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    A climatic ending to a thieves guild war?

    My thieving players have rounded up some independent thieves, scoundrels and assorted scum to form a band of cutthroats. With some expert help by other hirelings who have joined in they have been raging war in the back alleys of the city with the halfling thieves guild. Between being hooligans...
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    Three wizards against two adult dragons

    Three wizards in my game have expressed a desire to go out, find and slay two dragons (drakes) that took part in the first attack on their city and homeland. The wizards are: 1 Tenth level summoner who only summons, no spells. For those who play Shadowrun he would be a conjurer adept. His...
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    When a npc changes from friend to foe or vice versa.

    In my game the half elf paladin has previously been captured and ransomed back three times. This due to bad luck with the dice and another player in character running away from the combat. If the halfling wizard had stayed would things have been different? No one knows. Now the paladin has a...