Con - Good bad and ugly

    Good Living Greyhawk games. I played 3. Each with a great DM and great group. Each DM had a different style. It was a blast. The dealer room. Loving seeing all the new stuff. True Dungeon. For a frist time experience, it was good. But we died in the last room. Bad The dealer room. I...
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    Which 3rd Level Feat?

    BAB +3 PBS +1 Dex +4 Masterwork Bow (+2 Str) +1 Total so far +9 with bow
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    Which 3rd Level Feat?

    Demoquin, Str 14 +2 Dex 18 +4 Con 12 +1 Int 10 Wis 12 +1 Cha 8 Aust Diamondew, It seem that most of the LG modules I've played in wind up in a dungeon crawl. I have had one ranged attack in 4 modules, over 30 feet away. Hejdun, I use a buckler, a darkwood one to eliminate the armor penalty...
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    Which 3rd Level Feat?

    I need some help deciding on my characters 3rd level feat. I'm playing a Ranger 2/Fighter 1 (archer type) in the Living Greyhawk campaign. As of gaining 3rd level he has: Point Blank Shot Percise Shot Track Rapid Shot one open feat slot Before adding the new feat I have: BAB with longbow +9...
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    Which On-line SRD do you use?

    I use Sovelior and Sage site. I must admit, I liked it better with the art on the pages before WotC had them pull it. -Swiftbrook
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    Dungeon 125

    Dragon's Breath ... I thought I was the first ... Sorry Gang, I'll look more carefully next time. -Swiftbrook
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    Dungeon 125

    Dungeon 125 has arrived. From the Editor "It's Out of Control" ====== Dungeon 126 preview "Encounter at Blackwall Keep" 5th level Age of Worms "The Clockwork Fortress" 8th level "Blood of Malar" 13th level Forgotten Realms ====== "The Three Faces of Evil" Ages of Worms 3rd level 32 pages 1...
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    Why are these minis so hard to get off of eBay?

    Simple .... Greyhawk sells. I purchased Lareth and Morti???? (the wizard) because they were Greyhawk. The 4 issues of Dungeon with the World of Greyhawk map were some of their best sellers. Watch, you'll see. -Swiftbrook